Syria Today 10-1-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 46 thus far, including 2 women. 22 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 6 in Idlib, 4 in Daraa, 2 in Hama & Deir Ezzor and 10 in Aleppo

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces were reported at the perimeter of Motor-Vehicle Department

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: The FSA destroyed a military convoy belonging to the regime forces along with continuous clashes at the Eastern and Western sides of the city

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: The regime forces filed-executed Rateb Borma, Waleed Borma and Muzhar Borma, in addition to that they kidnapped the 5 years old daughter of martyr Rateb Borma and the brother of martyr Muzhar Borma

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Heavy shelling by regime forces stationed in the Military Construction headquarter targeting the neighborhoods of the city

Daraa: Yadouda: Military reinforcements arrived to the checkpoint located at the intersection of the town

Daraa: Yadouda: Heavy shelling is reported in the town specifically in the southern and northern neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Jdeidet Artouz: Regime forces raided places where families of refugees from Darayya are staying

Aleppo: Wounded were reported in Bostan neighborhood due to artillery shelling

Aleppo: Khan Alasal: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town

Damascus -Suburbs: Erbeen:Fierce mortar shelling was reported targeting the area of Erbeen Albalad

Hama: Fierce artillery shelling was reported targeting the rural areas of Hama airport

Hama:Latamna: Artillery shelling from Deir Mharda checkpoint was reported targeting the city

Daraa:Bosr Alharir : Missile shelling was reported targeting the town

Aleppo: Fierce shelling using tanks was reported targeting Khan Alwazeer

Homs: Houla:Artillery shelling was reported targeting the city .

Aleppo: Artillery shelling is reported in Meseer neighborhood

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: Heavy shelling by regime forces manning al-Nahl checkpoint is reported in the town

Idlib:Kafranbel: Artillery shelling was reported in the town

Aleppo: Maaret Al-Atriq: Shelling using rockets is reported in the town

Damascus: It has been reported that the health condition of the Red Crescent medic Mohammed Raed Al-Taweel has been drastically deteriorating, Mohamad has been in detention by security forces since November 8, 2011. According to the newly released detainees, Mohamad was transferred to the hospital several times in the past few days, they also reported that he suffers from a serious injury to his foot as a result of torture, and that he lost 30 kg of weight. It is believed that he is detained at the General Intelligence Department in the neighborhood of Kafr Souseh. Mohamad, 36, is married and has a son, he has been a Red Crescent volunteer for 18 years and headed the Ambulance of the Southern Unit, he suffers from a back injury that he sustained during one of his medical missions.

Aleppo: Maaret Al-Artiq: Shelling by rockets is reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: :Shabaa: Missile and artillery shelling was renewed by the regime forces and the Free Syrian Army

Daraa: Yadouda: It reported that a shell landed in the camp amid continuous heavy gunfire by regime forces and snipers stationed in the checkpoint. There are news that imminent raids of house by regime forces is expected in the Main Street

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces are reported near Sabea Bahrat and near the Kabeer Mosque

Lattakia: Akrad Mountain: It is reported that regime forces stationed in Anbata Observatory shelled several villages on the mountain

Hama: Aqerbat: shelling by regime forces is reported in the villages in the township of Aqerbat

Damascus :Yarmuk Camp: Renewed the clashes were reported between the Free Syrian Army and the regime forces in Thalatheen street

Daraa: Yadoda: Two massive explosions were heard at Mafrak checkpoint

Idlib:Ma’aret Alnouman: Fierce shelling using Artillery and rockets from Hamdya complex was reported in the city

Idlib:Binish : Renewed the clashes with the regime forces were reported in the town

Homs: Al-Hamlouz: Regime forces shelled the crowded town of Hamlouz from differnt directions using Shilka and mortars

Aleppo: Regime forces used mortars to shell the vicinity of Ancient Citadel of Aleppo

Raqqa:Tabaqa: Fierce artillery shelling from Tabaqa military airport was reported in the city

Damascus: It is reported that an improvised explosive device planted in car exploded under Victoria Bridge near Thawra Street

Daraa: Ghabagheb: Several were reportedly wounded due to the indiscriminate gunfire by regime forces manning the checkpoint in the center of the town

Damascus Suburb: Khan Sheikh: Heavy shelling is reported in the orchards around the camp. In addition, a shell landed in Nastle Street

Damascus Suburbs: Regime forces stationed in Mazzeh Military Airport renewed their shelling in Darayya and Mouadamiyeh

Damascus: Mortar shelling is reported in the southern suburbs of Damascus specifically in Madniya and Sbeina complexes

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: A mortar shell landed in Mansoura Street

Damascus : Hajar Aswad : Shelling using rocket launchers and mortar was reported in the neighbourhood

Damascus : An improvised explosive device in a car was detonated near Victoria Bridge amid the Capital

Damascus: Asali: Heavy shelling using mortar and heavy caliber artillery is reported in the neighorhood

Lattakia: Kansaba: Heavy shelling by regime forces stationed in the Enbata Observatory is reported in the township of Kansaba and the neighbouring villages

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Regime forces of the 4th Brigade renewed their artillery shelling in the residential neighborhoods

Banyas: Heavy gunfire by regime forces manning several checkpoints is reported in the city

Damascus:Yarmouk Camp: It was reported that several shells landed at the vicinity of Mansour and Jauna streets behind Ibrahim Alkhalil mosque in Orouba neighbourhood

Damascus Suburbs: Mqelbiya: Heavy shelling was reported in the orchards and the rugged region stretching between the town and Zakiya city

Aleppo: It was reported that a shell landed near alzohour Bakery of Ard Alhamra neighborhood

Aleppo: Artillery shelling by regime forces is reported in the neighborhoods of: Baiedeen, Haydariya, Sheikh Akhdar and Ard Al-Hamra

اطلاق نار في الكسوة بريف دمشق
Gunfire in Keswa, Damascus Suburbs

القصف الجوي على الطبقة بدير الزور
Aerial Shelling in Tabaqa, Deir Ezzor

القصف بالطيران الحربي على المليحة بريف دمشق
Aerial Shelling in Meliha, Damascus Suburbs

جرحى بقصف الطائرات الحربية لشبعا بريف دمشق
Wounded due to Aerial Shelling in Shabaa, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد نبيل خالد عبد الله في الملجة بريف دمشق
Martyr Nabeel Khaled Abdullah in Melja, Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف على تفتناز بإدلب
Effects of The Shelling in Teftenaz, Idlib

القصف الجوي على الطبقة بالرقة
Aerial Shelling in Tabaqa, Raqqa

تحليق الطائرات المروحية في سماء حماه
Low-Flying Helicopter Gunships in the Sky over Hama

مظاهرة في القابون بدمشق
Demonstration in Qaboun, Damascus

مظاهرة في كلية العلوم بحلب
Demonstration in Faculty of Science in Aleppo

الشهيد عبد الكريم خالد الحلبي في حلفايا بحماه
Martyr Abdul Karim Khaled Al-Halabi in Halfaya, Hama

تصاعد اعمدة الدخان جراء القصف على المليحة بريف دمشق
Several were wounded in Bustan Al-kaser neighborhood due to artillery shelling

مظاهرة في بلدة الحارة بدرعا
Demonstration in Harra, Daraa

تصاعد الدخان من أحياء حلب الجنوبية
Plumes of Smoke Rising from The Southern Neighborhoods of Aleppo

القصف على طيبة الإمام بحماه
Shelling in Tibet Al-Imam, Hama

مظاهرة في المهاجرين بدمشق
Demonstration in Muhajireen, Damascus

مظاهرة في كلية العلوم بحلب
Demonstration in the Faculty of Science in Aleppo

القصف على السفيرة بحلب
Shelling in Safira, Aleppo

آثار الدمار في حارم بإدلب
Destruction in Hazem, Idlib

الشهيد محمد علي داود نتيجة تفجير سيارة مفخخة في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Martyr Mohamad Ali Dawoud Killed in the Explosion of a Car Bomb in Mouadamiyet Al-Sham, Damascus Suburbs

شتباكات في حي التضامن بدمشق
Clashes in Tadamoun Neighbourhood ,Damascus

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