Syria Today 24-9-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria:

LCC has recorded 123 martyrs on Monday distributed as follows: 42 martyrs in Aleppo, 37 martyrs in Damascus and its suburbs, 18 martyrs in Daraa, 14 in Homs, 7 in Hama, 3 in Lattakia and one martyr in each of Deir Ezzor and Idlib

Damascus: Zahra: Security forces booby-trapped 8 residential buildings
from the eastern direction after they displaced the residents,
detonated it, and razed it by bulldozers

Daraa: Ibtaa: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime’s
army were reported and military reinforcements arrived to the
agricultural road between Nawa and Sheikh Meskein

Lattakia: Salma Summer Resort: Many people were injured due to fierce
shelling using heavy artillery and dropping explosive barrels from

Damascus Suburbs: Jdaidet Artouz: Artillery shelling on the town and
several shells fall on the area:

Damascus Suburbs: A great number of regime forces with armored
vehicles are besieging Thiabiya, Sayeda Zainab, Sabina, Balda,
Al-Husayniya, Ghazal, and Hujayra areas in an attempt to storm these

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Al-Asafeer: Shelling with Mortar targeting the area accompanied by complete electrical cut-off

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: The town is being bombarded at the moment

Damascus Suburbs: Qalamoon: Huge explosion shook the town of Qutaifa near the 3rd Division Headquarters

Damascus Suburbs: Sayyeda Zainab: Helicopters are intensely shelling the neighborhood of Ali Al-Wahsh

Damascus Suburbs: Hutaitet Al-Turkman: Intense clashes between the Free Army and the regime’s army near the 5th Bridge barricade on the Airport Road

Daraa: Yadooda: Intense bombardment of the town accompanied by intermittent gunfire from the regime’s forces barricades

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Large number of shells has fallen on the Masaken neighbourhood and the Western neighbourhood accompanied by electrical cut in the town

Aleppo: The Free Army has freed up the town of Aradeh and gained full control over it

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Intense clashes between the Free Army and the regime’s forces near the Military Intelligence Department

Aleppo: The Free Syrian Army declares its complete control over the town of Orem Al-Kubra after it freed it from the regime’s forces

Aleppo: Kafr Nouran: Helicopters are intensely shelling of the village

Aleppo: War planes are flying over the 64th Troop and trying to carry ammunition to the regime’s forces; while the Free Syrian Army is attacking them

Daraa:Yadooda: A huge explosion shook the town accompanied by intense indiscriminate gunfire

Aleppo: Heavy shelling by mortar and artillery is reported in Bab Nasr neighborhood

Aleppo: Marea: Three children were martyred and many were wounded, some critically, when regime forces targeted a civilian vehicle near the Infantry College checkpoint, the three martyred children were: Nouri Ahmad Al-Kurdi, 12, Farah Ahmad Al-Kurdi and Abdullah Nouri Al-Kurdi

Idlib: Maaret Masreen: Artiller shelling is reported in the city

Lattakia: Jabal Akrad: A women was martyred and several wer wounded when barrel bombs were dropped on th city by helicopter gunships

Syria: Al-Zaatari Refugee Camp: Several people suffered from suffocation when the Jordanian Intelligence Forces fired tear gas as they stormed the camp and conducted a campaign of arrests

Idlib: Harbanosh: Several were wounded due to the heavy shelling of the town where more than seven shells landed and two houses were reportedly destroyed

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Four were martyred and tens were wounded due to the heavy shelling of the city, among the martyrs were Husam Al-Dahla, Anas Kokash and Nasr Kadaan

Daraa: Dael: Regime forces renewed the artillery shelling of the city amid a complete power and communication outage

Idlib: Maaret Al-Naasan: It is reported that regime’s forces renewed the artillery shelling of the area

Damascus Suburbs: Shabaa: Heavy srtillery shelling is reported in the area

Damascus Suburbs: Ghazal: Regime forces stormed Ghazal area where they
conducted a campaign of raids, arrested people and set several houses
on fire then they reportedly headed towards Bweda area

Damascus Suburbs: Bweda: Regime forces stormed the area backed by a
large number of armored vehicle and personnel

Idlib: Sanjar: Aerial shelling is reported in the two towns of Rabiea anf Qasr

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Several were wounded including children due
to the artillery shelling of the town

•Evening demonstration in Jisreen in Damascus Suburbs

•Martyrs Nouri and Farah Ahmad Al-Kurdi in Mare’, Aleppo

•Martyr Khaled Suleiman in Harasta, Damascu Suburbs

•Aftermath of the Shelling in Mleiha, Damascus Suburbs

•Demonstration in Waer, Homs

•Martyr Yousef Al-Bwedani in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

•Aerial Shelling by Warplanes in the Main Public Market in Hanano Housing Neighborhood, Aleppo

•Gunfire by Regime’s Sniper in Maaret Al-Numan, Idlib

•A Wounded Women Due to the Shelling of Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

•Wounded People Due to the Shelling of Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

Funeral of Harasta Martyrs, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Al-Hajj Abed Allah Muhammed Ali Al-Suwais in Al-Ghanto, Homs

Recovering Bodies from Under the Rubble due to Shelling on Al-Maadi
Neighborhood, Aleppo

Burning of Omar bin Al-Khatab Mosque in Al-Assi, Damascus

Evidence of shelling on one of the homes from last night in Al-Yadooda in Daraa

Martyr Hamal Al-Makary in Al-Moadamiyet in the Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling on the Town of Khatab, Hama

Homes which have been Burned by Regime Forces in Al-Qadem, Damascus

Shelling on a Tal Abeed Church in Al-Raqqa

nasreen aljanabi

Funeral of Martyr Abdul Aziz Al-Ahmad Al-Zreiqat in Naseeb, Daraa

Shelling Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

State of Terror Among Residents Due to Shelling the Palestinian
Refugees Camp in Daraa

Destructions Signs on Deir Wartan on the Jesuit Fathers in Aleppo

Demonstration in Yadodah,Daraa

The Martyr Mohamad Qasem in Harasta,Damascus Suburbs

The Martyr Mohamad Antar From Harasta,Damascus Suburbs

Warplane Shelling on Anadan,Aleppo

The Child Martyr Yasen Hasanen “4 years” in Harasta,Damascus Suburbs

Funeral of the Martyrs in Harasta,Damascus Suburbs

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