Syria Today 8-10-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Monday the LCC was able to documented 170 martyrs including 5 women and 7 children; 40 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 37 in Idlib most of them were in Maret Noman; 35 martyrs were reported in Daraa; including 30 in Eastern Karak; 32 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 20 in Homs; 5 in Deir Ezzor; and 1 in Hama

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: 3 military checkpoints in Maaret Al-Nouman and its suburbs were liberated by the Free Syrian Army, they are the checkpoints of Salam Hospital, the Prison and the new Cultural Center. Clashes between the two armies are ongoing and FSA personnel have surrounded the other checkpoints

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: A powerfu explosion was reported next to the Air Force Intelligence branch and fierce clashes are ongoing nearby

Damascus Suburbs: Housh Arab: Heavy shelling is renewed in the village, with 12 shells landing in the area (this is after the morning shelling

Damascus: Qaboun: An explosion is reported next to the Electricity Institution and clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army are ongoing in the area

Damascus Suburbs: Housh Arab: Artillery shelling is renewed, with 12 shells landing

Hama: Gunfire from heavy weapons in Qosor neighborhood and the Mazereb checkpoint

Idlib: Kafr Sajna: Wounded civilians are reported due to the heavy shelling of the village by Gvozdika and heavy artillery from the checkpoints of Khan Sheikhoun

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: 2 shells landed on Artouz’s plains due to the artillery shelling by regiment 100

Damascus Suburbs: Daheeih Harasta: Loud explosion shock Daheih Harasta close to Police Residences near the Bridge

Homs: Rastan: Several wounded were reported and a number of house were destroyed as a result of renewed artillery and rocket launcher shelling of the city

Aleppo: Tal Refaat: Heavy aerial, missile and artillery shelling of the town coming from Meng air base

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: One martyr and several wounded were reported as a result of a shell landing near Al-Hasan mosque

Aleppo: Marae: Warplanes are shelling the city with heavy machine guns

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Several soldiers from the regime’s army were imprisoned. They were sent to perform a mission, which is to cause sectarian strife between the Christian residents of Saydnaya and the residents of the surrounding villages

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Mortar shelling of the city is reported from Hamdan Airport and the Military Security

Wounded Abo Jaafar, a Member of the Local Coordination Committees, Sends a Message from Homs to those who Fell Short of the Revolution

Regime Forces Commits a Masscare Against Civilian Detainees in Maaret Al-Nouman, Idlib

Helicopter Shelling of Taftenaz, Idlib

Aftermath of Indiscriminate Shelling in Marjeh Neighborhood, Aleppo

Mohammad Al-Wat from Daraa who was martyred in Damascus Suburbs

Shelling a Bakery in Marjeh Neighborhood, Aleppo

A Massacre Committed by Regime Forces Towards Prisoners, Before the Free Syrian Army Seized Control of it

Martyr Khaled Al-Bekro in Afes, Idlib

Martyr Ahmed Qouban from Ekhterin, Aleppo

Two Unidentified Martyrs in Deir Asafeer, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction in Barzeh, Damascus

Demonstration in Hajeen, Deir Ezzor

A Demonstration Despite the Shelling in Aleppo

Renewed Shelling of Jouret Al-Shayah, Homs

The Explosion that Shook Erbeen City, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction of Residential Homes in Shoulin Village, Hama

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