Syria Today 4-1-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syira
The practice of the Syrian regime represented by shelling, destructing and arresting is faced by the insistent people to gain their freedom by demonstration that plays the melodies of freedom every week to prove to the world that freedom is the most valubale thing the great Syrian people have.. The LCC documented 271 demonstration in different parts of Syria, the biggest among them took place in Deir Ezzor for the 2nd consecutive week which was subjected to 51 demonstrations, this was followed by Hama in which the loaf of bread was mixed with the bloods of martyrs of freedom which joined the revolutionaries in sharing their hopes and dreams and it was subjected to 49 demonstrations. Aleppo, the enduring castle, was subjected to 46 demonstrations. Damascus and its Suburbs was subjected to 38 demonstrations, this was followed by Idlib by 31 demonstrations. Daraa was subjected to 23 demonstrations. Hasaka was subjected to 19 demonstrations. This was followed by Homs in which 11 demonstrations were reported and finally 3 demonstrations were reported in Raqqa

The LCC was able to document 129 martyrs (including 16 children and 4 women), 70 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 18 martyrs in Aleppo, 9 martyrs in Homs, 8 martyrs in Hama, 7 martyrs in Deir Ezzor, 6 martyrs in Raqqa, 6 martyrs in Idlib and 5 martyrs in Daraa

The LCC also documented 338 points of shelling in Syria, 8 points were shelled by warplanes, 159 points by mortar shelling, 120 points by artillery shelling and 51 points by missile shelling

The FSA clashed with the regime forces in 142 locations, the FSA targeted the Military Security Building in Nabk in Damascus Suburbs and blocked the regime’s attempts to storm Daraya and destroyed several military vehicles belonging to the regime forces. The FSA also blocked an attempt by the regime forces to storm Basr Al-Harir from the western entrance in Daraa and forced the regime forces to withdraw from Mastouma town after clashes lasted for several hours. Deir Ezzor was subjected to a defection in the Military Police College

Daraa: Yadodeh: Artillery shelling in the town from the artillery
battalion near Al-Malaab Al-Balady renewed

Hama: Maarakba: Artillery and rocket shelling targets the village from
Deir Mharda checkpoint

Raqqa: Renewed the artillery shelling on Hamrat town

Daraa: Hrak: Heavy gunfire from the security checkpoints in the city
along with the fall of two shells on the main road

Homs: Houla: Fierce shelling targets the city from the neighboring villages

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: The Free Syrian Army destroyed 3 tanks in the
city raiding the number of destroyed tanks today to 4

Daraa:Sheikh Miskeen: The Free Syrian Army seized control of the
checkpoint in Nahieh and sealed the Nawa-Sheikh Miskeen road, which is
considered a major route for the shabbiha and military reinforcements

Damascus Suburbs: Shaaba: Regime forces have launched fierce artillery
attacks on the town

Hama:Lieutenant Youssef Al-Masri, a member of the regime’s political
security forces, defected and was kept safe by the Free Syrian Army

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Regime forces are launching missiles and
artillery at the areas of Al-Qaa and Rima in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Powerful explosions were heard in the city,
and were accompanied by continued clashes between the Free Syrian Army
and regime forces near Nabak and Al-Aqba

Damascus Suburbs: Nabak: Two powerful explosions were reported and
columns of smoke are rising near the military security headquarters in
the city

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Regime forces renewed tank and artillery
shelling at the city

Daraa: Daeel: Regime forces stationed at the Panorama battalion site

are shelling the city

Daraa: Busra Harir: Fierce rocket shelling targeting the city


Aleppo: Sounds of heavy clashes in New Aleppo from Zahraa district side

ِAleppo: Artillery shelling that targeting Masaken Hanano neighborhood

DamascusSuburbs: Daraya: Artillery and rocket shelling from Mazeh

Military Airport and the 4th Division along with clashes between the
FSA and the regime army that is trying to invade the city

DamascusSuburbs: Beit Sahem: Fierce tanks and mortar shelling

targeting the town for the 37th day and ongoing siege from all the
city entrancesDaraa: Busra Harir: Security forces try to invade the
city from the western entrance, while the FSA clashes with the regime
army to prevent them from invading the town

Raqqa: Tabaqa: Renewed the artillery shelling on the neighborhoods
from Tabaqah Military Airport

Damascus Suburbs: Jisreen: Dozens of wounded were reported due to an
air strike by the regime warplane on the city

Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes around the Sena’ah roundabout between the
FSA and the regime army

Lattakia: Artillery shelling that targeted Qaseb village

: Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Warplanes waged four aerial raids on the
town since the morning, which led to massive destruction in
residential buildings

Hama: Latamna: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city from Deir Mharda

: Hama: Heavy security deployment in Aliliat neighborhood and presence
of an armored vehicles and several units at Falah mosque. Al-Harash
checkpoint is alerted

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Martyrs were reported due to shelling
using MiG warplanes and helicopters in the city

Daraa: Daeel: Artillery shelling targets the city after prayers exited mosques

Jableh: Regime forces are besieging Ezzy mosque and a demonstration
started there to chant for freedom and toppling of the regime

Aleppo: The fall of a shell on one of the residential building in New
Aleppo neighborhood

Hama: Regime forces are besieging Abdul Rahman Bin Awf and Rahma
mosques in Qusour neighborhood to prevent the start of demonstrations.
Sounds of intermittent gunfire is heard in the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: MiG warplanes waged two aerial raids on the city

Daraa: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces
on the international road near Al-Ghazaly break

Hama: Regime forces are shooting to disperse a demonstration that
started from Othman Bin Affan in Aleppo road neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Asafeir: MiG warplanes waged an aerial raid on the town

: Damascus Suburbs: Regime’s warolanes waged an aerial raid on Karm
Al-Rasas area between Harasta, and Douma

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamiya: 10 martyrs including children and women
and number of wounded due to the air strike by the regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: 3 martyrs thus far and number of wounded due
to the artillery and rocket shelling on the city

Damascus: Jobar: Mortar shell fall on one of the residential ara in
Barlaman alrea

Damascus: Jobar: A Bus burned near Moaalemeen Tower due to explosive
gunfire at it by regime’s snipers

Damascus Suburbs: Moudamiyeh: The number of martyrs due to aerial raid
has risen to 15; including women and children, many people were
injured, and the whole neighborhood was destroyed. It should be noted
that there are difficulties in documenting the martyrs because most
bodies became pieces

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Warplanes waged a second aerial raid on the
areas between Harasta, and Douma

: Daraa: Daeel: Artillery shelling in the town renewed

Damascus Suburbs: Jdeidet Artouz Al-Balad: Artillery shelling from the
153rd regiment on the towns orchards

Damascus: Jobar: Two people were injured by regime’s sniper at
Abbasyyen checkpoint

Idlib: Kourein: Fierce shelling targets the village from Mastoma camp

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Regime forces field-executed 4 people at
the Four Seasons complex at the city’s outskirts raising the number of
martyrs today to

Damascus Suburbs: Jisreen: Warplanes waged a second aerial raid on the town

Hama: Taibet Imam: Regime forces besieged the city from Qamhana
direction, Wabeda farm, and the northern direction, amid fierce
clashes with the FSA at the city’s outskirts, in addition to artillery
shelling in it

Damascus Suburbs: Kafarbatna: People were injured due to two aerial
raids by regime’s warplanes on the town. The Wounded include children

Aleppo: Artillery shelling was reported in Bastroun town from Jamiyat Zahraa

Damascus: Maza: A shell fell near to Baath Building in the neighborhood

Daraa: Sahm Jolan: Wounded have fallen due to the shelling in the town

Daraa: Dael: Fierce shelling was reported in the city

Aleppo: Qubtan Al-Jabal: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town

Daraa: Sahm Jolan: Fierce shelling targets the northern lane of the town

Damascus: Midan: Sound of massive explosion was heard in the neighborhood

Homs : Houla:Fierce artillery shelling targets the town from Karmis checkpoint

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Fierce shelling was reported in the city, along with clashes between the FSA and regime forces

Daraa: Tseel: Fierce artillry shelling was reported in the town, 6 shells fell so far

الشهيد سليمان شمير في الرستن بحمص
Martyr Sulaiman Shamer in Rastan,HOms

مظاهرة في تلبيسة بحمص
Demonstration in Talbesieh,Homs

مظاهرة في خربة غزالة بدرعا
Demonstration in Khirbit Ghazaleh,Daraa

مظاهرة في مدينة دير الزور
Demonstration in Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة في الميادين بدير الزور
Demonstration in Mayaden,Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة في الباب بحلب
Demonstration in Bab,Aleppo

مظاهرة في كفرسجنة بإدلب
Demonstration in Kafarsajnah,Idlib

الشهيدة الطفلة نديمة بسام الحموي في قلعة الحصن بحمص
Martyred Child Nadema Bassam Al-Hamwy in Krak des Chevaliers, Homs

مظاهرة في الهبيط بإدلب
Demonstration in Hobait, Idlib

مظاهرة في اليادودة بدرعا
Demonstration in Yadoudah,Daraa

مظاهرة في بنش بإدلب
Demonstration in Binnish, Idlib

مظاهرة في درعا البلد
Demonstration in Daraa Al-Balad

مظاهرة في كفرنبل بإدلب
Demonstration in Kafranbel, Idlib

استهداف أحد المساجد بالقصف في المعضمية بريف دمشق
Targeting a Mosque with Shelling in Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على قلعة الحصن بحمص
Shelling Krak des Chevaliers in Homs

مظاهرة في معرةمصرين بإدلب
Demonstration in Maaret Mesreen, Idlib

مظاهرة في كفرزيتا بحماه
Demonstration in Kafarzeta,Hama

القصف على جسرين بريف دمشق
Shelling in Jisreen, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في كوباني بحلب
Demonstration in Koubani, Aleppo

الدبابات التي تحاول اقتحام داريا بريف دمشق
Tanks Trying to Storm Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حي الثكنة بالرقة
Demonstration in Thakanah Neighbohrood,Raqqa

مظاهرة في حي القصور بدرعا
Demonstration in Qosour Neighborhood, Daraa

مظاهرة في حي بستان القصر بحلب
Demonstration in Bustan Al-Qaser Neighborhood, Aleppo

مظاهرة في الحولة بحمص
Demonstration in Houla, Homs

مظاهرة في حي الزبدية في حلب
Demonstration in Zabdia Neighborhood, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي السكري بحلب
Demonstration in Sukkary Neighborhood, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي مساكن هنانو بحلب
Demonstration in Masaken Hanano, Aleppo

آثار الدمار في قرية الرامي بإدلب

Aftermath in Rami Village,Idlib

القصف على المعضمية بريف دمشق

Shelling on Moudamiya,Damascus Suburbs

تصاعد الدخان جراء تفجيرين استهدفا الأمن العسكري في النبك بريف دمشق

Smoke Rose After Two Explosions That Targeted The Military Security
Branch in Nabak,Damascus Suburbs

استهداف دبابة من قبل الجيش الحر في داريا

The FSA Targeted a Tank in Daraya,Damascus Suburbs

آثار الدمار في المليحة بريف دمشق

Aftermath in Maleha,Damascus Suburbs

استهداف رتل عسكري متوجه إلى بصر الحرير بدرعا

Targeting a Military Connvoy That Was Heading To Busra Harir,Daraa

إسعاف جرحى اشتباكات مطار تفتناز العسكري بإدلب

Rescuing The Wounded Due To The Clashes in Taftanaz Airport, Idlib

غارة جوية على بلدات الغوطة الشرقية بريف دمشق

Air Strike on The Towns of Eastern Ghotah,Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف على جسرين بريف دمشق

Aftermath in Jisreen,Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف على كفررومة بإدلب

Aftermath in Kafromah,Idlib

تصدي الجيش السوري الحر لطيران النظام الحربي في الميادين بدير الزور

The Free Syrian Army Attacks a Regime Warplane in Mayadeen, Deir Ezzor

القصف على الزبداني بريف دمشق

Shelling in Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في جرابلس بحلب
Demonstration in Jarables, Aleppo

مظاهرة في الذيابية بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Thiabieh, Damascus Suburbs

آثار الدمار في دير العصافير بريف دمشق
Destruction in Deir Asafeir, Damascus Suburbs

جثث الشهداء في المعضمية بريف دمشق
Bodies of Martyrs in Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حي العسالي بدمشق
Demonstration in Assali, Damascus

مظاهرة في حي القصور بحماه
Demonstration in Qusour Neighborhood, Hama

مظاهرة في حي القدم بدمشق
Demonstration in Qadam, Damascus

مظاهرة في كفرنبودة بحماه
Demonstration in Kafarnabodeh, Hama

آثار الدمار في داريا بريف دمشق
Destruction in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

تشييع شهيد في حيان بحلب
Funeral of a Martyr in Hayyan, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي طريق حلب الجديد بحماه
Demonstration in Aleppo Road New Neighborhood in Hama

مظاهرة في حمص القديمة
Demonstration in Old Homs

مظاهرة في بيبلا بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Bebila, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في سلقين بإدلب
Demonstration in Selqein, Idlib

إسعاف الجرحى في البويضة الشرقية بحمص
Aiding the Wounded People in Eastern Bwaida, Homs

مظاهرة في حي الوعر بحمص
Demonstration in Waer Neighborhood, Homs

مظاهرة في دركوش بإدلب
Demonstration in Darkoush, Idlib

مظاهرة في حي الحميدية بحماه
Demonstration in Hamedieh Neighborhood, Hama

انتشال الجرحى من تحت الأنقاض في قلعة الحصن بحمص
Pulling Out Wounded from Under the Rubble in Krak des Chevaliers, Homs

مظاهرة في نصيب بدرعا
Demonstration in Naseeb, Daraa

مظاهرة في اللطامنة بحماه
Demonstration in Latamna, Hama

آثار الدمار في مورك بحماه
Destruction in Morek, Hama

مظاهرة في البوكمال بدير الزور
Demonstration in Bokamal, Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Demonstration in Aleppo Road Neighborhood, Hama

مظاهرة في قلعة المضيق بحماه
Demonstration in Madeeq Citadel, Hama

مظاهرة في حي الصالحية بالحسكة
Demonstration in Salhieh Neighborhood, Hassakeh

تشييع شهيد قضى برصاص قوات النظام في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Funeral of a Person Who was Martyred by Regime Forces in Yarmouk
Camp, Damascus

مظاهرة في عربين بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في طريق السد بدرعا
Demonstration in Sad Road, Daraa

تشييع الشهيد أكرم المصري في النشابية بريف دمشق
Funeral of Martyr Akram Al-Masry in Nashabieh, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في بزاعة بحلب
Demonstration in Bazaa, Aleppo

انتشال الجثث في المعضمية بريف دمشق
Pulling Out Bodies in Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حزة بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Hazza, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حاس بإدلب
Demonstration in Hass, Idlib

معاناة الأطفال في الميادين بدير الزور
Children Suffer in Mayadeen, Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة مسائية في السلمية بحماه
Evening Demonstration in Salamya,Hama

آثار الدمار في تفتناز بإدلب
Destruction in Teftenaz, Idlib

القصف على قطنا بريف دمشق
Shelling in Qatana, Damascus Suburbs

استهداف أحد السيارت المدنية في الطبقة بالرقة
A Civilian Car is Targeted in Tabaqa, Raqqa

الصور الأولية لانسحاب لكتيبة الدفاع الجوي من زاكية بريف دمشق
Initial Footage of the Withdrawal of the Air Defense Battalion from Zakiya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على جسرين بريف دمشق
Shelling of Jesreen ,Damascus Suburb

الشهيد وائل الكردي من أنخل بدرعا
Martyr Wael Alkurdy From Enkhel ,Daraa

ثلاث شهداء تم اعدامهم ميدانيا في طيبة الإمام بحماه
Three Martyrs That Were Field-Executed in Tibet Al-Imam, Hama

ثلاث شهداء تم اعدامهم ميدانيا في طيبة الإمام بحماه
Three Martyrs That Were Field-Executed in Tibet Al-Imam, Hama

شهداء في يلدا بريف دمشق
Martyrs in Yalda, Damascus Suburbs

اثار القصف على المنازل السكنية في طيبة الأمام بحماه
Aftermath of the Shelling of Residential House in Tibet Al-Imam, Hama

جثتين مجهولتي الهوية وقد نهشتهما الكلاب بعد اعدامهما ميدانيا في منزلهما في حرستا بريف دمشق
Bodies of Two Unidentified Martyrs, Who Were Field-Executed in Their House, Torn by Stray Dogs in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد الشاب خالد محمد الخطيب المدير العام للمركز الإعلامي في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Martyr Khaled Mohamad Al-Khatib the General Director of the Media Center of Mouadamiya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على أحد المنازل في النعيمة بدرعا
Shelling a Home in Naeema, Daraa

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