200 Martyrs 3-10-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 200 thus far, including 15 children and 6 women; 67 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, among them 16 field-executed in Douma and 19 martyrs in Qudsaya; 43 in Aleppo; 29 in Idlib including an entire family who were martyred due to the shelling on Sahen town;27 in Hama most of them are children and women;16 in Daraa ; 8 in Homs; 7 in Deir Ezzor; and 3 in Raqqa

Homs: Extensive gunfire from heavy weaponry and shells are falling at the Sitten street in Deir Baalba amid massive explosions in the neighborhood.

Aleppo: AlBab: The regime’s warplanes are flying over the city’s vicinity

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: the artillery shelling was resumed by the regime’s forces at the city

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: Heavy artillery shelling of Dahra neighborhood is renewed and accompanied by heavy gunfire from Kawkab checkpoint and the Military Police

Hama: Sahal Ghab: One martyr and dozens were injured due to intense artillery shelling by regime froces using tanks and Shilka. It was reported that the regime forces are stationed at Qahera checkpoint while targetting Aankawi, Aameemeh, and Hawash villages

Quenaitra: Intense gunfire is reported near Tal Ahmar overlloing Jibta Khashab

Hama: Abraeen: Wounded, some in critical condition, have been reported due to the intense regime shelling in the village

Damascus Suburbs: Hamourieh: Dozens were injured when regime mortars fell in the city. Residents are in a high state of panic

Aleppo: Hurytan: Ongoing and intense artillery shelling was reported in the city where at least 15 missiles have been reported thus far. Dozens of homes and buildings were destroyed

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: Intense artillery shelling in the surrounding villages have been followed by a powerful explosions that shook the entire area

Hama: Gunfire was reported in Al-Arbeen Neighborhood. Families are in panic as a sniper targets anything that moves

Damascus: Qudsya: Despite the truce agreement with the Free Syrian Army, dozens were martyred and scores injured when regime forces stormed the city with tanks, armored vehicles, and aerial coverage with mortars and artillery shelling. Civilians were summarily executed and slaughtered with knives. The city has been surrounded by regime forces and under siege from all directions.

Damascus Suburbs: Five people, from one family, were martyred by regime forces. The number of martyrs in the province has risen to 19 thus far

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Al-Asaffir: Heavy mortar shelling of the town

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Heavy shelling is renewed from the 4th Division’s Headquarters at the areas of the western suburbs and the southern neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zainab: 5 shells landed in Ali Al-Wahsh neighborhood. They were fired from the Air Force battalion

Daraa: Busr Al-Harir: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army are reported after several personnel defected from the regime’s army and joined the Free Syrian Army

Damascus Suburbs: Haran Al-Awameed: Regime’s shabiha hijack a bus which had set out from Sayeda Zainab Garage in Damascus. Residents are worried about the safety of its passengers

Daraa: Tal Shehab: Heavy shelling of the town is reported, with 3 shells landing on homes

Aftermath of the Explosion in Karama Neighborhood, Hama

Funeral of Martyrs Due to Shelling Sahn Village in Idlib

Aftermath of Shelling at Kafar Batna, Damascus Suburbs

A Martyr Taking His Last Breath in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

A Wounded Man By Regime Sniper’s Gunfire in Shakhour Neighborhood, Aleppo

Shelling Qudsaya, Damascus Suburbs

Residents Fleeing From the Fear of Shelling in Deir Ezzor by Regime Forces

Demonstration in Rukn Eddin, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Darayya, Damascus Suburbs

Firing Live Ammunition and Bombs in Bosr Al-Harir, Daraa

Destroying Residential Houses in Qaboun, Damascus

Demonstration By the Political Security Headquarters in Mayasat Square, Damascus

Shelling Al-Hameh and Qudsaya, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Shaghour, Damascus

Smoke Columns Rising due to Regime Shelling in the Southern Capital Districts

Night Demonstration Tareeq Halab Neighborhood, Hama

Shelling on a Government Complex, Deir Ezzor

Warplane Shelling on Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Five Civilians were Summarily Executed by Regime Forces in Qudsia, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Destruction on Kaniseh Neighborhood, Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Southern Malaab Neighborhood, Hama

Shelling Yalda, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling Qudsaya, Damascus Suburbs

A Wounded Man By Regime Sniper’s Gunfire in Shakhour Neighborhood, Aleppo

A Martyr Taking His Last Breath in Harasta, Damascus Subrubs

Remains of Martyrs in the Massacre in Qastoun, Hama

Regime Forces Burn a School in Kafr Shams, Daraa

Shelling of Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling with TNT Barrels in Kafr Batna, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling in Kafr Batna City, Damascus Suburbs

Targeting Poultry Farms in Yabroud, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Ahmed Emad Al-Nabki in Jesrine, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling Harasta Neighborhoods, Damascus Suburbs

First Images of Al-Sahen Village Massacre, Idlib

Destruction Caused by Shelling the Historical Mosque of Khalid Benl Waleed , Homs

Aftermath of Shelling at Kafar Batna, Damascus Suburbs

Funeral of Martyrs Due to Shelling Sahn Village in Idlib

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