Syria Today 29-11-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
LCC has documented 96 martyrs on Thursday including 23 children and 4 women distributed as follows: 51 martyrs in Aleppo (most of whom were martyred in the massacre of Zibdiya and Ansari), 15 martyrs in Damascus and its Suburbs, 9 martyrs in Daraa, 7 martyrs in Idlib, 6 in Deir Ezzor, 4 in Hama, 3 in Homs and one martyr in Raqqa.

LCC also documented 198 shelling points including 10 which were subjected to aerial shelling especially in Damascus Suburbs; and 7 points in Aleppo, Damascus and its Suburbs, and Idlib which were shelled with vacuum bombs. Mortar shelling took place in 74 points; and there was 56 points which were bombarded and 51 points subjected to rocket attacks.

The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime’s army in 103 points. It downed a helicopter in Binnish and targeted another in Sarmeen, Idlib. It attacked the Military Petrol Station on Homs-Damascus Motorway, and captured a number of the regime’s forces’ members. In Idlib, the FSA was able to fight back a military convoy that was trying to regain some of the liberated barricades on idli-Salqeen motorway. In addition, the FSA managed to liberate a rockets military base and the Mintar Airforce Base in Aleppo Suburbs. In Deir Ezzor, battalions from Mohasan and the other towns of Deir Ezzor Suburbs besieged the airport which witnessed firce clashes during which the FSA damaged 3 BMP vehicles and gained one and some ammunition.

Idlib: Atma (on the Turkish border): MiGs are shelling the town and
the Turkish Army is responding to the attacks using surface-to-air

Daraa: Shelling has resumed in the Tareeq Al-Sad neighborhood and the
camp at Mahata

Damascus: Assali: Renewed mortar and artillery shelling were reported
in the area; the most fierce assault is in the Madanieh area

Damascus: The Free Syrian Army launch an attack on a military fuel station located on Homs-Damascus highway. They managed to kill 2 personnel from Protection Unit and to capture 2 others

Idlib: Jabal Zawieh: Heavy shelling by anti-craft and the fall of four rockets on the Barrah village

Damascus Suburbs: Very heavy shelling with missile launchers and mortars is reported in Erbeen and Hamouriah

Homs: Talbiseh: Several wounded were reported due to the renewed
shelling eith artillery and mortar shells by the regime’s army, which
is stationed at Mamlouk checkpoint

Idlib: Kourin: The town is being subjected to shelling from warplanes,
helicopters, heavy artillery and missiles launchers since the early

Idlib: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s
army are reported. The FSA blocked a large convoy which was headed to
one of the surrounded checkpoints on Idlib-Salqeen road

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: Shelling with missile launchers is reported in
Ehsem and Bara

Daraa: Tafas: Regime forces burned more than 200 homes and stormed
shops and robbed most of their contents

Idlib: The regime’s military warplanes are dropping cluster bombs and
firing from heavy machine guns at Taftenaz and Ta’oum

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Regime forces launch several new air raids
from warplanes in the city and powerful explosions were heard, which
shook most parts of the area

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: 4 people from Ziadeh family were martyred
due to the shelling of the city. They are the children Moayed, Ahmed
and Saba Ziadeh and their grandfather, Deeb

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Heavy shelling with heavy artillery, which is
located at the checkpoints surrounding the area, is ongoing

Idlib: Ariha: 2 shells landed in the city’s main market

Aleppo: Dozens of people were martyred and many were wounded in a
massacre which occurred due to an explosive barrel landing in Zebdiya

Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the
regime’s army are reported at the outskirts of Deir Ezzor Airport

Daraa: Tafas: Regime forces burned several homes and robbed many shops

In a move which raises fears that the regime is preparing for
something, the criminal Syrian regime cut all communications (cellular
networks, landlines and the internet service) in most parts of
Damascus, the capital, and in its suburbs. In addition, communications
were cut in most parts of the governorates of Hama, Homs, Daraa; in
all parts of the governorates of Tartous and Swaida; and in some
cities in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa.

The Coordinating Committees hold the regime responsible for any
massacres that would be committed in any Syrian cities after such a
move was made. Also, they call upon the world to move quickly and to
take practical steps to protect civilians from the regime’s crimes.

In addition, the Committees would like to remind the Syrian people
that it is possible to connect to the internet via the dial-up
Dial up access Syria: +46850009990 +492317299993 +4953160941030
password:telecomix OR +33172890150

Damascus Suburbs: Hujeira: Heavy shelling with missile launchers,
heavy artillery and mortar shells is reported in the city amid a
complete outage of all kinds of communications and electricity

Aleppo: The number of martyrs resulting from the massacre in Eastern
Ansari has risen to more than 20 and more than 80 wounded are
reported; most of the wounded are children

Deir Ezzor: Fierce shelling was reported in all parts of Sheikh
Yassen, Hamidieh, Joura, Al-Rashidieh, and Jbeileh

Deir Ezzor: Mouhasen: Heavy shelling is taking place from artillery
batteries at Deir Ezzor Military Aiport on the city

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyeh: Fierce shellign was reported in the village
of Hantouteen and Deir Al-Sabal. Powerful explosions were reported
after a number of missiles landed in the area, which led to a state of
panic among residents

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: A mortar shell landed in the city outskirts

Martyr Suleiman Ezzedine from Douma (WARNING: Graphic, 18+)

Martyr Hassan Majed Barkhash from Douma

The Regime’s Army Storms Tafs, Daraa

Destruction After Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

Cluster Bombs Land in Kafar Batna in the Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Assali in Damascus

A Free Syrian Army Operation in Mohasen

Indiscriminate Shelling in Deir Ezzor

Smoke Rises Above Tafs in Daraa

Farewell to Martyr Abdel Aziz Al-Ahmad in Qosair, Homs

Clashes Next to the Moudahameh Branch in Aleppo

MiGs Drop Cluster Bombs on Eastern Ghouta

Low-flying Warplanes Over the Skies of Hama

The Massacre in Zebdiya Neighborhood, Aleppo

Dropping Cluster Bombs in Mohasan, Deir Ezzor

Aftermath of Shelling from MiG Warplanes in Hamidieh, Deir Ezzor

Child Martyr Ahmed Ziadeh from Daraya

Aftermath of Shelling at Maaret Al-Nouman

Homes Burned in Ezz Eddine, Homs

Pulling a Female Child Martyr from Under the Rubble in Ansari, Aleppo

Pulling a Male Child Martyr from Under the Rubble in Ansari, Aleppo

Renewed Shelling of Eastern Ghota

Columns of Smoke Rise in Erbeen Due to the Heavy Shelling

Destruction in Harasta Due to the Shelling

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