Syria Today 1-11-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria: Local Coordination Committees was able to documented 149 martyrs for Thursday, including 8 children and 5 women , 53 martyr in Damascus and its Suburbs, 28 martyr in Idlib, 25 martyr in Aleppo, 19 martyr in Hama mostly have been executed in the neighborhood of Kazuo, 9 martyrs in Deir Ezzor, 4 martyrs in each of Raqqa,Daraa and Homs and 3 martyrs in Lattakia

The committees have counted 156 points in which the regime army has shelled civilians indiscriminately, including a 21 point
were shelled by military warplanes, and 25 points were shelled with mortars, and 14 points were shelled with missiles

Also have recorded 4 points of shelling with explosive barrels and they are Bouyada Sharqia,Hajar Aswad, Haffa, and Ghouta Sharqia cities, and the regime warplanes have shelled several cities in Ghouta Sharqia by cluster bombs and vacuum, as well as Taftanaz in Idlib.
The Free army also has controled the barrier of Khaleej in Sraqib City and managed to control amounts of ammunition and weapons, and the Free Syrian army in Ghouta Sharqia stopped several attempts by the regime forces to storm the area

Hama: Heavy shelling by regime’s forces manning the checkpoints of Bab Taqa, Citadel and Nahl is reported in the following villages: Hweiz, Hwash, Hweija and villages in ShahShabo mountain

Hama: Regime forces, stationed in Eastern Barri, as well as tanks ,stationed near Aqerat, shelled the following villages of the eastern suburbs: Rabia, Ismad, Rasm Al-Homr and Qanbar

Homs: Regime forces statioe din Waer neighborhood renewed the heavy shelling of the neighborhoods of the Old City of Homs

Hama: Morek: Regime forces in the north of the village resumed the artillery shelling towards the neighboring villages

Homs: Regime forces statioe din Waer neighborhood renewed the heavy shelling of the neighborhoods of the Old City of Homs

Daraa: Maaraba: Regime forces stationed in Busa -AlSham citadel renewed their heavy shelling of the city

Damascus: Hasenieh Camp: Many people were injured due to fierce shelling at the camp by regime forces. More than 17 shells landed during 15 minutes

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Shelling of the town from BMP vehicles from the military barrack eastern of the town was reported

Daraa: Taseel: Artillery shelling at the neighboring villages resumed by regime forces stationed in the military barracks western of the town

Damascus: Sounds of huge explosions shook the entire area of the capital as regime forces shelled the suburbs and towns around Damascus

Daraa: Mosaifra: Women and children were wounded due to artillery shelling that resulted massive damage

Quneitra: Shelling using mortars and heavy machine guns by regime forces at Jubata Al-Khashab and Tarnaja villages

Aleppo: Renewal of massive tank shelling for the seventh time on Karm Al-Jabal neighborhood

Aleppo: Three people were wounded due to mortar shelling from Aleppo International Airport at Nairab neighborhood

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Regime forces stationed in Jabal Al-Sayeh resumed the fierce artillery shelling at the residential neighborhoods in the city

Damascus: Qadam: Five bodies of martyrs, who were field-executed, were found in a garage at the old highway

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouria: Citizens were martyred and many were injured due to shelling in the city by regime forces using mortar shells and rockets, which led to the destruction of many homes

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: Fierce mortar shelling by the regime forces from Vehicle Managment along with clashes between the FSA and regime forces at the perimeter of the city

Deir Ezzor: Shelling on Hesan, Jnena and Husainiya towns lead to fire outbreak in Mhesen Orwa Gas Station in Jnena town and shell landed on Hassan Bin Thabet Mosque

Deir Ezzor: Renewed mortar and artillery shelling on Jbela and Mowathafeen neighborhoods by the regime forces

Damascus: Jobar: 2 air raids by MiG warplanes were reported at Zamalka, in the area near Adnan Mosque. Also, explosions are shaking Jobar city

Damascus: Sounds of aerial shelling are heard in the capital

Aleppo: 5 wounded, including a child, were reported when a shell landed in Qadi Askar neighborhood, near Hebo Bakery

Damascus: Qabr Ateka: Security forces and shabiha stormed the neighborhood and raided several homes

Damascus: Heavy gunfire by regime forces is reported in Barzeh’s gardens and in Teshreen neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Asafeer: 4 martyrs and tens of wounded were reported due to the shelling from warplanes using vacuum and cluster bombs. The martyrs are Obada Qassem (a Palestinian), Eyad Shehab (a Palestinian), Redwan Ezz Eddin and Mohammed Al-Shayeb

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiya: Mortar shelling by the regime’s army is reported at Bara village

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army are reported in Zahraa Society. Sounds of explosions are shaking the surrounding neighborhoods

Aleppo: Mohammed Hamade, 13, and Mohammed Bosmaji, 8, were martyred and several people were wounded due to the shelling by regime forces at Karm Al-Jezmati neighborhood

Hama: Jabeen: Artillery shelling by the regime’s army from Hesraya checkpoint is reported

Hama: 11 people from Kazo neighborhood were martyred after shabiha kidnapped and field-executed them and their bodies were delivered to their families. Residents gathered at the cemetery to bury the martyrs

Daraa: Lejah: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime’s army were reported in Malzoma village

Aleppo: 3 wounded, including a child, were reported due to the shelling with tanks and mortar shells at Sakhour neighborhood. This is in conjunction with forever clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army in the neighborhood

Homs: Dar Al-Kabira: Scouting planes are flying over the city and the regime forces are shelling using artillery and mortars. Residents are in a state of fear and panic

Idlib: Saraqeb: The Free Syrian Army, in a special operation, managed to gain control of the Gulf University (Ekarda) checkpoint and have cost the regime’s army heavy losses. Also, they obtained a number of weapons and ammunition

Homs: Many people were injured in Deir Baalba neighborhood due to shelling using mortar shells by regime’s army, who is besieging the neighborhood and trying to storm it

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Fierce warplane shelling at civilians’ homes and destroying them continues. People can’t pull out the bodies of martyrs from under the rubble due to shelling

Lattakia: Jabal Al-Akrad: Fierce shelling is reported using helicopters that are hovering above the city and dropping barrel bombs on the villages of Salmah, Marj Khokha, and Al-Marayj as more than 8 barrel bombs were dropped on different areas

Daraa: Izra’: Fierce shelling continues using the artillery stationed in Regiment 175 in Lajah for the second day in a row at a rate of 1 shell per 3 minutes

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Dozens of people were wounded in 3 air strikes by regime’s warplanes in the city near the Al-Kabeer Mosque and many buildings collapsed as a result

Hama: Kafr Zaita: 4 people, 3 of them were brothers, were martyred in one of the regime’s prisons

Homs: Houla: Heavy shelling at civilian homes using shells from tanks is reported

Daraa: Daeel: Heavy artillery shelling continues along with tank and mortar shelling as more than 35 shells have landed so far amid indiscriminate gunfire from all checkpoints and snipers

Damascus Suburbs: Jisreen: MiGs shell the town amid a state of panic among residents

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Heavy shelling with explosive barrels, whose echo was heard throughout Damascus, was reported

Damascus: Barzeh: The bodies of 2 martyrs who were field-executed by regime forces were found near Fraheedi School

Daraa: Lajah: Heavy artillery shelling of Qerata, Najeeh, Malzouma and Hamer villages is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Saqaba: Heavy aerial shelling of the town is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Saqaba: Heavy aerial shelling of the town is reported

Daraa: Daeel: Heavy shelling with heavy-grade artillery shells is reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zainab: Foerce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported due to the regime forces attempting to storm the town with armored vehicles

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Raids and detention campaign by the Iraqi authorities in Qaem city, They arrested more than 15 guy from Qaem Camp

Idlib: Taftanaz: The town was targeted with cluster and vacuum bombs by regime forces

•Aerial Shelling in Ain Tarma, Damascus Suburbs

•Aftermath of the Shelling of Thyabiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

•Wounded Child Due to Shelling in Hamouria, Damascus Suburbs

•Martyr Mohammad Taiser Al-Bashteny in Hamouria, Damascus Suburbs

•Demonstration in Hojaira, Damascus Suburbs

•Aerial Shelling on the Outskirts of Jobar and Zamalka in Damascus

Aftermath of Shelling Sermein, Idlib

Sounds of Shelling in Hajar Aswad, Damascus

Rocket Launchers’ Shelling on Basr al-Harir, Daraa.

Demonstration in Rukn Eddin, Damascus

Shelling Bosr Al-Harir, Daraa

Shelling in Myadein, Deir Ezzor

Aerial Shelling in Ain Tarma, Damascus Suburbs

Aftermath of the Shelling of Thyabiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

Wounded Child Due to Shelling in Hamouria, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Mohammed Tayseer Bashteni in Hamouria, Damascus Suburbs

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