Syria Today 12-1-2013

Local Coordination Committees
Saturday has ended with 141 recorded martyrs, including 5 children and 5 women: 61 martyrs in Damascus and its suburbs, 32 martyrs in Aleppo, 12 martyrs in Raqqa, including 5 martyrs shot at the bakery, 12 martyrs in Hama, 9 martyrs in Deir Ezzor, 8 martyrs in Daraa, 5 martyrs in Homs, and 2 martyrs in Idlib

Shelling has been recorded at 252 points, including 10 points of witnessed airstrike bombardments and 2 areas bombarded using cluster bombs. 75 points were recorded from mortar shelling, followed by 129 points recorded from rocket bombardments, and 44 points in various parts of Syria.

The Free Syrian Army clashed with regime forces in 114 points during which a warplane was downed in the Military Airport of Mezzeh in Damascus, along with the attack of a checkpoint on the road to the Damascus International Airport, several attempts to storm the cities of Eastern and Western Ghouta, and the destruction of several machinery belonging to regime forces in the cities of Syria.

Aleppo: Kafr Hamra: Heavy artillery shelling targets the industrial area, with 7 shells landing so far

Aleppo: Heavy shelling from tanks targets Bustan Al-Basha neighborhood

Damascus: Mazzeh: The Free Syrian Army brings down a helicopter over Mazzeh Military Airport

Damascus Suburbs: Hteitet Al-Jarash: 4 martyrs and several wounded were reported due to the heavy shelling of the town with missile launchers. The martyrs are Jehad Mousa, Khamis Al-Lafi, Mohammed Abdulkarim Al-Khalaf and a martyr whose name is still unknown

Damascus Suburbs: Sabina: Reports of martyrs and wounded due to the explosion of a booby-trapped car in Abo Aref and the destruction of many houses

Raqqa: Tabaqa: 4 martyrs and a large number of wounded were reported when an artillery shell landed in the city’s market

Hama: Latamna: Artillery shelling of the city from Deir Mahrada is renewed

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce artillery and rocket launchers shelling targeting the neighborhoods

Idlib: Kafromah: Fierce mortar and artillery shelling and rocket launchers from Hamedieh Military Camp toward the city

لشهيد ماهر محمد البسيوني في حران العواميد في ريف دمشق
Martyr Maher Mohammed Al-Basyouni in Haran Al-Awameed, Damascus Suburbs

اثار القصف على ام المياذن بدرعا
Aftermath of Shelling in Om Al-Mayathen, Daraa

جثتين مجهولتي الهويه في درعا
Two Unidentified Bodies in Daraa

القصف على ام المياذن بدرعا
Shelling of Om Al-Mayathen, Daraa

شهداء القصف على دوار الحيدريه بحلب
Martyrs Due to the Shelling of Haidarieh Roundabout, Aleppo

اثار القصف على داريا بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Shelling in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

شهداء برصاص النظام على الفرن الالي بالرقه
Martyrs Due to the Regime’s Gunfire at the Automatic Bakery in Raqqa

تصاعد عمده الدخان في قصف المليحة بريف دمشق
Columns of Smoke Rise Due to the Shelling of Mleiha, Damascus Suburbs

اثار القصف على مسجد الامام الشافعي بحلب
Aftermath of Shelling at Imam Al-Shafe’i Mosque in Aleppo

القصف بالطيران الحربي على طيبة الامام بحماه
Aerial Shelling of Taibet Al-Imam, Hama

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