Syria Today 2-1-2013

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Wednesday, the LCC was able to document 207 martyrs, including 6 women and 8 children. 141 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, including 47 martys in Mleiha, 32 martys in Mouadamieh, and 8 martyrs in Deir Al-Asafeer; 17 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 14 in Daraa; 15 in Idlib; 7 in Hama; 5 in Homs; 4 in Deir Ezzor; 2 in Raqqa; and 2 in Sweida.

The LCC was also able to verify 257 points of shelling across Syria. 14 areas were subjected to aerial shelling, mainly in the Damascus Suburbs. Barrel bombing was confirmed in 5 areas, and Mouadamieh was subjected to cluster bombs. Thermobaric bombing was documented in one area in Mleiha.

117 locations were subjected to artillery shelling, 72 locations to mortar shelling, and 68 to missile attacks.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) clashed with regime forces in 125 locations. The fiercest clashes took place in the Damascus suburbs and Idlib. The FSA was able to control parts of Taftanaz Military Airport, down an attack helicopter in Taftanaz, and down another helicopter in Afas in Idlib. In addition, the FSA attacked the military airport in Thaala in Sweida, and repelled regime attempts to storm Basr Al-Harir. The FSA seized control of the checkpoint in western Nahia in Sheikh Miskeen, and repelled regime attempts to storm the village of Al-Saan in Homs. The FSA also destroyed several pieces of materiel throughout Syria.

Daraa: Eastern Mleiha: Mortar shelling targets the town

Damascus: Kafar Souseh: An explosion was reported in the Maasara district

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce clashes were reported, in addition to shelling from tanks

Damascus Suburbs: Qalamoun: A number of shells landed around Hosh Arab, along with shelling on the Rankous farms

Sweida: Al-Thaala: The Free Syrian Army has attacked the military hospital, and fierce clashes have erupted

Damascus: Regime forces are using tanks and mortars to shell the southern neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Masraba: Regime forces are using rocket launchers to shell the city

Latakia: Jabal Al-Akrad: regimes warplane throws two explosive barrels on the village Broma

Deir Ezzor: artillery and mortar shelling targeted the neighborhoods of Jubailah, Hamidiya, Al-Aridi, and Al-Hweiqa

Damascus: Deir Assafir: eight martyrs and tens of wounded due to the regime’s air strike aviation on the town

Deir Ezzor: MiG warplanes launched an aerial raid in Jabela neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: 12 people from one family were martyred due to warplane shelling at residential neighborhoods and a bakery; most of them are children. The martyrs are: Adnan Jomaa, Bayan Jomaa, Amna Jomaa, child Doaa Jomaa, Child Fatma Jomaa, Child Heba Jomaa, child Rawan Jomaa, child Hanan Jomaa, child Hanen Jomaa, child Tasneem Jomaa, child Mahmoud Jomaa, and an unknown martyr

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Fierce clashes are taking place near Harasta Military Hospital and shelling using mortar shells and rocket launchers targets the neighborhoods of Betwana, Malaab, and Karam Al-Rasas. A large displacement movement was reported in the city

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: Regime’s warplanes threw explosive barrels in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city

Daraa: Hirak: Fierce shelling targets the town from the 52nd brigade and shelling concentrates in the western neighborhood

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Martyrs and wounded were reported due to rocket shelling in the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: About 40 people, including women, were arrested at a checkpoint in Al-Arbaeen highway

Damascus Suburbs: Thiabieh: A person was martyred and dozens were injured due to aerial raid by regime’s warplanes in the town

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces are taking place at the eastern side of the town

Raqqa: Tabqqa: warplanes launched air strikes on the city and concentrated bombardment on bustard oil field amid violent clashes with the Free Army there

Hama: The regime forces conducted a detention campaign in Sabouniya neighborhood

Hama: Taibat Imam: Fierce missile shelling was reported in the city

Idlib: Teftenaz: The FSA downed a helicopter in the city

Homs: Talbisa: Martyrs and wounded were reported due to fierce shelling in the city using rocket launchers, mortars and artillery

Damascus Suburbs: Mleiha: 50 martyrs and dozens of wounded were reported as initial reports due to aerial raid by the regime’s warplane using Thermobaric rockets in a fuel station , the number of martyrs is likely to be increased due to continuous pulling of the bodies from under the rubbles, its worth mentioning that there is extreme difficulty in recording the number of martyrs because most of the bodies turned into carnage

Aleppo: Aerial shelling was reported in Jazmati and Tareeq Bab neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: The warplane is conducting aerial raids in Karm Rasas district

Deir Ezzor: Aerial raids by the warplane was reported in Hwaiqa neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Dozens of wounded (most of them are in critical conditions) were reported due to continuous shelling in the city by warplane and rocket launchers

Hama: Helfaya: Wounded were reported due to fierce missile shelling in the Western Neighborhood

Hama: Latamna: Fierce artillery shelling was reported in the city from Deir Mharda

Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes were reported near to Political Security Branch between the FSA and regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Mleha: 70 martyrs and dozens of wounded were reported due to warplane shelling in a fuel station in the town amid continuous shelling and difficulty in recognizing the bodies because they are charred

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadhamiya: 9 martyrs and dozens of wounded were reported in another massacre due to shelling in the city, the number of martyrs has risen to 21 martyrs so far

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: The FSA destroyed the ammunition stores in Brigade 12

Deir Ezzor: Sheheil: Fierce aerial shelling was reported in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Sbaina: 7 martyrs and dozens of wounded (most of them are women and children) were reported after a shell fell in Madares Wekala street

Daraa: Sheikh Meskeen: Fierce artillery shelling was reported in the most neighborhoods of the city, along with fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces at Nahiya, Janoubi and Masaken Askariya checkpoints

Damascus Suburbs: Moudhamiya: 15 martyrs were reported due to renewed shelling in the city. The martyrs are Khaled Abdo Joumaa, Abdo Mahmoud Maatouq, Muhammed Joumaa, Rabea Joumaa, Abdo Mustafa Abed, Nour Joumaa Abed, Khaled Hajshari, Mahmoud Abdulmajeed Sawan and 7 unidentified bodies after their bodies turned into carnage

Damascus Suburbs: Mleiha: 4 people were martyred due to aerial shelling for the second time in the town, the number of martyrs has risen to 74 martyrs so far

Swaida: Shahba: Several wounded have fallen by the regime forces gunfire in a demonstration chanting for the regime’s ouster in the Main Square

Daraa: Nahta: 2 martyrs and many wounded were reported due to missile shelling in the town

Raqqa: Tabaqa: Fierce artillery shelling was reported in the residential neighborhoods from Tabaqa Military Airport

Daraa: Dael: Heavy artillery shelling by regime battalions stationed at the Panorama is reported in the city

Damascus: Asali: Heavy shelling using mortar and heavy caliber artillery is reported in the neighborhood

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime’s forces were reported near the Municipality building in Akkash area

Daraa: Dael: One of the heaviest shelling using heavy caliber artillery is reported in the city

Raqqa: Hazima: Heavy artillery shelling by Brigade 17, stationed in the northern suburbs of Raqqa, is reported in the town

آثار القصف على داعل بدرعا
Aftermath of Shelling Daeel, Daraa

آثار القصف على حيان بحلب
Aftermath of Shelling Hayyan, Aleppo

محاولة اسقاط طائرة ميغ في بصر الحرير بدرعا
Attempt to Shoot Down a MiG Warplane in Basr Al-Harir, Daraa

اشتباكات في بصر الحرير بدرعا
Clashes in Basr Al-Harir, Daraa

آثار الدمار في حي القصور بحمص
Destruction in Qusour Neighborhood, Homs

القصف على بصر الحرير بدرعا
Shelling in Basr Al-Harir, Daraa

ضرب حاجز جسر زملكا بريف دمشق
Striking the Checkpoint at Zamalka Bridge in Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف على دير العصافير بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Shelling Deir Asafeir, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على حي مساكن الشهداء في دير الزور
Shelling Masaken Al-Shohadaa Neighborhood in Deir Ezzor

غارة جوية على حريتان بحلب
Aerial Raid in Hreitan, Aleppo

انتشال جثث الشهداء في المعضمية بريف دمشق
Pulling Out Bodies in Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

القصف بالطيران على حي الجبيلة بدير الزور
Aerial Shelling in Jbeila Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

الشهيد علاء مطاوع في المليحة بريف دمشق
Martyr Alaa Mtawea in Mleha, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد رامي أبو نبوت في درعا البلد
Martyr Rami Abu Nabout in Daraa Balad

آثار الدمار في زملكا بريف دمشق
Destruction in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

اشتباكات في السفيرة بحلب
Clashes in Sfera, Aleppo

آثار القصف في دوما بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Shelling in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على مدينه دير الزور
Shelling in Deir Ezzor

شهيد في قصف الذيابية بريف دمشق
A Martyr Due to Shelling Thiabieh, Damascus Suburbs

شهداء وجرحى القصف على الحجر الاسود بدمشق
Martyrs and Wounded Due to Shelling in Hajar Aswad, Damascus

القصف على تفتناز بإدلب
Shelling Teftenaz, Idlib

القصف على المعضمية بريف دمشق
Shelling Mouadhamiya, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد كاسم المصري في دير العصافير بريف دمشق
Martyr Qasem Maseri in Deir Asafeer, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد رائد مكية في دير العصافير بريف دمشق
Martyr Raed Makiya in Deir Asafeer, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على درعا البلد
Shelling Daraa Al-Balad

اثار القصف على طيبة الامام بحماه
Effects of Shelling in Taibat Imam, Hama

الشهيد محمد خير حسن حسن في الذيابية بريف دمشق
Martyr Muhammed Kheir Hasan Hasan in Thaiyabiya, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد عبد الله الملا فريج هاشم في الذيابية بريف دمشق
Martyr Abdullah Mulla Freij Hashem in Thaiyabiya, Damascus Suburbs

شهداء المجزرة في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Martyrs of the Massacre in Mouadhamiyat Al-Sham, Damascus Suburbs

انتشال الجثث في قصف بالطيران على المعضمية بريف دمشق
Pulling The Bodies due to Aerial Shelling in Mouadhamiya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف براجمات الصواريخ على ناحته بدرعا
Missile Shelling in Nahta, Daraa

جرحى القصف على ناحته بدرعا
Wounded of The Shelling in Nahta, Daraa

الشهيد أحمد بن فايز الحلبي في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Ahmad Bin Fayez Al-Halabi in Jober, Damascus

قوات النظام تنبش القبور وتخطف الجثث في مورك بحماه
Regime Forces Digging Up Graves and Kidnapping Bodies in Morak, Hama

جثتين محروقتين ومكبلتي الأيدي في صوران بحماه
Two Burned Hand-Cuffed Bodies in Soran, Hama

اسعاف الجرحى في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Helping Wounded People in Mouadamiet Al-Sham, Damascus Suburbs

حريق في أحد المعامل بعقربا بريف دمشق جراء القصف
A Fire Borke Out in a Factory Due to the Shelling in Aqraba, Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف على كفرزيتا بحماه
Effects of The Shelling in Kafarzeita, Hama

غارة جوية على تفتناز بإدلب
Air strike on Taftanaz, Idlib

مظاهرة في شهبا بالسويداء
Demonstration in Shahba, Swaida

رفع علم الثورة في ساحة شهبا بالسويداء
Raising the Revoluation Flag in Shahba Square, Swaida

مظاهرة مسائية في حي الشيخ عنبر بحماه
Evening demonstration in Sheikh Anbar neighborhood in Hama

هروب الشبيحة وقوات الأمن من المتظاهرين في شهبا بالسويداء
Thugs and security forces ran away from demonstrators in Shahba in Swaida

شهيد مجهول الهوية في صوران بحماه
An Unidentified Martyr in Soran, Hama

الشهيدة الطفلة أماني عبد القادر قصاص في سراقب بإدلب
Pulling Out the Body of Martyr Sobhi Smeisem from Under the Rubble in Bannash, Idlib

انتشال الشهيد صبحي سميسم من تحت الانقاض في بنش بإدلب
Pulling Out the Body of Martyr Sobhi Smeisem from Under the Rubble in Bannash, Idlib

الشهيد مصطفى أحمد الشرتح في كفر روما بإدلب
Martyr Mutafa Ahmad Al-Shartah in Kafr Rouma, Idlib

القصف بالطيران الحربي على بنش بإدلب
Air Strikes by Warplanes in Bannash, Idlib

احد الصواريخ التي لم تنفجر في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
An Undetonated Missile in Mouadamiet Al-Sham, Damascus Suburbs

اثار الدمار جراء القصف على زملكا بريف دمشق
Destruction Due to the Shelling in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف بالفوسفور على البوعمر بدير الزور
Aftermath of Shelling Using Phosphorus Bombs in Bu Amr, Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة مسائية في حي طريق حلب بحماه

مظاهرة في شهبا بالسويداء
Demonstration in Shahba, Swaida

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