Syria Today 7-2-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Thursday the LCC managed to document 161 martyrs (including 13 women, 8 children and 1 martyr under torture), 68 martyrs were reported in Hama (most of them were martyred due to explosion in Salamiya), 33 martyrs in Damascus and its Suburbs, 28 martyrs in Homs, 14 martyrs in Aleppo, 6 martyrs in Daraa and 2 martyrs in Raqqa

LCC also recorded 366 points of shelling, 8 points were shelled by warplanes, 4 points by barrel bombs, 4 points by Cluster Bombs and 1 points (Eastern Ghouta) by Thermobaric Balloons
Artillery shelling was reported in 149 points, mortar shelling in 117 points and missile shelling in 83 points

FSA clashed with regime forces and its Shabiha in 169 locations, in which FSA blocked attempts by the regime forces to storm Bor Saeed in Damascus, FSA also gained control of Hramla checkpoint in Jobar completely. In Raqqa, FSA was able to liberate Alam checkpoint in Raqqa city, FSA also destroyed several military vehicles and tanks in different parts of Syria

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Renewed shelling with rockets and mortars on the area

Damascus Suburbs: Housh Arb: Heavy mortar and artillery shelling on the village with 20 mortars dropped so far

Daraa: Yadoudah: Heavy artillery shelling from the artillery battalion next to Panorama targeting the town

Hama:KaferZeita:Fierce artillery shelling by the regime forces is reported in the city

Aleppo:Deir Hafer:Fierce artillery shelling from Queras Military Airport is reported in the city

Aleppo: Kufr Hamra: Heavy artillery shelling targets the town

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Heavy shelling by rocket launchers target the city

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between FSA fighters & regime forces around Air Force Intelligence HQ in Jameyat al-Zahra neighborhood

Hama: Salamyeh: Tens of Martyrs and Wounded fell upon the explosion that targeted the defense factory yesterday during the dsmiss of employees after working hours. Thus far, names of 56 were documented, amongst which are 12 women

Idlib: al-Nayrab: Fierce clashes between FSA fighters & regime forces near al-Shabibeh Base and the Brick Factory

Homs: Qalaat al-Hoson: Heavy artillery & rocket launchers shelling in the town

Damascus: Barazeh: Intense and random gunfire from al-Mashrouh checkpoint near to Services Complex

Hama: Salamyeh: fall of tens of martyrs and wounded, mostly civilians; amongst which are 10 women, in the explosion that targeted defense factory yesterday, upon leaving their work at the end of working hours. Names of martyres were reported from the national hospital today: Ahmad Tanakhi, Hassan Fattoum, Jamr Haidar, Ibtisam Haidar, Ammar Haidar, Hadeyeh Adra, Rula al-Raii, Maysaa al-Zeer, Mahmoud al-Zeer, Rima Rafaat Ali, Sanaa al-Raii, Foz al-Herk, Smar Wassouf, Helen Adnan al-Najjar, Hasan Alia Abu-Ammar, Ali el-Sous, Ghidaa Johar, Merii Johar. Moreover, many other martyrs from Kafat and Kebet-Kerdi villages and from Hama and Homs were martyred in this explosion but whose names were not reported as yet

Daraa: Bosra-Sham: Shelling with artillery and tanks targeting the East neighborhood , in addition to heavy gun fire from snippers

Daraa: Dael: Fierce artillery shelling targeting the city

Idlib: Heavy shelling with artillery and rocket launchers targeting each of Kafr-Sejneh, Habeet, Hishesh, Kafr-Mezda, Moqa, with a huge migration was reported in several areas

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Heavy shelling by tanks of Al-Qaa barrak is targeting Thalatheen street, with sounds of fierce clashes

Daraa: Harak: several wounded fell due to shelling in the city

Idleb: Qiminas: Fierce artillery shelling targeing the village

Raqqa: artilleryshelling targeting the villages of Hamrat and the brick factory

Latakia: Jabal Akrad: Heavy artillery shelling from Anbata observatory, in each of kansba, Mreij, Ghuneineh, and Wadi Shihan

Homs: Holeh: Fierce artillery shelling targeting the city, directed to houses from Qurmos Checkpoint

Daraa: Maaraba: start of daily shelling in the town and the fall of 3 shells thus far

Homs: Tadmor/Palmyra: Sporadic gun fire from heavy guns in Jameyeh Gharbeyeh and the area surrounding the military security branch

Idlib: Maaret-Noaaman: Continuous fierce artillery shelling from brick factory and Khan-Sheikhoon checkpoints, simultaneously with the continuous clashes between FSA and regime forces at Hamedeyeh checkpoint

Daraa: Shm-Golan: Start of shelling on the town by the artillery brigade located in Bakkar

Daraa: Shm-Golan: Start of shelling on the town by the artillery brigade located in Bakkar

Damascus: al-Yarmouk Camp: Fierce clashes between FSA fighters and regime forces at the entrance of the 30th street

Homs: Qaryteen: number of martyrs from ariel shelling in the village, rises thus far to 11 martyrs, of whom, Mohammad al-Shalha, Ali al-Qaddour, Qutayba bin Ali al-Qaddour were identified.

Aleppo: Fierce Clashes between FSA and regime forces nearby Afreen Carage, and Mahlab military barrak

Homs: Rastan: The number of wounded has risen due to continued fierce shelling in the city which led to destruction of several residential buildings

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: Several martyrs and wounded have fallen due to fierce missile shelling in Howash town

Idlib: Jabal al-Zawyeh: A child was martyred, number of people were injured due to artillery shelling in the town of Ihsem

Homs: Holeh: Heavy artillery shelling and the fall of mortars in the city

Daraa: Tafas: Heavy artillery shelling resumes in the city and the fall of several shells thus far

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: one person was martyred and several wounded in shelling in heavily by rocket launchers in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: artillery shelling in the city from surrounding checkpoints.

Damascus: Qaboon: Shelling in the vicinity of the neighborhood from Zamalka exit side. With rising of columns if smoke. Military Reinforcement with a tank and 15 vehicles holding heavy guns directed to the area was reported

Idlib: Regime artillery located in khazzanat military camp destroys both Heesh and KafrSajna towns in addition to the villages in south of Idleb Suburbs

Idlib: Ihsem: Heavy artillery & mortar shelling from al-Jazer & Mhambel checkpoints

Idlib: Regime artillery & rocket launchers are fiercely shelling Kufroma & Has towns resulting in huge destruction in residential buildings

Daraa: al-Ghariyeh al-Sharqiyeh: Artillery shelling in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Noula: A number of people from the sane family were martyred and injured due to rocket shelling in the town

Damascus: al-Tadamon: Mortar shelling in al-Ateqi square and Souk al-Tolataa street

Idlib: Maarat al-Noaman: FSA fighters shell al-Hameidiyeh and Wadi al-Dayf bases with mortars & rockets

Damascus: al-Yarmouk Camp: Mortar shelling in the 30th and 15th streets

Damascus Suburbs: al-Qastal: Regime forces have stormed the town arresting a number of people amid fierce clashes with FSA fighters in some neighborhoods

Daraa: Tafas: Artillery & mortar shelling has renewed in the town

Damascus: Jobar: MiG warplanes are attacking areas in the neighborhood around Harmala mosque amid shelling by artillery and rocket launchers

Homs: Krak Des Chevaliers: Artillery shelling renew from Ras al-Nabea in the southern entrance of the town and al-Turkman neighborhood amid heavy gunfire

Damascus Suburbs: Muadamiyat al-Sham: Artillery shelling from the 4th Brigade HQ was renewed in the town

Damascus: al-Qadam: FSA fighters have repulsed an attempt by the regime forces to advance in Port Saeed area, FSA fighters destroyed a regime tank & killed 20 soldiers

Daraa: Tafas: Mortar & artillery shelling in the town resumes by regime forces

Homs: al-Rastan: A number of houses were destroyed, people were injured due renewal of shelling with artillery & rocket launchers from the Engineering School

Damascus: Fierce clashes between FSA fighters and regime forces around the southern ring road amid shelling in the capital city with rocket launchers & mortars

Idlib: Maarat al-Noman: FSA fighters destroy a tank amid huge explosions & fierce clashes between them & regime forces around al-Hameidiyeh & Wadi al-Dayf bases

Deir Ezzor: Shelling by rocket launchers in al-Hweiqa neighborhood

Damascus: al-Zahera al-Jadeeda: A shell falls behind al-Filat buildings

Al-Raqqa: al-Tabaqa: FSA fighters fully liberate al-elm checkpoint as clashes continue al-Itha’a artillery amid shelling by warplanes using cluster bombs & explosive barrels

Daraa: Busr al-Harir: Heavy shelling from regime tanks located on the eastern side of the town

Damascus: al-Qaboun: Warplanes attack the areas around the south road ring

Damascus: Jobar: Heavy shelling in the neighborhood by regime tanks amid fierce clashes in the ring road between FSA forces & regime forces

Hama: Karnaz: Regime forces burn more than 100 homes after invading the town

Hama: Kafur Zita: Rocket shelling in the town, martyrs and injured were reported

Homs: al-Houla: A number of residents were injured due to shelling in the town

Hama: Aqrab: Heavy artillery shelling in the village

Homs: al-Houla: A number of residents were injured due to shelling in the town

Hama: Heavy shelling in town of Hama suburbs from Hama military airport

Deir Ezzor: heavy artillery and mortar shelling targeting the neighborhoods of the city concurrently with fierce clashes

Damascus: Yarmouk: renewed shelling on the area, and one shell landed across from Al-Righ square

Aleppo: An artillery projectile falls near to al-Haj bridge

Homs: Regime helicopters are shelling in Jobar & al-Sultaniyeh neighborhoods and Kufr Aaya village with cluster bombs & explosive barrels amid heavy artillery shelling

Damascus: Midan: regime forces waging a raids in the neighborhood of Sakhaneh

Daraa: Harra: three soldiers defected from al-Jadira barrier in the city and joined the FSA

Aleppo: al-Sfeireh: Fierce clashes between FSA fighters and regime forces in the town after FSA fighters forced a military convoy to withdraw.

Aleppo: Al-Safira: artillery shelling targeted the city from the defense factories

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: regime’s artillery continues its shelling on the town

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: heavy artillery shelling started on the city

Daraa: Shelling in the neighborhoods continues by the regime’s artillery & rocket launchers

Homs: Warplanes are attacking Jobar neighborhood & Kufr Aaya village by cluster bombs and explosive barrels amid artillery shelling

Damascus Suburbs: Harran al-Awamid: Artillery shelling has renewed in the town from the air defense battalion & Damascus Intl Airport

Damascus Suburbs: Regime’s artillery and rocket launchers are targeting al-Muadamiyeh & Daraya

Damascus: Regime forces have raided many houses in al-Halaqa area in al-Midan neighborhood, regime forces also deployed in Shamdeen square in Rukn Eddin amid closure to all roads to the square

Damascus Suburbs: Eastern Ghouta: heavy shelling in cities and towns of Ghouta has resumed from Sroniks checkpoint

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Renewed the rocket launchers and mortar shelling in the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Shelling in the city has resumed by regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Regime have sent additional troops to the city including 7 tanks, 4 BMB & Doshka vehicles

Damascus: Artillary shelling with mortars resumes in the Southern neighborhood of the capital

Raqqa: Artillery shelling resumes in the city suburbs

Homs: Houla: Renewal of shelling on the city from Haj Qarmus

Hama: Heavy and random gun shooting from the checkpoints at the ends of Hamidyeh neighborhood

Damascus: Midan: Sounds of two huge explosions rocking the neighborhood, were heard

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Fierce shelling by rocket launchers targeted the town

Aleppo: Hayyan: Fierce shelling by rocket launchers targeted the town

Qunaitra: Khan Arnabeh: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Harran Awameed: Artillery shelling continues, with the ongoing burning and destroying of the towm houses

شهيدين عند تقاطع مدرسة حطين بالرقة
Two Martyrs at the Cross-Road of Hettin School, Raqqa

جثتان مجهولتي الهوية بالقرب من مدرسة حطين بالرقة
Two Unidentified Bodies Found Next to Hettin School, Raqqa

اثار القصف على مزارع مسرابا بريف دمشق
Evidence of Shelling on Mazraba Farms in Damascus Suburbs

تشييع الشهيد نور الدين عامر جحا في جوبر بدمشق
Funeral of Martyr NourEddin Amer Joha in Jobar, Damascus

آثار الدمار في الشارع العام بدير الزور
Aftermath of Shelling in Puplic Street,Deir Ezzor

تشييع الشهيد أمجد عايد الصالح في البصيرة دير الزور
Funeral of martyr Amjad Ayed al-Saleh in al-Buseira – Deir Ezzor

شهداء في قصف نولة بريف دمشق
Martyrs Due to Shelling in Noula – Damascus Suburbs

اشتباكات وقصف في الطبقة بالرقة
Clashes & Shelling in al-Tabaqa – al-Raqqa

آثار القصف في الكسوة بريف دمشق
Destruction Due to Shelling in al-Kesweh – Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد الطفل عمر أحمد السعود في بصرى الشام بدرعا
Martyr Omar Ahmed al-Saud in Busra al-Sham – Daraa

لحظة سقوط قذيفة على الحويقة بدير الزور
The Moment of a Shell Falling in al-Hweiqa – Deir Ezzor

قصف واشتباكات في المحلق الجنوبي دمشق
Shelling & Clashes in Southern Ring Road – Damascus

تشييع الشهيد محمد العواد أبو الحسن في مدينة تل أبيض بالرقة
Funeral of Martyr Mohammad Al-Awwad Abu-al-Hasan in tal Abiad in Raqqa

الشهيد احمد الصالح في الميادين بدير الزور
Martyr Ahmad Al-Saleh in Mayadeen in DeirEzzor

اصوات قصف واشتباكات على القابون وجوبر بدمشق
Sounds of Shelling and Clashes in Qaboon and Jobar, Damascus

شهداء وجرحى القريتين بحمص
Martyrs and Wounded of Qaryteen, Homs

اثار القصف على القريتين بحمص
Aftermath Shelling in al-Qaryateen in Homs

قصف بصاروخ ارض ارض على خلفايا بريف دمشق
A Surface-to-surface Missile targets Khalfaya Town in Damascus Suburbs

آثار القصف بالطيران الحربي على سلقين بإدلب
Aftermath of Shelling with warplanes in Salqeen, Idlib

شهداء في قصف نولة بريف دمشق
Martyrs Due to Shelling in Noula – Damascus Suburbs

اشتباكات وقصف في الطبقة بالرقة
Clashes and Shelling in Tabqa, Raqqa

مسرب, تعذيب الشهيد مأمون يوسف اللكود قبل قتله في الحارة, درعا
Torturing Martyr Maamoun Youssef Al-Lakood before killing him in the alley, Daraa

سقوط قذيفة في حي الزاهرة بدمشق
A Shell in Zahira Neighborhood, Damascus

القصف الصاروخي على مدينة الرستن بحمص
The Missile Shelling in Rastan City, Homs

أثار القصف على منطقة المشروع في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Aftermath of Shelling in the project area in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

آثار القصف على احسم بإدلب
Aftermath of Shelling in Ihsem, Idlib

القصف بالطيران الحربي على مدينة الطبقة في الرقة
Aerial Shelling in Tabaqa City, Raqqa

سيطرة الجيش الحر على احد الحواجز في الطبقة بالرقة
FSA Gains Control of a Checkpoint in Tabaqa, Raqqa

اشتباكات عنيفة في داريا بريف دمشق
Fierce Clashes in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

الطفل الشهيد أحمد خالد الكردوش في كفرنبودة بحماة
Child Ahmad Khaled al-Kardoosh martyred in KafrNaboudeh, Hama

القصف بالطيران الحربي على القريتين بحمص
Aerial Shelling in Qaryateen, Homs

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