Syria Today 28-10-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria:
By the end of the third day of Eid Truce the LCC documented 128 martyrs including 15 women and 14 children: 56 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs; 27 in Idlib most of them in Barrah massacre; 20 in Aleppo; 10 in Homs; 10 in Deir Ezzor most of them in Mayaden; 3 in Daraa; and 2 in Hama

392 violations by regime forces were reported including aerial shelling in 14 areas, mostly in Damascus and its suburbs; 188 gunfire violations and 218 shelling violations

The regime has broken the “ceasefire” truce in 416 points: Ariel shelling in mostly Damascus and its suburbs was 16 points, Deir Ezzor witnessed gunfire that was 191 points and 225 points for various kinds of shelling on the regions, 106 points for the regions that witnessed mortar shelling, 67 points for those that underwent artillery shelling, and lastly, 37 points for the missile bombardments
Damascus: Kafarsouseh: Severe clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army

Daraa: Yadoudeh: Severe artillery shelling on Baleh. Four shells have reported to have landed thus far

Daraa: Naima: Sounds of gunfire and tank shells were heard amid news that tanks stationed in Daraa-Balad and the industrial area are heading toward the town

Damascus Suburbs: Qatana: Heavy security and an armored personnel carrier were reported near the Ghalaini Mosque; in addition, heavy gunfire was reported amid an electricity blackout

Aleppo: Hayan: Artillery shelling was reported in the town, and three shells have landed thus far. This was accompanied by low-flying warplanes above the town

Aleppo: Hreitan: Heavy artillery shelling was reported in the town

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Massive mortar shelling on the neighborhood

Lattakia: Turkman Mountain: Severe shelling Nahia Rabia. Four shells have reported to have fallen on the village of Khadara’a

Deir Ezzor: A martyr has fallen as well as a large number of civilians wounded due to severe shelling by warplanes, which are targetting the Kunsira Plant and Anash Al-Reef Center

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Fierce artillery shelling from the checkpoints located at the outskirts of the city

Aleppo: Renewed artillery shelling at Haidariya and Masakin Hananou neighborhoods

Damascus: Fierce artillery shelling on Maznya area in Assali district and the southern parts of the Hajar Aswad

Daraa: Daael: Heavy artillery shelling at the city

Hama: Kafranbouda: Fierce shelling at the town by Gvozdika cannons

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Fierce shelling from tanks located at the junction of Daraya towards residential buildings and seven shells have landed in the city until the moment

Daraa: Lajah: Fierce artillery shelling by Regiment 175 towards Lajah

Hama: Qston: Fierce artillery shelling from the barriers surrounding the town was reported

Damascus: Barza: Explosion of 3 bombed cars in Barza neighborhood which lead to destruction of 3 houses

Damascus Suburbs: Bowayda: Wounded have fallen due to heavy mortar shelling by the regime forces on the city

Damascus Suburbs: Bowayda: Wounded have fallen due to heavy mortar shelling by the regime forces on the city

Idlib: Barrah: 14 martyrs and more than 50 wounded along with the destruction of more than 12 houses due to the warplane Mig shelling on the town

Damascus Suburbs: Thaiyabiya: 3 children were martyred and tens of wounded were reported due to shelling of Huseniya camp

Idlib: Bara: Many martyrs and wounded have fallen due to shelling the buildings by Warplane

Hama: Security Forces open fire at a demonstration started at Hamidiya neighborhood chants for regime’s ouster

Damascus Suburbs: Haran Al-Awameed: Regime forces storm the city using tanks and armored vehicles, in conjunction with heavy gunfire

Homs: Dier Foul: Destroying the Ari Forces Battalion located next to the village, which was responsible of destroying and shelling different parts of the village. This village has many displaced families from Homs, Talbiseh, and Rastan. The Battalion was destroyed by the Free Syrian Army. Here is a report that indicate the incidents that occurred in the city till the Ari Forces Battalion was destroyed

Shelling of the Farms of Beit Sehm and Aqraba, Damascus Suburbs

A Shell Landed in Qadam, Damascus

Martyr Maher Alaya in Eastern Ghota, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling Dar Al-Kabeera in Homs

Clashes Between the Free Syrian Army and the Regime’s Army Near the Air Force Intelligence Branch in Aleppo

Demonstration in the Suburb of Yarmouk in Daraa

Pillars of Smoke due to Shelling with Warplanes on Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction of Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs by Warplanes

Wounded due to Shelling on Masraba, Damascus Suburbs

A Martyr from Falasteen Camp who was found near the National Hospital in Daraa

Morning Demonstration in Sharnaz, Hama

Shelling Erbeen, Damascus Suburbs

The Free Syrian Army Controls a Tank in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction Caused by Shelling Hamoriya, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling Mayadin, Deir Ezzor

MiGs Shelling Ain Tarma, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling in Bab Nasr, Aleppo

A Wounded Child by the Regime Gunfire in Nuaimeh, Daraa

Children Demonstration in Daeel in Solidarity with Douma

Results of shelling on Aqraba, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction due to explosion of bombed car in Sbina, Damascus Suburbs

Wounded Due to the Shelling on Bokmal,Deir Ezzor

Shelling on a School in Dar Kaberah,Homs

Shelling Dar Al-Kabeera in Homs

Martyr Maher Alaya in Eastern Ghota, Damascus Suburbs

Air Raids in Zamalka and Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs

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