Syria Today 29-10-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The last day of Eid Ceasfire has ended with 115 martyrs including 7 children and 3 women. 53 martyrs were in Damascus and its suburbs including 10 in Hajar Aswad and 10 in Jaramana explosion, 27 in Aleppo most of them in Maghayer neighborhood, 13 in Idlib, 9 in Homs, 6 in Daraa, 4 in Hama and 3 martyrs in Deir Ezzor
The regime violated the Ceasefire in 416 point, including war planes bombardment in 26 locations most of them over Damascus and suburbs, then Idlib. 207 points witnessed shooting, 215 experienced all kinds of shelling, 72 points shelled by mortars, 73 points witnessed artillery shelling and 37 points were hit by rockets

Daraa: Daeel: Massive artillery shelling on the city

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Many wounded have fallen due to renewed mortar shelling at the city

Aleppo: Heavy artillery shells are targeting Saghoor Neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Al-Sayeda Zaynab: Heavy shelling by mortar strikes hit the town.

Lattakia: Jabal Al-Akrad: The renewal of shelling on the villages of: Shalf, Nahshba, Kansba and Wade Basoor from regim forces that are stationed in Al-Zubar village.

Aleppo: Massive artillery shelling on AlAmereaa neighborhood

Hama: Heavy clashes between The Free Syrian Army and regime forces in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Heavy artillery shelling of the fields of Hejaira, Boyda, and Thyabia

Damascus: Assali: Renewed heavy artillery shelling of the neighbourhood was reported; it concentrated on the Madnyah Area

Homs: Continued mortar and rocket shelling of Deir Baalba neighbourhood since the morning. First aid and medical supplies are running out

Daraa: Lajah: Massive artillery shelling by the 175 brigade towards Lajah and its villages

Idlib: Taftanaz: Throwing of explosive barrels by a military aircraft on the residential neighborhoods in the city

Jableh: Massive unknown explosion shock the city

Daraa: Naima: Heavy shelling of the town is accompanied by gunfire from the 99th Tanks Battalion at the town, which targets anything that moves

Aleppo: Kafra: Shelling of the city from the warplanes’ heavy machine guns is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Heavy aerial shelling at the lands adjacent to Erbeen city is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Qatana: Two shells landed in Halala orchards from Turbeh checkpoint and gunfire from several checkpoints was reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Bebila: Fierce shelling using tanks at residential neighborhoods was reported and Bebila High School for Boys was targeted

Raqqa: Salouk: Fierce artillery shelling in the town was reported

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouria: Fierce warplane shelling was reported in the city and many residential buildings were destroyed

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Asafeer: Wounded due to fierce shelling by missiles by the regime forces on the town

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: 3 people were martyred including 1 child and dozens of wounded due to shelling by warplane and complete destruction of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque. The martyrs are: child Natheer Haj Khamis, Khaled Ibrahim Abdulsalam and Mudhar Rami Alwani

Damascus: Sounds of aerial assault were heard over the cities and towns of Ghouta

Aleppo: 15 martyrs including a full family of 7 people and dozens of wounded were fallen due to shelling and landing of 2 explosive barrels on Maadi neighborhood

Damascus: Hajar Alaswad: 8 martyrs, including children, and dozens of wounded, were reported after regime forces targeted a local bus

Damascus: Hajar Alaswad: Several wounded were reported as a result of the fierce shelling in the area, which targeted residential buildings. Residents are in a state of panic

Aleppo: Bab: Warplanes are shelling the city of Bab using heavy machineguns

Damascus: Qadam: Fierce shelling on the nearby neighborhoods by tanks located at International Daraa Highwa

Damascus: Qadam: Fierce shelling on the nearby neighborhoods by tanks located at International Daraa Highwa

Aleppo: Intense barrel bombing was reported over Al-Libramon district

Hama: fierce clashes between FSA and the regime’s army in the erea between tow villages Qube Al-Kurdi and Taqsis

Damascus: Harasta: Many Martyrs and wounded under the rubble No one can picking them up because of the bombardment and rocket attacks on the city and a gathering of military convoys by the regime army which trying to storm the city and the FSA facing them and there is fear of committing massacres by the regime army against the people

Damascus: Yabroud: heavy shelling by warplanes on the start of Rima road near forage plant

Homs: heavy mortar shelling on Jouret Shiyah neighborhood and violent clashes between the FSA and the regime’s army who is trying to break into the neighborhood

Damascus: Jaramana: a car bomb near a police station at the northern Corniche Road and damaged a number of buildings and the arrival of ambulances and spread a heavy security and the closing all the roads and crossings

Idlib: Armanaz:Shelling with cluster bombs by MiG warplane on the town and throw explosive barrels on Aldwyli Mountain

Idlib: Maaret Noumaan: dozens of martyrs and wounded in heavy shelling by the missiles of warplanes on residential buildings in the city

Idlib: Kafroumeh: heavy shelling on Al- Hamidia collective and the farms, and several mortar shells fall on the houses in the town

Hama: Southern Suburbs: several soldiers were martyred and many wounded from the Syrian Free Army during the violent clashes with the regime’s army in the villages of the region

Damascus: Doma: three martyrs by the shelling on city are: Abdo Albornawi, Mohammed Taha and Mohammed Eid Bakkar, huge explosions and gunfire shaking the the city

Deir Ezzor: Abu Kamal: three martyrs and dozens of wounded and many houses were destroyed by MiG warplane bombing the city

Aerial Shelling Over Yabroud, Damascus Suburbs

Rescuing the Wounded After Aerial Shelling in Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Issam Al-Shahadat, Martyred Under Torture in Daeel, Daraa

Wounded Children After Shelling Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib

Warplane flight above the Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Suburbs

Column of smoke rise due to shelling on Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Sounds of Gunfire in Qatna, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling at Beit Sehm, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling at Hamouriah, Damascus Suburbs

Funeral of Martyred Activist Kefah Madeha in Deir Baalba, Homs

Martyrs and Wounded Due to Shelling in Maghayer Neighborhood, Aleppo

Wounded and Martyrs Due to Shelling in Hajar Aswad, Damascus

Flight of Warplanes and Shelling the Cities in Eastern Ghota

Shelling in Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of Shelling Jabela Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

Aiding the Wounded People Due to the Shelling of Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Pulling Out Martyrs and Wounded Due to Shelling Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Aftermath of Shelling in Daeel, Daraa

Wounded Due to Shelling in Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

Shelling by Warplane on plastic factory in Haza, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Khaled Abdel Salam in Maaret Al-Nouman, Idlib

A Group of Golan Residents in Bowaida, Damascus Suburbs, Suffers from Shelling and Destruction

Shelling on Maaret Nouman, Idlib

Destruction of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque in Maaret Nouman, Idlib

Martyrs of Hajar Alaswad in the Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Rukneddin, Damascus

Demonstration in Rukneddin, Damascus

Shelling by explosive barrels on Hezza, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Abdulkafi Shalah in Deir Baalba, Homs

Martyrs under the rubble due to shelling on Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

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