Syria Today 9-1-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Wednesday the LCC managed to document 92 martyrs (including 9 children and 4 women), 29 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 27 martyrs in Aleppo, 14 martyrs in Hama, 7 martyrs in Idlib, 8 martyrs in Homs, 4 martyrs in Daraa and 3 martyrs in Deir Ezzor

The LCC also documented 180 points of shelling, 2 points were shelled by warplanes, Cluster Bombs were used in Teftenaz and Omar Oil Field in Deir Ezzor, 86 points were shelled by artillery (the fiercest was reported in Damascus Suburbs), 51 points by missiles and 42 points by mortars

The FSA clashed with the regime forces in 77 locations (the fiercest among them was reported in Damascus Suburbs, Idlib and Aleppo), the FSA stormed several buildings in Teftenaz Military Airport and targeted its main building, the FSA blocked many attmepts by the regime forces to storm Daraya, Mouadamiya in Damascus Suburbs and Basr Al-Harir in Daraa

The FSA also targeted Saman checkpoint in Taibat Al-Imam in Hama and destroyed several military vehicles in different parts of Syria

Damascus Suburbs: Eastern Ghota: Heavy shelling of the cities and towns of Eastern Ghota using artillery, missile launchers and mortars is reported since the early morning. This is in conjunction with fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in Zamalka, Erbeen, Ain Turma, Harasta and all the way to Mleiha, where clashes are ongoing to gain control of the Air Force Department

Hama: 12 people, among them an entire Christian family, were martyred while on their way to Lebanon. They were slaughtered with knives and their bodies were mutilated

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Several wounded were reported due to the shelling of the neighborhood with missile launchers

Damascus Suburbs: Jdeidet Artouz: Regime forces are deployed in the agricultural neighborhood and gunfire is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Shebaa: Heavy shelling of the town is reported, in conjunction with clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces on the road to Damascus’ International Airport

Idlib: Heavy shelling with mortars is reported in Rami and Kafr Haya villages

Damascus Suburbs: Etaiba: Heavy mortar shelling of the town is reported

Damascus Suburbs: Jeramana: A mortar shell landed in Jami’yat neighborhood, near the automatic bakery. Only material damages are reported

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Heavy shelling of the town with missile launchers is reported and is concentrated in the areas surrounding the Motor-Vehicles Department

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Dozens of wounded and many martyrs were reported due to the explosions of a booby-tapped car, which resulted in a new massacre by regime forces

Hama: Latamna: Heavy shelling with shells from heavy artillery is reported in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: 10 martyrs and 50 wounded were reported due to the explosion of a booby-trapped car in the city

Deir Ezzor: The Free Syrian Army destroy a tank in Howeiqa neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Moqailbya: Heavy shelling with artillery shells is reported in the city

Deir Ezzor: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported in Naher street

Aleppo: Heavy shelling using artillery shells is reported in Hanano and Meyasar neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Shebaa: Heavy shelling of the town with missile launchers is reported

Damascus: Asali: Fierce mortar and artillery shelling was reported in the neighborhood

القصف بالقنابل العنقودية عى محيط حقل العمر النفطي بدير الزور
Shelling Using Cluster Bombs in The Perimeter of Omar Oil Field in Deir Ezzor

القصف بالقنابل العنقودية على تفتناز بإدلب
Shelling Using Cluster Bombs in Teftenaz, Idlib

مظاهرة في جوبر بدمشق
Demonstration in Jobar, Damascus

الشهيد زهير غالب المليح استشهد في مجزرة المشرفة في حماة
Zuheir Ghaleb Al-Maleih was Martyred in Mashrafa Massacre in Hama

آثار الدمار في حي الشيخ خضر بحلب
Destruction in Sheikh Khodr Neighborhood, Aleppo

تدمير دبابة في خان الوزير بحلب
Destruction of a Tank in Khan Al-Wazir, Aleppo

الاشتباكات في محيط مدرسة الشرطة بخان العسل في حلب
Clashes Around the Police Academy in Khan Al-Assal, Aleppo

الشهيد محمد أحمد العزاوي العبد في موحسن بدير الزور
Martyr Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ezawi Al-Abd in Mohasan, Deir Ezzor

أثار الدمار في المعضمية بريف دمشق جراء التفجير
Destruction in Mouadamyeh, Damascus Suburbs Due to the Explosion

العثور على أربع جثث مجهولة الهوية قرب خلخلة بالسويداء
Four Unidentified Bodies were Found near Khalkhala, Swaida

لحظة القصف على حي الحويقة بدير الزور
The Moment of Shelling in Howeiqa, Deir Ezzor

الصور الأولية لانفجار سيارة مفخخة في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Initial Pictures for the Explosion of a Booby-Trapped Car in Mouadamyeh, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Shelling Mouadamiyat Al-Sham, Damascus Suburbs

شهيدين مجهولي الهوية في القدم بدمشق
Two Unidentified Martyrs in Qadam, Damascus

قوات النظام تطلق قنابل مضيئة في سماء داريا بريف دمشق
Regime Forces Fire Flare Bombs in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على داريا بريف دمشق
Shelling of Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

إعدام رجل مسن من قبل قوات النظام في داريا بريف دمشق-مسرب
Leaked – Execution of an Elderly Man by Regime Forces in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

اقتحام مطار تفتناز العسكري بإدلب
Storming Taftenaz Military Airport in Idlib

مظاهرة في حي طريق الباب بحلب
Demonstration in Tareek Al-Bab Neighborhood, Aleppo

القصف على مطار تفتناز العسكري بإدلب
Shelling of Taftenaz Military Airport, Idlib

تشييع الشهيد بلال أدهم المحمود في حماه
Funeral of Martyr Bilal Adham Al-Mahmoud in Hama

آثار القصف على عقربا بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Shelling in Aqraba, Damascus Suburbs

أزمة الخبز في مدينة الباب بحلب
Bread Crisis in Bab City, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Demonstration in Tareeq Halab Neighborhood, Hama

مجزرة بلدة المسطومة بإدلب
Massacre of Mastouma Town, Idlib

مظاهرة في حي السكري بحلب
Demonstration in Sukkari Neighborhood, Aleppo

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