Syria Today 27-10-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of hte second day of the Eid Trace the LCC documented 93 martyrs, including 6 women and 5 children. 47 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs (13 of them in Douma),15 in Aleppo, 11 in Daraa,10 in Idlib, 4 in Deir Ezzor, 4 in Hama, 1 in Homs and 1 in Hasakeh

On the second day of the ceasefire, it was broken in 487 points, including 12 areas that were subjected to aerial shelling – most of them were in Damascus’ Suburbs (Erbeen, Zamalka, Douma, Mesraba, Kafr Batna, Saqaba and Harasta). Also, the regime fired at 260 points. Most of them in Damascus and its Suburbs, where the regime fired at 67 points. After that is Idlib, where 52 points were subjected to gunfire.
95 points were shelled with mortars, 65 areas were shelled with artillery, 31 points were shelled with missiles and 4 areas were shelled using Gvozdika

Aleppo: Qobatan Al-Jabal: Heavy artillery shelling from the artillery of Sheikh Sleiman is reported, with several shells landing in the center of the town

Aleppo: Qobatan Al-Jabal: Heavy artillery shelling from the artillery of Sheikh Sleiman is reported, with several shells landing in the center of the town

Damascus Suburbs: Hojaira: Three mortar shells landed on the town’s orchards and Thyabieh’s outskirts

Aleppo: Heavy artillery shelling of Sekari neighborhood is reported

Damascus: Assali: Massive artillery shelling on the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Ain Tarma: Shelling of the neighborhoods of Shimi Land and Jeded is renewed, amid a power, water and communications outage in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Kafr Batna: Heavy mortar shelling targets the residential neighborhoods in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Saqaba: Heavy shelling of the city using artillery and mortar shells is reported

Aleppo: Heavy artillery shelling targets Khaldieh neighborhood

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiya: Shelling of Kusanfra town using Gvozdika artillery is reported, with homes being targeted directly

Homs: Talkalakh: Shelling with mortars is reported, accompanied by heavy gunfire in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Eastern Ghota: The regime’s warplanes are shelling the town using a substance that forms white lines. It is believe to be toxic

Idlib: Saraqeb: Heavy and indiscriminate artillery shelling of the city is reported in these moments

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Several wounded were reported due to the artillery shelling of the city. This is amid a power outage

Damascus: Jobar: Several wounded were reported when several mortar shells landed in the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Ain Tarma: Tanks are Shelling Residential Neighborhoods

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: The regime’s warplanes are dropping materials in Qastoun village, which take the form of white lines. It is believed that they are toxic

Deir Ezzor: Bokmal: Violent mortar shelling targeted the city and more than one shell fall on different places

Aleppo: Warplanes are flying over several neighborhoods, in conjunction with shelling from mortars and tanks which are located in front of the Citdael, at Jeb Al-Qoba, Bab Al-Hadid and several other surrounding neighborhoods

Aleppo : Ezaz: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army and a powerful explosion were reported. Columns of smoke are rising in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Several martyrs and wounded were reported due to the shelling from MiG warplanes near the Kabir Mosque. There are reports that some bodies are charred

Damascus suburbs: Zamalka: Fierce war planes shelling targeted an area behind Abi Sa’ed Alkhidary mosque. This resulted of very bad damages in residential houses

Damascus suburbs: Erbin: 10 martyrs after regime army shelled Erbin and searching more bodies under the rubbles continues

Damascus suburbs: Douma: War planes shelling is reported over Douma city and residential houses were targeted by rockets along with complete disconnection of electricity and land lines

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: All land and cellular communications have been cut off in the Eastern Ghouta area

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Aerial and artillery and mortar shelling continue in the city after the Free Syrian Army was able to repel a ground assault by regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: A family of 5 was field-executed at the Zamalka Bridge checkpoint: regime forces fired at the family members, who were returning home after having fled the area a few days ago

Idlib: Jisr Al-Shoghour: Regime forces stationed at the Yaacoubieh checkpoint launched Gvozdika shells indiscriminately at the surrounding villages

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: The regime’s army tanks are launching artillery shells at the surrounding villages and towns

Aleppo: Clashes reported between FSA and regime army near Infintry school along with sounds of huge explosions heard in northern countryside of the city

Damascus: Warplanes hover above the capital at low altitude and shell Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Aleppo: Fierce mortar shelling at Sha’ar neighborhood

Damascus: Sounds of aerial and artillery shelling were heard in the cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta

Damascus: Helicopters hover above the capital, heading towards Eastern Ghouta

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: Fierce shelling of the town from the Vehicle Management is reported

Idlib: Khan Shikhoun: Fierce rocket and mortar shelling from regime forces is reported from the military base north of Mork city

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce rocket and artillery shelling by regime forces is reported and dozens of shells landed on Al-Taghra and Al-Bayder area

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Heavy shelling by mortar strikes and tanks also accompanied by heavy clahses between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces

Demonstration in Halfaya,Hama

Morning Demonstration in Shahir-Nar, Hama

Martyr Abu Walid Al-haskawi in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Mohammed Zahir Omar Arkosh in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Ahmed Anwar AL-Sheikh in Harasta, Damascus Suburb

Martyr Hamad Gobana in Harasta, Damascus Suburb

Massacre by Shabiha of the regime (PKK) in Ashrafiya neighborhood, Aleppo

Aleppo: Sakhour: A Paramedic was Wounded by Regime Forces’ Gunfire

A Massacre Due to a MiG Warplane Shelling at Civilians in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Warplanes are Targeting Hospitals in Douma

Aftermath of Aerial Shelling at Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

Machine Guns on Helicopters are Firing at Taftenaz, Idlib

Aerial Shelling of Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling of Eastern Ghota, Damascus Suburbs

Lifting bodies from under rubbles in Erbin, Damascus suburbs

Martyr Ahmad Abdel Rahman Wafa in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

War planes shelling at Eastern Ghotha, Damascus Suburbs

Houses Burning due to Shelling Talkalkh, Homs

Demonstration in Halfaya,Hama

A morning Demonstration in Hama Chehrnaz

Martyr Abu Walid Al-haskawi in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Mohammed Zahir Omar Arkosh in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Fires due to shelling on Douma, Damascus Suburbs

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