Syria Today 1-2-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
With the end of Friday, the Local Coordination Committees were able to confirm 94 martyrs, including 3 children and 3 women. 34 martyrs were reported in Damascus and Damascus Suburbs, 29 in Aleppo, 7 in Daraa, 7 in Idlib, 6 in Hama, 6 in Homs, and 5 in Deir Ezzor.

The Local Coordination Committees also documented 403 points that were targeted by shells across Syria, including 16 points that were shelled by warplanes; 5 points by Explosive barrels; 2 point using cluster bombs and 1 point with vacuum bombs, 177 points were shelled with mortar, 144 points with heavy caliber artillery, and 59 points with rockets.
The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime forces in 122 locations, where he constricted the village of Ghassbyeh which was to be stormed, and hits on the checkpoint of Tal-el-Sheikh-Hadid in Aleppo by mortar shell and caused the regime big damages; as in Damascus, the FSA targeted the checkpoint of Shamdeen Square and attacked a center of Shabiha gathering in Bosr-Hareer and took over 3 tanks. In DeirEzzor FSA shelled the battalion al-Neeran of Brigade113 by locally made rockets, and freed the building of technical services and prisoned dozens of Security units and freed the neighborhood of Sheikh-Said in Aleppo completely; in Hama FSA attacked the gatherings of Shabiha in Kernaz and took over a tank on the checkpoint of the bridge located between Helfaya and Tibet-Imam, in addition to prisoning dozens of regime forces units and capturing several military machineries of the regime and damaging others

The issue of Local Councils within the Opposition Coalition Council has raised many questions in the Syrian streets, specially that the syrian people don’t know the majority of their representatives in the coalition in the areas that it was formed in, also because there is no communication with these areas as it is supposed to be and because of absence of any regular and clear activities by these councils.
This prompted the residents of these areas to denounce such representative and to demand the Coalition to choose people who represent the real voice of the revolutionary street and its activists, and who are considered as the best to communicate with these areas they represent to hear their demands and share their suffer.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria as in Jdaydat Artouz, Hamouriya, Zabadani and Erbeen in Damascus Suburbs, Mzerib in Daraa, Kafarouma in Idlib, Bazaá in Aleppo, Mesyaf and Qadmous in Hama, Tartous and Banyas in Tartous and Qameshlo and Amouda in Hasaka have refused the exploitation of these councils by businessmen and announced that this is politically and morally unacceptable, the committees also directed messages to any part which wants to impose any kind of special agendas to serve its personal projects far away from the revolutionary street and revolution of dignity, the committees confirmed that the first and final decision is made by the revolutionists in Syria which is subjected to many types of violations

Despite of the world Silence towards the crimes committed in Syria, the Syrian revolutionist youth insisted on demonstrating to let their voices reach the world from all over the country. Local Coordination committees documented 258 demonstrations that were initiated in different cities and areas in Syria, where activists sent messages to the greedy businessmen who are trying to get advantage of local councils and impose their agendas on the revolutionist street. The revolutionists condemned the world silence towards the criminal acts in Syria. Today, the largest demonstration took place in Hama, in remembrance of the massacre (tomorrow the 13th of February) where demonstrators swore to remember all who were involved in it, in/57/ demonstrations; followed with DeirEzzor, where demonstrators cheered against the Local Council beneath the Coalition through /53/; then Aleppo where the demonstrators condemned the both Arab and international worlds silence through /51/. As for Idleb revolutionists demonstrated in /36/ where they condemned Assad regime massacres all over the country; Damascus and its Suburbs witnessed /34/ where revolutionists insisted on the involvement of the international community in regime crimes by keeping silent, and demanded the local council to listen to the youth inside. As for Dara’a, the revolutionists demanded the FSA to stick to the revolution manners and honor in /12/, in besieged Homs demonstrators cheered in /11/, and finally in Hassakeh in /4/ where they condemn the international community stance and the misbehavior of some revolutionists.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Fierce shelling using Gvozdika shells was reported in the city, Western Suburb and Serja town

Daraa: Kherbit Ghazala: Artillery shelling was reported in the town, 3 shells fell so far

Damascus :Essali: Fierce artillery and mortar shelling is reported in the neighborhood

Qunaytra: Fierce artillery shelling targets Jabata and Harba

Idlib: Defection of Lieutenant-Colonel Mousa Al-Haj Mousa, president of a police station in Banyas city

Damascus: Kafarsouseh: Intense spread of security at Souk Shams next to Najiba bakery

Homs: Rastan: Fierce Shelling with artillery and rockets launchers from the artillery butallion targets the city

Damascus Suburbs: Harran Awameed: Regime forces stormed the town backed up by a military convoy with tanks, this was proceeded with a heavy shelling of the town using heavy caliberartillery and rocket launcher

Damascus Suburb: Arbeen: Fierce shelling with rockets launchers and mortar shells target the city

Hama: Qastoon: several wounded due to fierce storm shelling on the town from the checkpoints of Qarqour and Tal_Hemk

Damascus Suburbs: Jdeidet Artouz: Several artillery shells from Brigade 153 and Brigade 100 targeted the orchards and poultry farms in Jdeidet Al-Fadl area

Latakia: Salma: Aretillery shelling continues in the village and fall of 5 shells per minutes from Enbata observatory

Raqqa: Al-Tabqa:Fierce artillery shelling targets town

Damascus: Qadam: Heavy artillery shelling is reported the neighborhood where five shells landed so far

Homs: Krak Des Chevaliers: Heavy shelling using Shilka guns and mortar shells from neighboring villages is reported in the Saraya and Hosn neighborhoods

Damascus: Barza: Heavy indiscriminate gunfire by a regime sniper stationed in the Educational Methods office building is reported in the neighborhood

Daraa: Nawa: Heavy and indiscriminate gunfire from light- and medium-grade machine guns was reported

Aleppo: Al-Bab: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city

Hama: Several were wounded due to the heavy shelling in the villages of Arbaeen, Zakah and Al-Jeen from regime checkpoints of Deir Mharda and Khazanat in Khan Sheikhoun

Idlib: Zawiya Mountain: Heavy artillery shelling from Joureen checkpoint is reported in Ain Laroz village

Aleppo: The FSA liberated the entire Sheikh Saeed neighborhood after they successfuly took over the last site that was controlled by regime forces

Homs: Talbiseh: Fierce shelling from rocket launchers from the Malouk checkpoint, Ashrafieh village, and Al-Mashrafeh was reported; the shelling is targeting most areas in the city

Hama: Kafar Zeita: Fierce shelling from rocket launchers targets the city

Daraa: Mahja: Fierce artillery shelling targest the town and 8 shells have landed thus far

Homs: Al-Dar Al-Kabira: Regime forces began shelling the area using Gvozdikas in the village and the entire countryside is shaking

Hama: Karnaz: Dozens of wounded were reported as a result of fierce surface-to-surface missile attaks from the villages in Sahl Al-Ghab; an entire neighborhood has been destroyed

Damascus: Babila: The renewed of the mortar shelling in the town

Idlib: Senjar: Artillery shelling targeted the town from Abi Dohor Airport

Deir Ezzor: FSA liberate the Services building and arrest 4 of the regime forces and killed another 20 during the fierce clashes

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Ongoing fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime army and smoke rose from Sufyan brigade

Damascus: Jobar: Sounds of clashes in the vicinity of the Police Station

Daraa: Tseel: Several people were injured due to shelling in the town

Homs: Warplanes waged two aerial raids on Oyoun Hosain village

Deir Ezzor: Regime’s warplanes waged an aerial raid in Al-Ardy neighborhood

Homs: Houla: Fierce shelling targets residential neighborhoods in the city

Hama: Aqrob: Artillery shelling targets Al-Kabeer mosque in the village

Daraa: Yadodeh: Intense gunfire by the new checkpoint at the town’s junction amid deployment of snipers and they are targeting anything that moves

Damascus: Kafarsouseh: Regime forces launched a raid campaign near Al-Naeem mosque in Lewan area amid heavy security deployment

Daraa: Hirak: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces are taking place at the main street, in conjunction with shelling in the city from the 52 brigade

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces are taking place in the streets of Rama, Palestine, and the 30th street, in conjunction with shelling using mortar and heavy artillery

Damascus: Damascus- Daraa- Jordan International road was closed due to continuous fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces

Homs: Many people were injured and buildings were destroyed due to continuous shelling in Oyoun Hosain Village

Daraa: Taseel: Indiscriminate shelling in the town has started

Damascus: Qadam: Clashes between the FSA and regime forces are taking place near Sekah neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Irbeen: The number of people martyred due to clashes with the regime forces has risen to 7 after Ibrahim Abu Yaseem, Saeed Al-Karedy, and Mohammad Monther Abdo Al-Habet were martyred

Damascus Suburbs: Mesraba: 5 people were martyred, including a child, and many were injured due to fierce rocket shelling in the town

Damascus: Yarmouk Camo: Mortar shelling in the neighborhood has renewed

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce artillery shelling targeting the town from the Eastern Mountain checkpoints

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Dozens of shells are landing in the neighborhood after a demonstration started in it

Damascus: Assali: Mortar and artillery shelling targets the neighborhood

Damascus: Fierce shelling using mortar and artillery targets the southern neighborhoods of the capital

Idlib: Naireb: The Free Syrian Army continues the clashes with the regime forces in the vicinity of Shabebia camp

Damascus Suburbs: Qatefah : Clashes between the FSA and the regime army in Jeser Malola International High way

Deir Ezzor: The regime warplane shell Haweqah neighborhood for the 5th time today

Homs: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime army in Joret Shayah and Qarabes neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Clashes between the FSA and the regime army near Daraa-Damascus International Highway

Daraa: Gunfire to dispress the demonstration in Qosour neighborhood

Damascus: Shagour: Regime forces beseiged the neighborhood mosques in frea of the demonstraiton

Daraa: Busra Sham: Two mortar shells fall on the Eastern neighborhood of the town

Idlib: Nerab: mortar, artillery and rocket launchers shelling targeting the town since early morning

Lattakia: Masyaf Salma: Mortar and artillery shelling targeted the villages in the area by the regime forces from Inbatah checkpoint

Hama: Kafarzeta: Rocket shelling in the town and the fall of 3 rockets thus far one of them landed near the Grand mosque

Hama: Security forces block all the ways to the mosques in Aleppo Way neighborhood

Aleppo : Saferah: Artillery shelling targeted the city

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Mortar and rocket launchers shelling targeted several areas and the Grand and Baghdadi mosques

Lattakia: Akrad Mountain: Fierce artillery and mortar shelling targeted Kafrieh village

Aleppo: 14 martyrs and dozen of wounded due to the air raids that were launched by the regime warplane in Ashrafieh neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Modamiyeh: A large number of injured were reported and a home collapsed due to rocket and artillery shelling targeting the city

Homs: The FSA advances to the besieged village of Ghasbiyeh in preparation to sotrm it. Note that it is one of the centers for the regime’s armed thugs

Raqqah: Tabqa: Severe artillery shelling targets the city from the Tabqa Military Airport

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Shelling with mortars and tanks in the southern Mathalaq towards the residential buildings of the town

Damascus: Rakan Al-Din: The FSA targets the Shamdeen Square Checkpoint. There are reports of losses from the regime forces stationed there

Damascus Suburbs: Masraba: Severe shelling using rocket launchers targets the town. So far, three martyrs have been reported

Hama: A martyr was reported from the FSA and many injured due to fierce clashes with regime forces that surround the northern Hama suburbs

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Renewal of artillery and rocket shelling in the city, while military reinforcements arrive from the Mezzeh Military Airport through the southern Mathalaq

Deir Ezzor: Severe artillery shelling targets Huwaiqa Neighborhood as MiG planes target it with airstrikes

Damascus Suburbs: Qutayfa: Shelling targets the city from Southern Deel. Sounds of strong explosions were reported after that

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: Three martyrs were reported due to clashes with regime forces in the city. They are: Fouad Halaq, Muhannad Jazzar, and Walid Oudeh from Qaboun

Daraa: Artillery shelling targeting Sad and the Camps neighborhood from Panorama Battalion

Damascus Suburbs: The regime tanks from both regiment 153 and 100 increase the shelling in both Dorsha and Khan Shiekh cities

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Mortars shells fall in Masaken neighbprhood

Raqqa: Tabaqah: Helicopters targeted the city intersection by cluster bombs and explosive barrels

Damascus Suburbs: Madera: Number of wounded were reported due to the rocket shelling in the town

Homs: Mortar and artillery shelling targeted Ain Husain village for the 5th day

Damascus Suburbs: Beit Sahem: Mortar and artillery shelling targeting the town

Hama: FSA targeted Jesreen checkpoint that is located between Halfaya and Tebet Imam and controls 2 tanks while the fierce clashes is still ongoing

Daraa: Busra Harir: Fierce shelling by rocket launchers targeted the town and Lajjah area from brigade 12 in Izree

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Sounds of several explosions in the eastern side of the city

Deir Ezzor: Warplane launched an air raid on one of the neighborhood

Daraa: Busra Harir: Mig warplane launched an air raid on the town targeted the Media office for the city activists

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Large military reinforcements heading to the city in a new attempt to invade Daraya; including 7 tanks and several military vehicles and cars

Damascus Suburbs: Madera: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targeting the town

Damascus Suburbs: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime army in the vicinity of the vehicles military managment that is located between Arbeen and Harasta

Damascus Suburbs: Maqelbieh: Shelling targeted the field near from Dawer neighborhood from brigade 75

Hama: Sheikh Hadid: FSA targeted the town with mortar and heavy machine gun that caused the death of dozen of the regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamiya: Artillery shelling in the town that targeted the residentian neighborhoods

Homs: The renewed of the artillery shelling in Joret Shayah, Qarabes and Qosor neighborhoods

Hama: Kernaz: Fierce artillery and rocket lanchers shelling in the town

Deir Ezzor: Fierce mortar and artillery shelling in Haweqah neighborhood

Daraa: Busra Harir: FSA controls 3 tanks during his attack on one of the regime thugs gathering eastern of the town and an artillery and rocket launchers shelling targeted the area

Damascus: Qanoon: Firegun shooting of heavy weapons is heard in the neighborhood

Dara’a: Dael: Heavy Artillery shelling on the city renewed for the six time today

Daraa: Sheikh Meskeen: Several wounded and destruction of several houses were reported due to the fierce artillery shelling in the city

Aleppo: Deir Haffer: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city from the the artillery located in Kuweers Military Airport

Deir Ezzor: The Free Army liberated the Panorama Barricade at the southern entrance to Deir Ezzor after fierce clashes with the regime forces

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Fierce missile and mortar shelling was reported in the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Heavy artillery shelling on the town from the 18th Brigade

الشهيد محمد موفق عاشور في حي القدم بدمشق
Martyr Mohammed Moafak Ashour in Kadam Neighborhood , Damascus

الشهيد أحمد عدنان حموضة بحي القدم بدمشق
Martyr Ahmad Adnan Hamodda in Kadam Neighborhood,Damascus

آثار الدمار في شارع السجن بحلب
Aftermath of Destruction in Alsejen Street ,Aleppo

سقوط قذيفتين على الزاهرة القديمة بدمشق
Two Shells Landed in Old Zahera Neighborhood, Damascus

القصف على خان الشيح بريف دمشق
Shelling on Khan al-Sheikh, Damascus Suburbs

الاشتباكات في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Clashes in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

اثار القصف على بيت سحم بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Shelling in Beit Saham, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد بشار حسن دلال في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Bashar Hasan Dalal in Jobar, Damascus

القصف على كرناز بحماه
Shelling in Keranz, Hama

القصف على أحياء حمص المحاصرة
Shelling In The Besieged neighborhoods in Homs

القصف بالطيران على بصر الحرير بدرعا
Warplane Shelling In Busra Harir

آثار الدمار في الرستن بحمص
Aftermath in Rastan,Homs

.تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف المنطقة الواقعة بين زملكا وعربين بريف دمشق
Rising of Smoke From the District Between Zamalka & Arbeen,Damascus Suburbs

لصق منشورات إحياء لذكرى مجزرة حماه في حي القصور
Distributing Flyers In The Memory of Hama Massacre in Qosor Neighborhood

الشهيد عبد القادر المحمد في حي باب هود بحمص
Martyr Abdulqader Al-Muhamad in Bab Houd,Homs

القصف على حي العمال بدير الزور
Shelling in Aamal Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

القصف على حي الجبيلة بدير الزور
Shelling in Jabiliyeh Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

مصاب برصاص النظام في الحراك بدرعا
Injured Civilian due to Regime Gunfire in Harak, Daraa

مظاهرة في بزاعة بحلب
Demonstration in Bazah,Aleppo

مظاهرة في بسقلا بإدلب
Demonstration in Basqala, Idlib

مظاهرة في حيّ الأنصاري الشرقي بحلب
Demonstration in Eastern Ansary Neighborhood, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي القصور بحماه
Demonstration in Qosour Neighborhood, Hama

مظاهرة في تادف بحلب
Demonstration in Tadef, Aleppo

مظاهرة في الأتارب بحلب
Demonstration in Atareb,Aleppo

مظاهرة في بيبلا بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Bebila, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في تلبيسة بحمص
Demonstration in Talbiseh, Homs

مظاهرة في حي الوعر بحمص
Demonstration in Waer Neighborhood, Homs

مظاهرة في الجيزة بدرعا
Demonstration in Jeza, Daraa

أربعة شهداء مجهولي الهوية في المليحة بريف دمشق
Four Unidentified Martyrs in Mleha, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حي القابون بدمشق
Demonstration in Qaboun, Damascus

مظاهرة في شارع التوحيد بحماه
Demonstratiion in Tawheed Street, Hama

مظاهرة في الذيابية بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Thiabieh, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في معرة النعمان بإدلب
Demonstration in Maret Noman,Idlib

مظاهرة في العسالي بدمشق
Demonstration in Assaly,Damascus

مظاهرة في بلدة دركوش بإدلب
Demonstration in Darkoush, Idlib

القصف على عربين بريف دمشق
Shelling Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في مدينة الباب بحلب
Demonstration in Bab, Aleppo

مظاهرة في منبج بحلب
Demonstration in Manbej, Aleppo

مظاهرة في الحولة بحمص
Demonstration in Houla, Homs

مظاهرة في الميادين بدير الزور
Demonstration in Mayaden,Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة في كفرزيتا بحماه
Demonstration in Kafarzeta,Hama

مظاهرة في كفرنبل بإدلب
Demonstration in Kafranbel,Idlib

مظاهرة في مدينة القورية بدير الزور
Demonstration in Qoriah,Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة في حي الحميدية بحماه
Demonstration in Hamedieh Niehgobhrood,Hama

مظاهرة في عامودا بالحسكة
Demonstration in Amouda,Hasakeh

مظاهرة في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Demonstration in Aleppo Way,Hama

القصف المدفعي على تسيل بدرعا
Artillery Shelling in Taseel, Daraa

مظاهرة في قارة بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Qara, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في دوما بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في بلدة إسقاط بإدلب
Demonstration in Isqat Town, Idlib

مظاهرة في الهبيط بإدلب
Demonstration in Hobait, Idlib

مظاهرة في حيّ السكري بحلب
Demonstration in Sukkary Neighborhood, Aleppo

مظاهرة في الحجر الأسود بدمشق
Demonstration in Hajar Aswad, Damascus

مظاهرة في حي الحميدية بدير الزور
Demonstration in Hamedieh Neighborhood,Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة في أريحا بإدلب
Demonstration in Ariha, Idlib

القصف الصاروخي على مسرابا بريف دمشق
Rocket Shelling in Mesraba, Damascus Suburbs

تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف داريا بريف دمشق
Smoke Columns are Rising Due to Shelling Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

لحظة سقوط قذيفة على حيّ باب حديد في حلب
The Moment a Shell Landed in Bab Haded Neighborhood, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حيّ الهلك بحلب
Demonstration in Halak Neighborhood,Aleppo

مظاهرة في حيّ بستان الباشا بحلب
Demonstration in Bustan Basha Neighborhood

مظاهرة في حي جوبر بدمشق
Demonstration in Jobar,Damascus

القصف على السفيرة بحلب
Shelling in Safera, Aleppo

مظاهرة في سقبا بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Saqba, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حي المرجة بحلب
Demonstration in Marjeh Neighborhood, Aleppo

القصف على قرية الزكاة بحماه
Shelling in Zakah Village, Hama

مظاهرة في عربين بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد جميل محمد العشي في مديرا بريف دمشق
Martyr Jameel Mohammad Al-Ashy in Modera, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في زاكية بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Zakieh,Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في حي باب النصر بحلب
Demonstration in Bab Naser Neighborhood,Aleppo

القصف بالطيران على قرية المغير بحماه
Warplane Shelling in Magherah Village,Hama

مظاهرة في حي الشيخ نجار بحلب
Demonstration in Sheikh Najar,Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي القاطرجي بحلب
Demonstration in Qaterji Neighborhood,Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي الانصاري بحلب
Demonstration in Al-Ansari, Aleppo

الشهيد حسام ابو وقفة في حرستا بريف دمشق
Martyr Hussam Abou Waqfa in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة في عندان بحلب
Demonstration in Andan, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي المغاير بحلب
Demonstration in Al-Maghayer, Aleppo

مظاهرة في حي مساكن هنانو بحلب
Demonstration in Masken Hanano, Aleppo

القصف على حي الصالحين بحلب
Shelling in Salheen Neighborhood, Aleppo

الجيش الحر يقصف بصواريخ محلية الصنع كتيبة النيران التابعه للواء 113 في دير الزور
The Free Syrian Army Shelled Using Locally Made Rockets the Firing Squad of the 113th Brigade in Deir Ezzor

الشهيد عبد الكريم بركة في القدم بدمشق
Martyr Abdul Karim Baraka in Qadam, Damascus

القصف على قريه عيون عيسى بحمص
Shelling in Ayoun Issa Village in Homs

مظاهرة في السلمية بحماه
Demonstration in Salamieh, Hama

لحظة القصف بالفوزديكا على قرية عين حسون بحمص
he Moment of Gvozkida Shelling in Ein Hassoun, Homs

مظاهرة في عربين بريف دمشق
Demonstration in Erbeen, Damascus Suburbs

استهداف البنى التحيتية في المعضمية بريف دمشق بالقصف
Targeting the Infrastructure in Mouadamiya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على تسيل بدرعا
Shelling in Tseel, Daraa

تشييع الشهيد حافظ عيد العابد في حي غويران في الحسكة
Funeral of Martyr Hafez Eid Abed in Ghweran Neighborhood – Hasakeh

اثار القصف على شارع 15 في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Aftermath of Shells on Street 15 in Yarmouk Camp – Damascus

اثار القصف على جوبر بدمشق
Aftermath of the Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

اثار القصف على حران العواميد بريف دمشق
Aftermath of shelling in Harran- Awameed in Damscus Suburbs

اثار القصف على احد المنازل في كفرنبودة بحماه
Aftermath of Shelling a House in Kafr Nabouda, Hama

الشهيدة الطفلة تاج محمد جطل في اريحا بادلب
Martyr Child Taj Mohammad Jatal in Ariha – Idleb

القصف على اوتايا بريف دمشق
Shelling on Otaya – Damascus Suburbs

الجيش الحر يضرب تجمعات لشبيحة النظام في كرناز بحماه
FSA hits gatherings for regime Shabiha in Kernaz – Hama

الشهيد محمود عدنان داوود الصغير في معضمية الشام بريف دمشق
Martyr Mahmoud Adnan Dawood Alsagheer in Mouadamya Alsham , Damascus Suburbs

الاشتباكات في محيط ادارة المركبات في عربين
Clashes in The Vicinity of Motor-Vehicle Administration Headquarter , Erbeen

اقتحام قوات النظام لقريه الشجرة بدرعا
Regime Forces Storming Shajara Village , Daraa

تصاعد اعمدة الدخان في قصف القدم بدمشق
Rise of Smoke from Shelling Qadam, Damascus

مظاهرة في كللي بادلب
Demonstration in Keleli, Idlib

القصف الصاروخي على كفرنبودة بحماه
The Missile Shelling in Kafarnabouda, Hama

مظاهرة في خطاب بحماه
Demonstration in Khatab, Hama

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