Syria Today 19-9-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Wednesday, LCC could document 150 martyrs in Syria. 72 of them were in Damascus and suburbs including 30 in Hajar Aswad, 20 were slaughtered in Jobar and 3 were field executed in Qadam. 32 martyrs in Aleppo most of them are in Manbej, 25 in Hama most of them are in Hwaija village and Masha’ Arba’een neighborhood, 10 martyrs in Deir Ezzor most of them in Almohasan, 5 in Daraa, 3 in Idlib, 2 in Latakia and a martyr in Homs

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime army amid shooting from heavy weapons at Lairamon

Homs: Talbisseh: Shelling at the city restarted and more than 4 bombs fell at Western neighborhood and destroyed some residential houses

Aleppo: Nairab: Fierce clashes are going on around military Nairab airport and International Aleppo airport. Shelling by rocket launcers and mortars from inside the airport

Homs: Krak Des Chevalliers: Artillery shelling restarted at Turkman Ally and Midan neighborhood by heavy cannons which located in Masyada village and more than 10 bombs fell so far

Daraa: Artillery shelling restarted from the Municipal Stadium at Daraa suburbs

Idlib: News of several wounded by fierce shelling from the direction of Ma’asara checkpoint in Mahmbel town at the villages of Sahl Alroj, Alkanisa, Halol village and Bftamon village

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazala: Captain pilot Abdulla Badr Alhaj Ali was defected Assad army and reached with his family to Turkey. He was detained for 6 months by regime forces

Aleppo: More than 15 bombs shelled Masaken neighborhood

Deir Ezzor: Violent clashes are reported between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army near military police

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zainab: Intense regime shelling in the town with mortars was reported followed by intnese gunfire by regime forces.

Hama: Kafar Zaita: Intense mortars and rocket launchers are reported by regime forces stationed at the Deir checkpoint in Mahradeh

Idlib: Isqat: Intense regime shelling by regime forces stationed at a checkpoint near Darkosh targetting Isqat.

Aleppo: Aleppo Citadel: Violent clashes are reported between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army near Saba’a Bahrat and the Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo: Khan Aassal: Intnese gunfire by regime warplanes in the city amid a state of panic among residents

Idlib: Binish: Intnese shelling is reported and three rockets have fallen thus far

Daraa: Mzaireeb: Fierce artillery shelling at the town and more than 10 bombs fell there till now

Daraa: Tal Shehab: Fierce artillery shelling at the town and six bombs fell there till now

Damascus: Jobar: Martyrs in Jobar today reached 11 thus far and they are: Fadi bin Abdulrazzak Lathikani, Mahmoud Idrees, Mohamad Al-Abed, Mustafa Badawi, Fawwaz Badr, Muhyeddin Zaidan, Muzaffar Badr, Rashad Bizm, Zaher Ghanoum, Mohamad Safi bin Samir Jamal Eddin and Mohamad Murjan

Damascus: Qadam: Regime forces and shabiha are setting fire to homes while also preventing any fire trucks form putting them out. Smoke columns are suffocating the area.

Daraa: Daeel: Intnese artillery shelling in the city amid a complete power outage for the second consecutive day

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: Intense regime shelling, by the 100th Regiment, in Dahera town using mortars amid a complete power outage.

Idlib: Jisr Shoghour: Regime forces are using heavy artillery to shell the following villages: Sahl Rouj, Mashmashan, and Kaston

Aleppo: Andan: Renewed artillery shelling in the city where several shells have been dropped near the eastern side of Nejme Community Center

Lattakia: Barrel bombs are dropped on Wadi Sour and Al-Dobraki village

Homs: Rastan: Renewed artillery shelling and anti-aircraft fire were reported in the city

Homs: Ghanto: Many people were wounded during the aerial and tank shelling of the town

Aleppo: Manbeg: Fierce aerial shelling of the Traffic Building was reported

Hama: Four young men were burned to death when regime forces set fire to the house they were in after besieging it in Masha Al-Arba’een

Shabiha Cars Kidnapping Citizens from Qaboun Neighborhood, Damascus

The Youngest Martyr in the Syrian Revolution, a Fetus Whose Mother was Shot in Tal Shehab, Daraa

Women’s Demonstration in Bab Sreija in Damascus

Shelling in Maaret Nouman, Idlib

Effects of Shelling in Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Demonstration in the Mohandiseen Neighborhood in Sweida Near the Political Security Branch

Wounded of the Malhieha Shelling in Damascus Suburbs

A demonstration in Swaida city

Cars of Shabiha and security in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

the martyrs of Hajar Aswad, Damascus

Wounded due to Regime Shelling in Talbieseh

Evening Demonstration in Arabeen in Damascus Suburbs

ٍShelling on Both Tal Shehab and Mazereb in DAraa

Evening Demonstration in Manakh District in Hama

Wounded of the Shelling in Talbsieh, Homs

Aftermath of Regime Shelling in Hobajeh h in Hama

Evening Demonstration in Qaber Aatakeh, Damascus

Harasta: Damascus Suburbs: Under Siege and Surrounded by Sand Barricades

Aftermath of Regime Shelling in Aarqoob, Aleppo

Demonstration in Midan, Damascus

Regime Forces Shelling Ain Aarous in Raqqa

Regime Warplanes Shelling Malhieha in Damascus Suburbs

Regime Warplanes Shelling Malhieha in Damascus Suburbs

Aerial Shelling of Marea, Aleppo

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