Syria Today 14-2-2013

The Local Coordination Committees of Syria
With the end of Thursday, the Local Coordination Committees were able to document 154 martyrs, including 6 children and 3 women: 46 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 33 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 25 in Daraa; 17 in Homs, mostly in Houla; 17 in Deir Ezzor; 7 in Idlib; 6 in Hama; 2 in Hasaka; and 1 martyr in Raqqa.

The Local Coordination Committees were able to document 277 points of shelling, 15 of which were shelled with warplanes. 3 were shelled with phosphorus bombs. 1 area was shelled with vacuum bombs. 108 points were shelled with artillery. 99 were shelled with mortars, and 50 points were shelled with rockets.

The Free Syiran Army clashed with the regime forces in 277 locations, where FSA shot down 3 warplanes in Idlib and one Mig. as in Hama, FSA shot down a warplane and declared the city of Shaddadi totally free. FSA targeted the munitions stores in Qastal in Damascus Suburbs and killed several soldiers and liberated the Sahweh Battalion in Daraa

لحظة استشهاد الشاب منهل سليمان الحمود في الرقة
The moment of the martyrdom of young Manhal Suleiman al-Hammoud in Raqqa

مظاهرة مسائية في حي الشيخ عنبر بحماه
Night demonstration in the neighborhood of SHeikh Anbar, Hama

الجيش الحر يلقي القبض على ضباط في الطبقة بالرقة
Free Syrian Army Arrested Officers in Tabqa, Raqqa

مظاهرة في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Demonstration in Aleppo Raod, Hama

عملية جراحية لأحد الأطفال في مورك بحماه
A Surgery to a child in Morek, Hama

اثار القصف على العسالي بدمشق
Aftermath of shelling in Issali, Damascus

اصوات الاشتباكات في مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Sounds of Clashes in Falastine Camp, Damascus

الجيش الحر يستهدف دبابات النظام على المتحلق بدمشق
FSA targeting the Regime Tanks in the South Highway, Damascus

الجيش الحر يسقط طائرة ميغ في إدلب
FSA shots a Mig warplane down in Idlib

انفجار على المتحلق الجنوبي بدمشق
Explosion on the South Highway, Damascus

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