Syria Today 12-9-2012

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 173 thus far, among them 30 due to aerial shelling, 10 children and 6 women.
67 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 25 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 20 in Daraa, among them 12 unidentified bodies; 20 in Deir Ezzor, most in Bokamal; 15 in Hama, most in Helfaya massacre; 9 in Homs; 1 in Hasakeh; 1 in Lattakia and 1 in Banyas

Hama: Hilfaya: A massacre was committed when 11 people including 2 children were executed after being arrested yesterday while they were working in a farmland. Their bodies were found today. It should be noted that yesterday 6 other farmers were executed after being arrested as well

Idlib: Jisr Al-Shoghour: Heavy shelling was reported in Bashirieh village from the checkpoint at the juicing plant in the town of Mahbal

Damascus Suburbs: Intense, barbaric shelling resumed from the mountains of Mouadamiet Al-Sham at the cities and towns of the western Damascus Suburbs and neighborhoods in southern Damascus. In addition, mortar shells continue to be launched from the Mazzeh Military Airport at the western Ghouta area

Lattakia: Qastal: Heavy, random aerial bombing was reported after clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army in the area

Aleppo: Fierce clashes were reported along the perimeter of the Aleppo International Airport; helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles are striking the Jisr Nairab area

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Regime forces have begun to indiscriminately shell the town

Daraa: Naima: Heavy shelling of the town is reported, especially in Maysari neighborhood where several explosions occurred

Daraa: Tal Shehab: A complete power outage was reported in the town and in the areas surrounding it

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: An attack warplane was downed after it was hit by a Free Syrian Army anti-aircraft missile

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: The number of martyrs in the city has risen to 16, including 9 due to shelling that targeted Al-Sousa school in the city’s east, which housed 12 families who fled Bokamal. 6 martyrs in Swaieya village of Bokamal, and 1 martyr in Masria roundabout in Bokamal. The first case of shooting by Iraqi forces at refugees, who fled to Iraq from shelling in Bokamal, was documented

Damascus Suburbs: Qatna: Sounds of continuous sniper gunfire were heard from Tawafiq and Ashara checkpoints

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: Shelling using tanks and regime’s artillery at Howaiz, Howaija, and Hawwash. No wounded were reported so far

Hama: Helfaya: The number of martyrs in the massacre has risen to 13 after the bodies of two martyrs, a father and his son: Hosain Shalash and child Ahmad Hosain Shalash

Quneitra: Intense gunfire from Tal Al-Ahmar towards Jobata Al-Khashab was reported

Lattakia: Warplanes are flying over Jabal Turkman village amid fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces taking place at Qastal Maaf area

Damascus Suburbs: Qatana: Gunfire from medium and heavy-grade weapons continues and tanks’ shells are used for shelling the city

Lattakia: Regime forces are shelling Bakas, and Tafeel villages and intense gunfire in heard in Haffeh city

Lattakia: Regime forces are shelling Bakas, and Tafeel villages and intense gunfire in heard in Haffeh city

Daraa: Balad: Unidentified bodies were discharged from the National Hospital, which were delivered to the National Hospital a while ago by security branches and their owners haven’t been identified yet. They will be buried today in Daraa Balad cemetery

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Several wounded were reported due to the renewed shelling of the neighborhood by regime forces

Homs: Rastan: Heavy shelling of the city using missile launchers and heavy artillery is renewed

Idlib: Jesr Shughour: Shelling from the artillery located in the National Hospital at the suburbs of Jesr Shughour has started

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: A very large explosion shook the camp, it was a result of the start of regime forces’ shelling of the surrounding areas

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Brutal shelling of the city is renewed, with more than a shell landing. One fell on a home in Jamiyat neighborhood

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Artillery shelling of the town is heavily renewed and several homes are burning. It is from the surrounding villages

Daraa: Busr Al-Harir: Shelling with heavy artillery is reported at the northern neighborhood and the road connecting Busr Al-Harir and Lajah

Aftermath of Barbaric Shelling in Mayer Town, Aleppo

Funeral of Martyr Abdul Qader Mahmoud Hanoura in Mayer Town, Aleppo

Aftermath of Rocket and Artillery Shelling from Regiment 46 at Atareb City, Aleppo

A Building Burns Due to the Shelling of Arqoub Neighborhood, Aleppo

Aftermath of Shelling in Ataman Town, Daraa

Mortar Shelling in Saif Al-Dawla Neighborhood, Aleppo

Destruction in Bebila Town, Damascus Suburbs

Funeral of Martyr Mohammed Deeb Ibrahim Ghanoum in Hamourieh, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling Targeted a School in Raeel Village, Aleppo

Regime Forces Set Fire to Homes After Looting Them in Qaboun, Damascus

Funeral for the Martyrs of the Massacre in Halfaya, Hama

Martyr Ghina Al-Hariri in Hrak, Daraa

Destruction in Daraa

Warplane Shelling in Maree, Aleppo

Demonstration in Fahhameh, Damascus

A Martyr Resulting from Barbaric Shelling in Marea’, Idlib

The Moment a Shell Lands in Khirbet Ghazaleh, Daraa

Damage and Destruction After Indiscriminate Shelling in Zardana, Idlib

Unidentified Martrys Removed from the National Hospital in Daraa

Helicopters Flying Over Deir Baalbeh, Homs

Funeral of Martyr Hassoun Saleh Al-Fels in Ghweiran Neighborhood, Hasakeh

Funeral of Bassam Kwan from Mara’e City, Martyred in the Shelling Yesterday

Aerial Shelling of Manbej City, Aleppo

Aftermath of Shelling at Homes and the Destruction in Houla, Homs

Destruction of Homes at the Start of Tadamon and Zuhour Junction in Damascus

Aftermath of Shelling at Homes and the Destruction in Houla, Homs

Funeral of Martyr Yehya Mohammed Al-Ghazali in Qarfa, Daraa

Demonstration by Residents of Hamidieh, Hama

A Missile Landed in Katf Neighborhood, Bokamal

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