Syria Today 14-10-2012

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria:
By the end of Sunday the LCC managed to document 220 martyrs, including 8 children and 3 women. 140 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, including 100 found in the Local Hospital between Daraya and Mouadamiyeh; 21 in Idlib; 12 in Aleppo; 12 in Lattakia; 12 in Deir Ezzor; 11 in Homs; 9 in Daraa; 9 in Tartous; and 2 in Hama

Raqqa: Heavy fire sound from mid-size machine guns is heard in the Eastern part of the city

Aleppo:Al-Attareb:Heavy artillery shleling of the town, while electricity has been suspended for the 22nd day in series

Damascus Suburbs: Haran Al-Awamed: Heavy shelling from helicopter machine guns is reported in the town, accompanied by heavy gunfire from military checkpoints

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Heavy gunfire using heavy machine guns and BMP vehicles is reported from the barracks located east of the town

Homs: Houla: Shelling of the city is ongoing, with 2 shells landing per minute

Damascus: Warplanes are flying over the capital, they are heading to Eastern Ghota

Raqqa: Tabaqa: Heavy shelling using heavy artillery is reported at Kareen and Msherfa areas

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: A great number of people were wounded and many houses were set on fire due to the shelling of the city

Homs: Houla: Fierce indiscriminate shelling of town was reported from the mortars and artillery stationed at the company and military academy checkpoints

Damascus Suburbs: Fierce shelling from the tanks stationed on Zamalka Bridge, Ain Tarma and Harmala targets the cities of Eastern Ghouta along with clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces who are attempting to storm the towns of Eastern Ghouta

Homs: Rastan: Tens of wounded were reported due to the renewed shelling of the city using artillery and missiles

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Rezouq, Na’es Al-Ramdoun, Abdulrazzaq Al-Kanjo and Khaled Al-Omari were martyred by regime forces’ gunfire in Wadi Al-Deif. They were Free Syrian Army members

Homs: Qosair: Heavy artillery shelling of Josieh town is reported

Deir Ezzor: The Free Syrian Army blocks the regime army’s attempts to storm Jbelah neighborhood from Hmoud Al-Abd roundabout

Aleppo: Heavy artillery shelling of Haydarieh neighborhood is reported

Hama: Sahl Ghab: Heavy artillery shelling of Slemaniya villages and the surrounding villages is reported from Teteya checkpoint in Zeyara village

Daraa: Heit: Heavy mortar shelling of Wadi Yarmouk and the outskirts of Heit is reported

Quneitra: HEavy artillery shelling with more than 10 shells is reported from Ain Al-Nouriya and Khan Arnaba and is at Jaba and Mas’hara towns

Quneitra: Heavy shelling of Jabata Al-Khashab town using mortars and machine guns is reported

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Indiscriminate shelling with Shilka and mortars by Qasr checkpoint is reported at Saraya and Orfa neighborhoods

Aleppo: Bab: Heavy aerial shelling is reported in the city and the Free Syrian Army are attempting to block the warplanes

Homs: Deir Baalbeh: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: Heavy shelling from battalion 68 is reported, with several shells landing in Dahra area

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: Tanks are shelling buildings and shelling with artillery is reported at towns of Eastern Ghota

Damascus: Huge blasts shook most of the capital’s neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Huge Blasts shook all towns of Eastern Ghouta

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouriya: Many people were wounded due to the continuous mortar shelling of the city

Homs: Deir Baalbeh: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: Heavy shelling from battalion 68 is reported, with several shells landing in Dahra area

Homs: Qosair: Several shells landed in Hamidieh village

Daraa: Taibeh: The start of the daily shelling

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouriah: Heavy artillery shelling of the city is renewed

Damascus Suburbs: Artillery shelling targets the southern neighborhoods of Damascus and areas of the western suburbs in Mouadamyeh’s mountains

Damascus Suburbs: Rihan: Heavy mortar shelling of the farms next to Rihan town is reported

Hama: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported in Hamidieh, Jub, Qosour and Elailyat neighborhoods. Explosions are shaking the city

Tartous: 9 Syrian workers who worked in Lebanon were martyred by regime forces (who killed them after they had been tortured). Some of them were slaughtered and others were shot at. Their bodies arrived today to Basel Hospital in Tartous and their families were told that armed gangs were responsible. Most of the martyrs are from Idlib and Aleppo and are mainly Kurds

Aleppo: Regime forces launch a raids and indiscriminate arrests campaign in Nairab neighborhood against a large number of youth

Damascus Sububs: Qalamoun: Heavy artillery shelling of Housh Arab neighborhood is reported, amid a state of terror between residents and a power outage which is due to the targeting of the electrical network with several shells

Homs: Talkalakh: Heavy artillery shelling of Saraya, Tal Al-Shemali and Matahen neighborhoods is reported

Daraa: Maaraba: Heavy shelling of the village is renewed from Tal Al-Hadid, with more than 20 missiles landing so far

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Massive destruction and unmatched explosions are reporte due to regime forces using Sukhoi 24 warplanes for the first time to shell Kafr Sajneh, Heish, Rakaya and Jabala villages

Idlib: Kafr Sajneh: Regime forces’ warplanes are heavily shelling and targeting homes directly

Aleppo: Regime forces shell Sakhour neighborhood using warplanes, this is in conjunction with clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army

Damascus: Tadamon: Massive explosions are shaking the neighborhood and columns of thick smoke are rising

Raqqa: Ali Bajliya: Regime forces are heavily shelling the town using warplanes and heavy artillery after the Free Syrian Army gained control of it

Lattakia: Al-Akrad Mountain: Several barrel bombs were dropped on Ako, Mishrfi and Afarit villages along with helicopters hovering above Salma city

Homs: Rastan: The number of martyrs has risen to 4 due to the continuous shelling of the town and its surroundings

Idlib: Jisr Al-Shoghor: The Free Syrian Army captures several regime’s military personnel after controlling Al-Yaqobiya checkpoint

Quneitra: Al-Huriya Town: A huge blast shook this bordering town amid violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces

Homs: Qusair: Fierce clashes between regime forces and the Free Syrian Army in Jousyah was reported, it is accompanied with aerial and artillery shelling

Daraa: Ghasem: Regime forces storm the village from all sides amid heavy artillery shelling

Damascus Suburbs: Ain Tarama: Heavy artillery shelling of the town

Daraa: Nuaimeh: Fierce rocket, artillery and mortar shelling tagets the town

Aleppo: Hayan: Heavy shelling of the town by wareplanes

Raqqa:Qureen: The village is reported to be shelled by Mig wareplane

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Severe shelling by MiG warplanes on the city of Baseateen

Tartous: The Military Security Branch in the city of Tartous have detained the Syrian film maker Ghanem Al-Mir without reason while he was working on a feature film, directed by Mohammad Malas. There has been no news of him until this moment.

Mir is one of the brightest sound engineers in Syria. He specialized in sound engineering in France and worked in France cinema, which allowed him to bring his experience to Syria and work on various long and short films.

Ghanem Mir’s family, and friends in cinema, Syria, and all Arab countries, condemn his arbitary arrest and demand Syrian authorities to immediately release him and reveal his fate

Hama: Harbanfeseh: Severe artillery shelling was reported on the town

Aleppo: Bazaa: Severe shelling with heavy machine guns by helicopters was reported, along with flights of MiG planes

Shelling of Jebata Al-Khashab- Qunitra

Clashes Between the FSA and The Regime Troops in Qunitra

Shelling on Saqba, Damascus Suburbs

Columns of Smoke Rise Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Targetting Al-Rawi Mosque, Deir Ezzor

Aftermath of Destruction in Khaldieh Neighborhood, Homs

Aftermath of Shelling of Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Downing of MIG plane yesterday in Daif Valley, Idlib

Regime Forces Target the Minaret of Sayeda Khadija Mosque in Qadam, Damascus

Funeral of Salah Eddin Ayoub, Leader of Jund Mohammed Qademoun battalion, who was Martyred by a Missile in Kafr Takharim, Idlib

Martyr Salah Al-Deen Ayoub Funeral in Kafertkhareem, Idlib

Demonstration in Erbeen, Damascus

Evening Demonstration in Erbeen, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling at Etaiba, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Khalil Bashir Al-Heswa in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling of Housh Arab, Damascus Suburbs

A Cluster Bomb which Didn’t Explode in the Shelling of Hamouriah, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling in Shehail, Deir Ezzor

Evening Demonstration in Aleppo-Hama Road Neighborhood

Sounds of Shelling Tafas, Daraa

Sounds of Gunfire in Inkhel, Daraa

Child Martyr Khaled Al-Hati in Qadam, Damascus

Evening Demonstration in Waer, Homs

Shelling of Krak des Chevaliers, Homs

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