By the End of Thursday LCC could Document 230 Martyrs

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Thursday LCC could document 230 martyrs including 10 women and 15 children. 69 martyrs in Damascus and its suburbs most of them were in Hamorya and Saqba massacres along with 9 martyrs were field executed in Yarmouk refugees camp and 4 were field executed in Qadam. 53 maryrs in Idlib most of them in Maarrat Alnoman massacre, 35 in Aleppo including 6 were found in Jam’eyat Alzahra, 24 in Homs, 18 in Daraa including 7 were field executed in Ma’raba and 4 were field executed in Inkhel, 14 in Deir Ezzor, 8 in Hama, 6 in Qunaitra and 3 martyrs in Raqqa.
LCC could also count 134 point at which the regime army randomly shelled civilians including 22 points were bombarded by war planes. Regime forces also dropped explosive drums at 6 points which are Hamorya, Saqba, Shefoniya and Douma in Damascus suburbs, Maarrat Alnoman in Idlib and Western suburbs of Aleppo.
FSA documented 36 points of clashes with regime army and fulfill 13 operations and could capture many forces of regime army

Daraa: Basar Alharir: Fierce bombardments by rocket launchers at the city targetting the northern alley in the town

Daraa: Alshajara: Artillery shelling at the town and 3 bombs fell in a minute along with intensive gunfire

Damascus: Qaboun: Intensive gunfire heard in the neighborhood along with huge explosions

Hama: Kafar Zeta: Fierce shelling over the city from the check point of Lahaya southern of Mork. At least 5 bombs fell in few minutes

Hama: Violent clashes between regime forces and the Free Syrian Army has been reported from the Karaj Gharbi in Jalaa district

Deir Ezzor: Intense warplane shelling in most districts including Shiek Yaseen and Jabalieh

Daraa: Basar Alharir: Tens wounded by regime forces shelling with rocket launchers at the town

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