Syria Today 24-12-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The LCC managed to document 156 martyrs in Syria with the end of Monday, among them 21 children and 4 women. 60 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs; 28 in Homs, among them 15 in Talbiseh; 29 in Aleppo; 19 in Hama, including a family from Yabroud in Damascus Suburbs; 5 in Raqqa; 5 in Daraa; 5 in Idlib; and 4 in Deir Ezzor.

263 points of shelling were documented, among them 20 points of aerial shelling (the most intense in Hama’s suburbs, then Damascus Suburbs, Homs, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor). Shelling with TNT barrels was the fiercest today, where 31 barrels were dropped at various Syrian cities (20 of them landed in Salma Resort in Lattakia). Also, cluster bombs fell in Neshabiya, Morek, Latamna, Helfaya and in Talmens.

Mortar shelling was reported at 105 points, artillery shelling at 79 points and missile shelling occured at 23 different points in the country.

The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime’s army at 109 points and they gained control of Sadcop Gas Factory which is located north of Raqqa. In Damascus they gained control of several weapons and stormed the checkpoint of 30th, which is where shabiha gather. In Morek, the FSA bombed several tanks and military vehicles belonging to the regime and in Deir Ezzor, they liberated brigade 113.

Idleb:Kafer Sajna : Fierce shelling by Gvozlika artillery targets the town

Homs : Josya : Severe shelling by tanks targets the village

Damascus Suburb : Albowyda: Morter and artillery shelling is renewed on the town

Idlib: Maaret Masrin: Several wounded were reported due to the aerial shelling of the village

Damascus Suburbs: Thiabieh: Shelling using artillery and rocket launchers renewed in the city

Homs: Houla: Heavy shelling with Gvozdika artillery from the regime forces’ checkpoint is reported in the town

Damascus: Shelling of the capital’s southern neighborhoods is renewed and is concentrated at Assali neighborhood and Sabina’s societies

Daraa: Heavy and indiscriminate shelling by regiment 175 is reported in Lajah’s villages

Aleppo: Heavy artillery shelling of Haidarieh neighborhood is reported, in conjunction with a complete power outage

Hama: More than 15 regime forces’ personnel have defected on the road to Salamiya, east of Hama

Damascus: Zahera: Regime forces launched a raids campaign in the buildings where residents of the Occupied Golan live

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported south of the city. Two tanks were destroyed, they were part of the convoy that retreated from Hamidieh checkpoint to Khan

Aleppo: Meng: Shelling with missile launchers targets the town

Daraa: Busr Al-Harir: Artillery shelling of the town by regime forces is reported

Damascus: 6 bodies were found on Daraa-Damascus Highway, 4 of them were burned and the other 2 were located 150 meters away from the burned car

Homs: Talbiseh: Artillery shelling of the city is renewed

Damascus Suburbs: Shelling with missile launchers is ongoing in Sidi Meqdad neighborhood and Beit Sehm town

Hama: Heavy shelling targets Latamna, Karnaz, Morek and Kafr Zeita cities

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: A mortar shell landed in the area

Daraa: Taseel: Artillery shelling in the town has started

Aleppo: Artillery shelling targets Qadi Askar neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Clashes are taking place in the vicinity of the Air Force Intelligence branch
in conjunction with artillery shelling in the vicinity of the Vehicles Managment and in dispersed areas of Eastern Ghota

Aleppo: Fierce clashes in Zahraa neighborhood between the FSA and the regime army

Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes are taking place in Kanamat neighborhood between the FSA and regime forces

Hama: Taibet Imam: Shelling using rocket launchers and Gvozdika targets the city from Zein Al-Abdeen Mountain and Maardas checkpoint

Deir Ezzor: Fierce shelling targets Khasarat neighborhood in conjunction with clashes between the FSA and regime forces

Aleppo: People were injured after an artillery shell landed in Qaterjy neighborhood

Daraa: Nawa: Intense gunfire from medium machine guns in the western and middle neighborhood of the town

Hama: Massive missile shelling of the northern suburbs from the Maardes and Zein Al-Abideen checkpoints was reported

Homs: Renewed clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in Sitteen Street in the Deir Baalbeh neighborhood were reported

Aleppo: Shelling of the neighborhoods of Jubb Al-Qubbah and Jazmati using bombardment and rockets.

Deir Ezzor: Massive shelling of the Emmal neighborhood while intense gunfire was opened

Deir Ezzor: Husseinieh: The artillery shelling of the village was resumed

Hama: Kafar Zaita: The city is targeted by massive missile shelling

Daraa: Tafas: People were injured due to artillery and rocket shelling in the city, Tafas National Hospital was targeted with mortar shells

Aleppo: Clashes at the walls of Minnigh Military Airport between the FSA and regime forces continue

Raqqa: Sounds of intense gunfire in the city were reported

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Fierce shelling using rocket launchers and artillery targets the southern neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Dozens of people were injured due to fierce shelling using rocket launchers that targeted residential neighborhoods in the city. About 30 rockets landed

Aleppo: Sufeira: Regime forces targeted a bus filled with passengers with an RPG near the Bohouth checkpoint. Residents have not been able to get near the site due to the massive presence of regime snipers on the mountain that overlooks the road

Shelling in Yadodeh, Daraa

Three Martyrs in the Mosque in Talbiseh, Homs

Injuries due to the shelling of Maaret Masreen in Idlib

Demonstration in Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs to Chant for Helfaya

Students Demonstration in Salamieh, Hama

Martyr Mahmoud Turkey Sweis in Talbeseh, Homs

Aftermath of Shelling in Moudamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

Warplanes shelling the town of Mork in Hama

Clashes in the neighborhood of Jbailah in Deir Ezzor

Air raid against Mlaiha in Damascus Suburbs

Shell Landed in Taftanaz, Idlib

Shelling of Deir Baalba Neighborhood, Homs

Aftermath of Shelling Latamna, Hama

Shelling of the Town of Ghrnatah, Homs

Martyr Hussain Al-Jadah in Latamna, Hama

Wounded from Shelling in Tabiya, Deir Ezzor

Shelling of Izaz, Aleppo

Targetting of Houses in Hrak, Daraa

Artillery Shelling of Maeireya Town, Deir Ezzor

Dropping Cluster Bombs in Talmens, Idlib

Six Burned Bodies on Daraa-Damascus Highway

Aftermath of Shelling in Mouadamyeh, Damascus Suburbs

Sounds of Shells Fired by Regime Forces from Hama Citadel

Columns of Smoke Rise Due to the Shelling of Bustan Al-Qasr, Aleppo

Aftermath of Shelling Homes in Kurds Mountain in Lattakia

Martyr Amar Alkhatib In Aqraba,Damascus Suburbs

Clashes in Haweqah Neighborhood in Deir Ezzor

Demonstration in Sha’etat in Deir Ezzor in Solidarity with Halfaya

Martyr Omar Alnaji from Talbesieh,Homs

Shelling in Madena Area in Assali Neighborhood, Damascus

Martyr Mohamed Khaled Al-Najar in Maaret Al-Nouman, Idlib

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