Syria Today 4-12-2012

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria has reached 184 by the end of Tuesday, and includes 1 woman and 33 children. 110 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, (including 40 who were martyred in the Bahdalieh massacre and 30 students who were martyred when regime forces shelled a school in the Wafideen camp.) 21 in Aleppo, 17 martyrs were reported in Homs, 12 in Daraa, 10 in Deir Ezzor, 8 in Idlib, 5 in Hama, and 1 in Tartous who passed away in Idlib

245 shelling point were also documented including 10 points were shelled using warplanes, the most violent were in Damascus Suburbs where 2 areas were shelled by the Cluster bombs and 4 areas were shelled by the explosive barrels.
Mortar shelling occurred in 86 areas, while 117 areas witnessed artillery shelling, and rocket shelling occurred in 42 point.
The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime’s army in 143 point and blocked several attempts to raid into Daraya, Zamalka, and several city of Eastern Ghota, The Free Syrian Army also shelled Deir Ezzor Military Airport and bombs several machineries’ that belongs to regime’s forces in several Syrian Cities

Damascus: Massive shelling was reported and more than 20 mortar shells fell down in Madneih in Assali neighborhood and Jameeat in Sabeeneh

Quneitra: Intermittent shelling in Jabata Al-Khashab from Tal Ahmar

Hassakeh: Massive artillery shelling by the artillery located in Bassel playground in Ghouiran neighborhood towards Hull area, more than 20 bombs fell down thus far as reported

Damascus: Sabeeneh: Massive mortar and artillery shelling in the neighborhood
Damascus: Yarmmouk Camp: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army in the 30s Street in the camp

Damascus Suburbs: Harran Alouameed: Massive shelling in the residential buildings from the artillery located in Air Defense Battalion in the International Airport of Damascus

Damascus Suburbs: Hajar Aswad: Massive shelling using rocket launchers and mortar bombs aiming towards the southern neighborhoods in Damascus, Daraya orchards’, Kafar Souseh and Qadam areas

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army were reported close to Al-Nayrab Airport

Aleppo: Sefeereh: Massive artillery shelling was reported in the town

Daraa: Tseel: Shelling on the town has started

Daraa: Om Al-Mayathen: Mortar shelling in the town

Daraa: Tseel: Shelling on the town has started

Daraa: Om Al-Mayathen: Mortar shelling in the town

Daraa: Alma: Heavy gunfire from anti-aircraft weapons is being
directed at homes in the town

Hama: Sporadic gunfire towards Hameidieh neighborhood from Awqaf
Towers in AlHader neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Massive Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the
regime’s army in the Airport road the forth bridge

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Massive rocket launchers and heavy
artillery shelling in the city targeting the residential neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Hteitet AL-Turkman: Heavy shelling with mortar that
started early morning continues in the city where several houses are
reportedly destroyed

Damascus: Al-Midan: intensive widespread of regime forces at Abu Habel barriers, and below Al-Saqeife lane , accompanied by raids and arrests between Al-Sakhate Square and Al-Hakleh cemetery

Homs: heavy shelling by Fozdhika cannons on the neighborhoods of the city by the artillery stationed at the Military Academy in the Al-Wa’er neighborhood and heavy bombardment rate of three mortar shells per minute

Damascus: huge explosions shake the neighborhoods of the capital due to the bombardment on the cities and towns of Eastern Gouta

Deir Ezzor: Renewed heavy artillery bombardment of the neighborhoods of Sheikh Yassin and Al-Rashidie

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: rocket and artillery selling renewed on the city accompanied by huge military reinforcements directing there in attempt to storm the city

Aleppo: Masaken Hananu: intense artillery bombardment of the neighborhood

Deir Ezzor: three martyrs and several wounded including a woman and a child in heavy shelling on Eastern Howieqa neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Hzrama: heavy shelling by rocket launchers on the outskirts of town

Aleppo: several people wounded due to heavy shelling on Al-Sakhor neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: heavy shelling by artillery stationed in Al-Hafeer towards the cities of Duma and Harasta

Damascus Suburbs: heavy shelling by rocket launchers on the towns of Al-Nashabieh and Al-Balalieh and the residents in panic situation

Homs: heavy mortar shelling on Bab Al-Dreb and huge explosions shake the city

Damascus: Al-Asali: renewed shelling on the neighborhood targeting the area of Al-Mazniah

Lattakia: heavy shelling by armored vehicles and mortars on the villages of Ghamam, Deir Hanna, Ahrash and Al-Sukarieh by regime forces stationed in the villages of Khirbet-Solas and Al-Zubar

Aleppo: heavy artillery bombardment on the neighborhoods of Sheikh Kheder, Al-Haidariya and Al-Sakhur, associated with clashes on the outskirts of the neighborhood Suleiman al-Halabi and large residents displacements movement

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazaleh: Artillery shelling of the town of Fouj Azraa was reported

Daraa: Yabouda: The massive artillery shelling of the town was renewed when four shells fell on the new domestic area near Zubair Ben Oum Mosque

Damascus: Fahameh: One martyred and number of wounded were reported as a result of improvised explosive device explosion

Aleppo: Izaz: Massive shelling by heavy artillery shells in the city from Mengh Military Airport

Damascus Suburbs: Qteifa: Four soldiers were martyred as they attempted to defect from Brigade 14 last night and clashed with regime forces there

Damascus Suburbs: Sit Zainab: Regime forces field-executed three people slaughtering them with knives at the checkpoint of Sahba town

Hama: Heavy artillery gunfire by regime forces stationed at the checkpoint in eastern Barri village is reported in the the eastern villages of Salamiya

Damascus Suburbs: Housh Arab: Massive artillery shelling in the village, 7 bombs were reported thus far

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Massive Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army on the city’s boarders accompanied with mortar and tank shelling in the city

* Martyr Mohamad Ahmad Barakat in Maaret Al-Numan, Idlib

* Martyr Rami AlJadomi in Sayeda Zainab, Damascus Suburbs

* Shelling in Hazzeh, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Al Yarmouk Camp
* *

* Evening Demonstration in Tariq Halab, Hama

* Martyr Mohamad Ibrahim Maatouq in Mouadamiya, Damascus Suburbs

* Shelling Mdeira, Damascus Suburbs

* Child Martyr After Shelling in Abada, Damascus Suburbs

•Martyr Abadeh Hassan Toublo in Idlib

•A Electricity Mechanic’s Car is Targetted by Artillery Shelling in Tafas Dara’a

•Wouded during Regime Shelling in Mayadeen, Deir Ezzor

•Aftermath of Destruction due to Shelling in the Neighborhood of Jobar, Homs

•Civilian Field Executions and Burning of Bodies by Regime Forces in Tafs, Daraa

•Demonstration in the Town of Maraba, Daraa

•Severe Shelling in Kafaraya, Homs

•Demonstration in the town of Deir Haffer, Aleppo

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