Syria Today 27-1-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

With the end of Sunday, the Local Coordination Committees were able to confirm 106 martyrs including 5 women, 11 children, and 3 who were tortured to death; there were 41 in Damascus and Damascus suburbs, 18 in Homs, 16 in Aleppo, 10 in Daraa, 9 in Idlib, 7 in Hama, 2 in Hasakeh, 2 in Deir Ezzor and 1 in Latakia.

Today, 337 points were shelled by regime forces, including 21 points that were shelled using warplanes, 4 points using phosphorous bombs, 3 points using vacuum bombs, 2 points using cluster bombs, 116 points using artillery shelling, 94 points using mortal shelling, and 85 points using missiles.

The Free Syrian Army clashed with regime forces in 141 points, including the freeing of dozens of detainees from the Military Security branch in the areas of Asas in the Damascus Suburbs, the targeting of the Security branch in Harasta with mortars. The Airforce Headquarters in Sahnaya were struck and a number of tanks were destroyed in the heart of Damascus. The FSA targeted shabiha that were stationed on the outskirts of the city in Deir Ezzor. The FSA also freed the Political Security checkpoint. The FSA stormed the Political Security intelligence branch that has been targeting the College of Petrochemistry with mortars in the in Deir Baalbeh district in Homs. There was also a confrontation between the FSA and regime forces trying to storm Busr Al-Harir in Dar’a. The FSA prevented a military convoy on the way to Kafrnoubdeh in Hama. The FSA also bombed regime forces’ headquarters in Karnaz, Hama as well.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Heavy rocket and mortar shelling on the area near the Vehicle Management area

Damascus: Assaly: intensive anti rocket shelling in the neighborhood and Joret Sharabati along with fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime army

Damascus: Assali: Heavy shelling of the neighborhood with missile launchers is ongoing

Damascus Suburbs: Abbadah: Fierce artillery and mortar shelling in the town along with the airplane dropping 3 explosive barrels thus far

Daraa: Alsheikh Maskeen: Heavy artillery shelling on the town from the 82nd brigade and the surrounding checkpoints

Idlib: Saraqeb: Artillery shelling in the town

Homs: Fierce shelling using mortars was reported in the Neighborhood of Bab Houd

Homs: Heavy artillery shelling targets the neighborhood of Khaldiyeh amid fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces in the outskirts of the nieghborhood

Dara’a: Heavy clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in the vicinity of Omari mosque in Dara’a town

Dara: Atman: Shilkas shelling from Atman battalion in the direction of the town

Daraa: Smad: Fourth consecutive day of shelling on the town from Bard observatory, along with power outages in the town

Hama: Kafrhoud: Heavy artillery shelling on the northern villages from the Deir Muhradeh checkpoint

Daraa: Fierce rocket shelling on the market area near Omari in Daraa town

Daraa: Fierce mortar shelling on the Tareeq Sadd district

Dara’a: Yadoudeh: Heavy artillery shelling targeting the town

Aleppo: Heavy rocket shelling on the outskirts of New Aleppo district

Damascus: Yalda: Renewed heavy shelling on the town

Damascus Suburbs: Haran Awameed: Fierce artillery and missile shelling were reported in the town, columns of smoke rise over the town

Homs: Zaafarnah: Reports of martyrs and dozens wounded when regime forces stormed the northern villages of Ein Hassan in the Homs countryside

Hama: Fierce rocket shelling on the villages of Treimsah and Kaferhoud

Daraa: Busr Al-Harir: Renewed artillery shelling on the town from the 12th Brigade

Damascus Suburbs: Sa’asa’a: The Free Syrian Army has destroyed the entire Military Security branch and liberated dozens of detainees; 30 of their names are known up to this moment

Damascus: Assali: The bodies of 6 unidentified martyrs, including a woman, were found besides the Maqam AlAssali checkpoint after the Free Syrian Army liberated it

Homs: Fierce artillery and tanks shelling was reported in Eastern Bowaida

Homs: Severe shelling using rocket launchers were reported in the neighborhoods of beseieged Homs

Damascus: Bab: Masla: An explosive device exploded near the Criminal Security Branch and was accompanied by heavy gunfire, security deployment and a complete lockdown of Bab Masla Roundabout

Idlib: Jesr Al-Shughour: Fierce clashes are ongoing at Jami’yat checkpoint in Janoudiya village

Idlib: Kafr Sajneh: Heavy missile shelling targets the town

Homs: Houla: 4 martyrs and several wounded were reported due to the missile and artillery shelling of the city

Damascus: Teshreen: Shelling of the neighborhood is renewed from Sironks Military Camp

Daraa: Heavy artillery shelling targets Saida and Western Ghariya towns

Aleppo: Fierce clashes are ongoing in Salah Eddin neighborhood between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces

Daraa: Naimah: Artillery shelling of the town is renewed

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Heavy missile shelling targets the city

Damascus: Tashreen: Renewed clashes in the area between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces

Idlib: Intense clashes take place in Areeha, Awrm Aljoz, and Matram, between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces

Idlib: Jisr Al-Shughoor: Intense shelling of the Yaqoubiya village by regime forces using rocket launchers

آثار الدمار في الهبيط بإدلب
Destruction in Hubeit, Idlib

آثار القصف على النيرب بإدلب
Aftermath of Shelling in Nairab, Idlib

الشهيد عدنان محمود الأحمد في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Martyr Adnan Mahmoud Al-Ahmed in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

جرحى في قصف الحجر الأسود بدمشق
Wounded Due to the Shelling of Hajar Aswad, Damascus

الشهيد محمد زكريا شرف في الحجر الأسود بدمشق
Martyr Mohammed Zakaria Sharaf in Hajar Aswad, Damascus

آثار الدمار في حي الخالدية بحمص
Destruction in Khaldieh, Homs

الشهيدة فداء أبو صيام في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Martyr Fidaa Abo Seyam in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

استهداف قوات النظام في اليعقوبية بإدلب
Targeting Regime Forces in Yaqoubiya, Idlib

شهداء في قصف الهبيط بإدلب
Martyrs Due to the Shelling of Hubeit, Idlib

مظاهرة في جوبر بدمشق
Demonstration in Jobar, Damascus

آثار القصف على الشيخ مسكين بدرعا
Aftermath of Shelling of Al-Sheikh Miskeen, Daraa

استهداف رتل عسكري بصاروخ في بريديج بحماه
Targeting of Military Convoys Using Missiles in Barideej, Hama

الشهيد وليد الأقرع بحي بابا عمر بحمص
The Marytyr Walid Aqra in Baba Amr, Homs

مظاهرة لأطفال مسرابا بريف دمشق
Children’s Demonstration in Msraba, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على كرناز بحماه
Shelling on Karnaz, Hama

الشهيد عبدالله قسوات في الزعفرانة بحمص
Martyr Abdullah Qaswat in Zaafarana, Homs

الشهيد جمعة احمد قسوات بالزعفرانة بحمص
Martyr Jomaa Ahmed Qaswat in Zaafarana, Homs

آثار الدمار في تدمر بحمص
Destruction in Palmyra, Homs

تصاعد اعمدة الدخان من مبنى الأمن السياسي بدير الزور
Smoke Billowing from the Political Security Building in Deir Ezzor

جرحى في تفجير السيارة المفخخة بحي تشرين بدمشق
Wounded from the Car Bomb in Tishreen District, Damascus

شهداء وجرحى في الحولة بحمص
Martyrs and Wounded in Houla, Homs

تحرير حواجز في اليعقوبية بإدلب
Liberating Checkpoints in Yacoubiya, Idlib

القصف العنيف على كرناز بحماه
Heavy Shelling of Karnaz, Hama

اسعاف رقيب اول منشق في داعل بدرعا
Treating a Defected Sargeant in Dael, Dara’a

اصوات اطلاق نار في درعا
Sounds of Gunfire, Daraa

أصوات القصف على معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Sounds of Shelling on Mouadamyeh, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة مسائية في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Evening Demonstration in Tareeq Halab neighborhood, Hama

اثار الدمار لقصف صواريخ ارض-ارض على شبعا بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Surface-to-Surface Missile Shelling and Destruction in Shabaa in Damascus Suburbs

جرحى في المشفى الميداني لبابا عمر بحمص
The Injured at a Field Hospital in Baba Amr, Homs

القصف بالطيران على بابولين بإدلب
Warplanes Shelling Baboulin, Idlib

الشهيد مصطفى عبدالله في حي الفردوس بحلب
The Martyr Mustafa Abdullah in Ferdows District, Aleppo

رمي كرات الحرية في حماه ضمن حملة امتحان الدم
Throwing Balls of Freedom during the Exam of Blood Campaign, Hama

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