Syria Today 11-12-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Tuesday the LCC managed to document 165 martyrs , among them 3 women and a child: 61 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs “including 31 unidentified bodies in Damascus and Ein Tarma” ; 39 in Aleppo; 22 in Hama ;16 in Idlib 12 in Deir Ezzor; 9 in Homs; 5 in Daraa; and 1 in Lattakia

The number of martyrs is able to increase as the number of martyrs in Aqrab Massacre is still unknown yet

The LCC documented 236 points of shelling, 6 points were shelled by warplanes, 96 points by mortars, 69 points by missiles and 64 points by artillery

The FSA clashed with the regime forces in 124 locations (the fiercest was in Damascus and its Suburbs), the FSA destroyed 27 tanks (most of them were in Aleppo), the FSA liberated Jadeeda town of christians majority in Idlib, the FSA captured an ammunition car from Amouda Junction checkpoint as a result of clashes in Tawhid Battle in Idlib, the FSA also gained control of 2 checkpoints in Rankous and the Technical School in Harasta in Damascus Suburbs

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadhamiya: Renewed missile and artillery shelling is reported in the residential neighborhoods from the 4th Division headquarter and Maza Military Airport

Damascus: Asali: Renewed shelling using mortars and heavy artillery is reported in the neighborhood and the surrounded neighborhoods

Homs: Talkalakh: Fierce shelling using mortar shells and Shilka machine guns towards the city is reported amid attempts by the regime forces to storm the neighborhoods of the city from the side of Souq and Jabal Ghalyoun

Daraa: Tafas: Fierce artillery shelling is reported in the city, 4 shells fell within minutes

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Artillery shelling is reported towards the cities and towns of Easter Ghouta from Hfair district

Daraa: Naemiya: Intermittent gunfire is reported from Ishara and Radar
Battalion east of the town

Daraa: Kherbit Ghazale: General Muhammed Haj Ali was defected from
Watfi Defense College in Tartous

Lattakia: Hefa: Several shells were fired towards Jabal Akrad town
from Zobar town

Hama: Khatab: Intensive and random gunfire is reported in the town
towards the houses from regime’s checkpoint along with random gunfire
from Rahba Khatab

Daraa: Artillery shelling is reported in Shamal Khat neighborhood, 3
shells fell so far

Homs: Rastan: Several wounded have fallen due to renewed artillery
shelling in the city by the Artillery Battalion at the north of the
Daraa: Naseb: Heavy artillery shelling on the town from Naseb center
on the border

Lattakia: Renewed shelling on Salma and villages of Akrad mountains by
mortar shelling from Amyatah mountain

Damascus: Naher Aisha: Security forces waging a wave of random raids
and arrest near Ali Bin Taleb mosque and the neighborhood garages
after they beat and curse people who are passing by

Daraa: Busra Sham: Fierce missile shelling in the western neighborhood

Hama: Hamra Fierce shelling from the checkpoint positioned in Hamra
township towards the surrounded towns, 7 shells fell so far

Hama: Aqrab: A massacre in Alawite town as a result of missile and
tanks shelling of a shelter in the town

Lattakia: Intensive gunfire is reported near to Freedom University,
Students are in state of panic

Aleppo: 4 martyrs and tens of wounded were reported as a result of the
massive shelling in Massaken Hananno neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: 8 martyrs were reported due to the shelling
of the city with missile launchers

Damascus Suburbs: Ein Tarma: 17 bodies of martyrs who were
field-executed after they were tortured by the regime forces were
found near to the Old Mill 3 days ago

Homs: Rastan: Many wounded have fallen in addition to destruction of
several buildings due to fierce shelling in the city

Damascus Suburbs: The Free Syrian Army gains control over 2
checkpoints belonging to the regime’s forces in Rankous and gains
control of the technical school in Harasta. Regime forces are firing
land missiles that are capable of carrying chemical warheads

Raqqa: Tabaqah: Artillery shelling on the city military airport along
with panic and displacement situation among the residents

Deir Ezzor: Renewed mortar and artillery shelling on
Jabelah,Mowathafen, Sheikh Yasen and Hamedieh neighborhoods

Homs: Houla: Heavy shelling with artillery and tanks is reported in
the city and residents fear a new massacre

Aleppo: Hayan: Artillery shelling by regime forces caused destruction
of several houses

: Damascus: Maza: Renewed fierce shelling in the southern neighborhood
and southern Suburbs by rocket launchers from the Military Airport

Homs: Krak Des Chevaliers: Reports of several wounded due to fierce
artillery shelling in Hosn, Turkoman and Saraya neighborhoods by the
regime forces

Homs: Houla: Alawite children are treated in the city’s field hospital
after they were shot by the regime’s shabiha because they chant in
support of the revolution

Daraa: Heavy shelling of the refugee camp is ongoin

Damascus: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s
forces are reported at Damascus-Daraa Highway

Idlib: Deir Senbel: Shelling of the village with missile launchers is
renewed and is the most intense so far

Damascus: Qadam: A massive explosion shook the neighborhood. It was
the result of a booby-trapped car which exploded

Idlib: Jadida: The Free Syrian Army liberated the village from regime
forces, while residents

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Heavy shelling of the city with missile
launchers is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Shebaa: Shelling of the town with missile launchers
is ongoing, in conjunction with clashes on the International Airport
Road between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces

Idlib: Sarjah: Shelling with missile launchers targets the town and
has resulted in the destruction of several homes

Damascus: 14 unidentified bodies were found in Mowasat Public Hospital
and they showed signs of torture. They belonged to civilians

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Clashes are ongoing at several areas between
the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s forces, in conjunction with
heavy shelling of the city’s residential neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: HArasta: Several shells fell on the outskirts by the
41st regiment

Deir Ezzor: MiG warplanes targer Aarfi and Aamal neighborhoods

Idlib: Jisr Shughour: Intense clashes rage in Khreibat Amouda between
the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Intense rocket shelling targeted the city,
shelling is concentrated on the vicinity of Sadeq Al-Ameen mosque

Daraa: Inkhel: Injuries were sustained due to the gunfire that was
opened from the checkpoint stationed at the Cultural Center of the
city, in addition to an arbitrary arrest campaign that targeted

Idlib: Sarjeh: Shelling with rocket launchers targeted the city and
resulted in the destruction of homes

Idlib: Sarjeh: Shelling with rocket launchers targeted the city and
resulted in the destruction of homes

Damascus Suburbs: Rankous: Five were martyred during clashes with
regime forces: Neeras Wahbi from Deir Ezzor, Mohammad Asaad Taghlabo
from Zamalka, Alaa Jamal Al-Deen from Jobar, Adnan Nawa from Salihiya,
and Hassan Bader Al-Tahhan from Al-Tal

Hama: Aqrab: Artilley and tank shelling target the village

Idlib: Areha: A strong explosion was accompanied by the fall of
several shells on Jabal Arbaeen

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: The city is experiencing artillery shelling
amid clashes in Jabhat Ghabeer between the Free Syrian Army and regime

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Regime forces used artillery to shell the
neighborhoods of Turkman and Saraya in Jabal Sayeh and Raes AlNabee
Aleppo: Rocket shelling targets Sakhour neighborhood amid fierce
clashes between the Free Syrian army regime forces

Deir Ezzor: MiG warplanes shell Hamidiya neighborhood

Hama: Mesyaf: 5 bodies were found in the woods of the city, among them
the body of a woman, that showed signs of torture and were slaughtered
with knives. Also, another body of a young man reached the National
Hospital today

Aftermath of Shelling in Deir Al-Asafeer, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction in Qobtan Al-Jabal, Aleppo

Liberating the Border Police Station Number 17 in Tal Shehab, Daraa

Crowding at Bakeries Due to the Bread Crisis in Yarmouk Camp

Shelling with Missile Launchers in Eastern Ghota, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Walid Hamdi Al-Beaaj in Jobar, Damascus

… Distributing Winter Clothes at Refugees in the Schools in Deir Ezzor

Aftermath of Shelling at Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction of Jooret Al-Shayah, Homs

Destruction of Building in Harasta,Damascus Suburbs

Columns of Smoke Rose over Daraya Due to the Shelling

Shelling on Sabenieh,Damscus Suburbs

Funeral of the Martyr Darwich Mohamad Alkhatib in Maree,Aleppo

Martyr Nather Ashour in Mouadamiya,Damascus Suburbs

An Unidentified Body in Mouadamyeh, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Alaa Zeyada in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Mohammed Nakash in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

Unidentified Bodies at a Hospital in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

Martyr Mohammed Atef Sawan in Mouadamyeh, Damascus Suburbs

Effects of Shelling on Haran Al-Awamid, Damascus Suburbs

Congestion of People at a Bakery in Joora Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

Burning of a Home Due to the Shelling of Jbeila Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

Shelling of the City of Deir Ezzor

Aftermath of Shelling in the Town of Barra, Idlib

Smoke Columns Rise Due to Shelling of Muwathafeen Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

Targeting of Abo Bakr Al-Sideeq Mosque in Aqrab, Hama

Struggles of Children in Rastan, Homs

Shelling of Mleiha, Damascus Suburbs

Effects of Shelling of Thiyabia, Damascus Suburbs

Effects of Shelling on Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

A Demonstration in Yadouda, Daraa

Witness Of A Survivor Woman From Aqrab Massacre Witness

Demonstration in Mhajreen, Damascus

A Surgery in a Field Hospital in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

Wounded Due to the Shelling on Bet Sahem,Damascus Suburbs

Effects of Shelling in Medical College, Deir Ezzor

Shooting From a Tank Toward Qadam Neighborhood in Damascus

Testimonies From Injured Survivors of Aqrab,Hama massacre

Night Demonstration in Manbij,Aleppo

Destructions in the Sharqi Neighborhood in Busra Sham,Daraa

The FSA Shells The Political Branch in Deir Ezzor

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