Syria Today 20-2-213

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Tuesday, The total number of martyrs in Syria the fall of 162 martyrs was documented, including 11 women and 21 children and one martyr under torture: 96 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 48 in Hamouryieh massacre alone; 19 in Aleppo;16 in Daraa; 12 in Homs; 11 in Idlib; 3 in Deir Ezzor and 2 in Hama; and one martyr in each of Qunaitra and Raqqa

It has been reported that 342 points of shelling were documented: 23 points of shelling with military warplanes; 5 points with Scud missiles; 4 points with surface-to-surface missiles and 2 points with Explosive barrels thrown from warplanes, in addition to 4 points with phosphoric bombs, 2 with cluster bombs and 1 with a vacum bomb. Whereas 133 points were shelled by artilleries, 108 points with mortars and 78 points with rockets shelling.

FSA clashed with regime forces in 164 locations, shot down the warplane that shelled in Hamouryeh, Damascus Suburbs and caused a massacre. FSA destroyed one of the largest stores of artillery of the regime, in Jabal Qassyoun. As in Deir Ezzor, FSA liberated the battalion of brigade 113 at the north west of the city nearby the grains silos. In Homs, FSA liberated the neighborhood of Qarabiss entirely from Regime forces. And in Aleppo, FSA shelled in the police station of Ashrafyeh with mortars and local made missiles, and destroyed several machineries and vehicles for the regime forces in several Syrian cities.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Clashes between the FSA and regime army are reported at the entrance of the camp

Hama: Sounds of 4 huge explosions that shook the city were heard, as well as gunfire shooting heavily from all the checkpoints in the city.

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Heavy shelling using heavy caliber artillery by regime forces stationed in Khazanat camp was reported to provide a cover for regime military convoys arriving to the area

Aleppo: Khan Aasal: Heavy clashes between the FSA and regime’s forces are reported near Police Academy

Daraa: Hrak: Fierce shelling with artillery from brigade 52 in the town

Aleppo: Intermittent clashes between the FSA and regime forces were reported in Midan neighborhood near the northern circular higway

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Asafeer: Heavy shelling using rocket launchers targeted the residential neighborhoods in the town

Idlib: Heavy shelling using rocket launchers was reported in Maaret Al-Numan and the eastern villages of Zawiya mountain

Damascus Suburbs: Talfita: Heavy shelling using rocket launchers by Regiment 103 was reported in the town

Damascus: Heavy shelling using rocket launchers is reported in the southern neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Darayya: Heavy shelling using surface-to-surface missles and ocket launchers is reported in the city

Hama Fierce clashes between FSA and the regime forces at the Civil Defense checkpoint at Tareeq Halab

Deir Ezzor: Mohsen: Fierce shelling in the city from Deir Ezzor military airport

Damascus Suburbs: Launching a Scud missile by brigade 115 in Qtaifeh towards the Northern of Syria

Homs: Eastern Bweda: Heavy artillery shelling by regime battalions stationed in Shanshar and Um Shakhar as well as 72nd Brigade targeted the town using various types of heavy-graded weaponry

Damascus Suburb: Hammouryeh: The Regime forces committed a massacre in Hammouryeh that led to 48 martyrs due to aerial raid. Although most of the bodies were charred and unrecognizable, some of them were identified as: Ahmad Abdellatif Rustom, Mohammad Eid Issa, Mohammad al-Sharbaji, Mahmoud Ali Khoder, Kahled Moussa Issa, Mohammad Nour Ahmad al-Keilani, Imad Mohammad al-Masri, Abdo Farid Tohmeh, Ismail Mohammad Abd-Rabbo, Khaled Ismail Abed-Rabbo, Mohammad Mahmoud Karlutly, Nour Ahmad Ghannoum, Samer Ahmad Issa, Ibrahim Said Arabi, Hassan Mohammad Ayass, Issam Hamdan, Ahmad Mohammad Issa, Mahmoud Mohammad Tohmeh, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdel Al-Maled, Youssef Ahmad Abdelmalek Abdelmakek al-Sharbaji, Yahya al-Sharbaji, Maher Hamdan, alFul Allaa al-Rez, Buran Abdo Tohmeh, Ahmad Karkutly, Mazhar Abdelrahman Hamdan, Mohammad Deeb Abdo Tohmeh, Muwafaq al-Naddaf, Ibrahim Nasouh Laila, Basheer al-Rihan, Hazm al-Tounsi, in addition to 4 martyrs from KafrBatna and more than 12 unidentified martyrs, as their bodies were completely distorted and turned to pieces, including 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl)

Damascus Suburbs: Zakiya: Heavy artillery shelling is reported in the city

Damasus: Barzeh: Shelling with mortars resumes in the neighborhood and sounds of gunfire from the side of Tishreen Hospital and Mashrooh Projects

Aleppo: The FSA shelled Ashrafiya police station using mortars and homemade rockets

Daraa: Yadouda: Heavy indiscriminate gunfire by regime forces manning Jadeed checkpoint is reported in the junction of the town, it is also reported that regime snipers are trageting everything that moves in the area

Idlib: Tamanaa: Fierce artillery shelling in the district

Deir Ezzor: Regime forces renewed their heavy artillery shelling in Hamidiya neighborhood

Damascus: Barzeh: Five were martyred of one family due to the heavy shelling on the neighborhood

Deir Ezzor: Heavy artillery and mortar shelling is targeting Kanamat and Al-Matar Al-Qadim neighborhoods, and several houses were burned

Hama: Qastoon: Fierce Shelling with rocket launchers targets the town

Daraa: Yadouda: Heavy artillery shelling from the Artillery Battalion nearby Panorama is tageting the town

Daraa: Kaheel: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers targets the village and the fall of 25 rocket shells thus far

Hama: Jabal Shahshabo: Heavy shelling with rocket launchers and Vozlika artillery on the villages and towns of Jabal Shahshabo from Cairo checkpoint

Deir Ezzor: Renewed artillery shelling from the mountain was reported in the areas of the old airport and Khasarat

Damascus Suburbs: Al-Deir Khabieh: Two shells landed in the eastern alley by the main street, and three shells landed in the fields near the cemetery

Aleepo: Fierce artillery shelling in Ashrafyieh neighborhood and Bani-Yazeed

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: 3 Martyrs and several others wounded in the the fall of a rocket near Falastine roundabout

Aleppo: Safira: Three children martyrs and a number of wounded, as a result of artillery shelling by regime forces that targeted a camp for the displaced

Damascus Sububs: Zabdein: Heavy clashes between the FSA and regime forces are reported in the town in conjunction with shelling using tanks

Aleppo: Safira: Heavy clashes between the FSA and regime’s army are reported in the western side of Tal Aarn town on the raod to Tal Aabour

Damscus: Jabal Qassyon: Fire in the mountain of Qassyon in Damascus and heavy coloumns of smoke rising was reported

Damascus Suburbs: Hamourieh: The number of martyrs of the massacre has risen to twenty five martyrs in addition to dozens of wounded as a result of warplane shelling on the city

Idlib: Taftanaz: Aerial raid by the regime warlplanes on the city

Damascus: Qaboun: Mortar shelling by regime forces on the neighborhood

Damascus: Tadamon: Fierce clashes are taking place right now in Al-Tadamon neighborhood between the FSA and regime thugs in Nesreen street

Hama: Kafr Nabouda: Reports of wounded as a result of warplane shelling on the town

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: Heavy shelling from troop 175 and brigade 12 targets the town and its eastern district

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawyeh: Shelling on Al-Rami and Al-Barra towns in Jabal Al-Zawyeh by rocket launchers and Vozdika artillery

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: The FSA downs a MiG aircraft that was launching airstrikes on the city

Daraa: Basr al-Harir: Clashes in the eastern front between FSA and the regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouria: 13 martyrs and dozens of wounded as primary outcome due to the warplane shelling on the town

Damascus: Intensive and unprecedented security spread at the entrance Hamidiya market and within the market and at the entrance to the market Medhat Pasha and toward Bab Sagheer

Damascus Suburbs: Zakya: 5 martyrs of one family including 4 children and their mother after a mortar shell landed on their house due to the fierce shelling from the seventh division on residental houses

Idlib: Areeha: Martyrs and wounded by the fierce shelling by the regime forces in the city in an attempt to storm the city from the western side

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouria: Martyrs and wounded due to the shelling with warplanes on houses

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce shelling by the regime forces around Vehicles Management

Damascus: Fierce shelling on the neighborhood of Tadamun and Yarmouk refugee camp of all directions by regime forces. Conjunction with MiG flight over the neighborhood., and fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces

Aleppo: 3 martyrs including 2 women and a child and a number of wounded due to the shelling with warplanes on Myassar neighborhood

Daraa: Maarba: Fierce artillary shelling on the village of Maarba from al-Mujaimer barrier

Aleppo: Several were wounded in addition to material damage as a result of the shelling of warplanes with rockets on Mukhtar Street in the neighborhood of Myassar

Daraa: Hirak: Fierce shelling on the city of Hirak from 52th brigade with Fozdhika guns for the fourth consecutive day after the withdrawal of all barriers within the city

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Clashes on South highway known as al-Motahaleq al-Janobi from Zamalka side amid shelling the city with mortar, tanks and rocket launchers

Aleppo: Warplanes shelling on the neighborhoods of Karm al-Tarab and al-Myassar

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Shelling with tanks and artillary by the regime forces in the city

Deir Azzor: Fierce artillary and mortar shelling targeting the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh and al-Ardi

Homs: Shooting in the neighborhood of al-Waar al-Jadeed, in conjunction with the intensive military security spread near al-Raeda school, and criminal security branch headquarters, in addition to completely surround al-Waar al-Qadeem

Daraa: Basr al-Harir: Renewed shelling from tanks sorrounding the town for the 56 day respectively

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: A martyr and a number of wounded due to an airstrike targeted a farm

Aleppo: Several were wounded and a number of buildings were destroyed by the shelling with rockets launchers in Tareeq al-Bab neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Ghouta Sharqya: Sukhoi Warplanes launched a violent air raid on Ghouta Sharqya and dropped two missiles and thermal balloons

Homs: Qusair: Several were wounded by shelling with rocket launchers in the city

Lattakia: Sporadic shelling with rockets launchers by regime forces stationed at al-Zubar Observatory on the villages of Salma and Knspa side

Damascus: Tadamun: Intensified shelling in the neighborhood with tanks and rocket launchers and mortars coincided with clashes between FSA and regime forces

Damascus: Douma: Warplanes launched two air strikes on al-Aap area in the city

Homs: Rastan: A martyr and a number of wounded by renewed shelling in the city with artillery and rocket launchers, destroying a number of buildings

Damascus Suburbs: Bibela: Fierce shelling with mortar shells targeting the neighborhoods of the town

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Fierce artillery shelling from reservoirs camp on al-Tmanah area

Damascus Suburbs: Jdaidet Artouz: Fierce Artillery shelling from the Brigade /153/ targeted the residential neighborhoods in Jdaidet Alfadel

Damascus Suburbs : Qutaifa: Scoud rocket launched by the regime forces from the Brigade /155/ targeting Syrian North

القصف بالقنابل العنقودية على مسرابا بريف دمشق

Shelling with cluster bombs in Mesraba, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيدة ماسة محمود الصوفي في أريحا في ادلب

The Martyr Massa Mahmoud Al-Soufi in Ariha, Idlib

غارة جوية في حموريه بريف دمشق

An Airstrike in Hamourieh, Damascus Suburbs

اسقاط طائرة حربية في الغوطة الشرقيه بريف دمشق

Downing of a Fighter Jet in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Suburbs

اسقاط طائرة ميغ في زملكا بريف دمشق

Downing of an MiG Aircraft in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

قصف على الرستن بحمص

Shelling in Rastan, Homs

القصف على داريا بريف دمشق

Shelling in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد موسى رمضان الحسون في دركوش في ادلب

Martyr Mussa Ramadan al-Hasson in Darkosh, Idlib

قصف على أحياء دمشق الجنوبيه

Shelling in Southern Damascus Neighborhoods

اشتباكات في حي الوعر بحمص

: Clashes in al-Waar Neighborhood in Homs

قصف على كفرنبودة في حماة

Shelling in Kafr Naboudeh, Hama

قصف على الحيدرية بحلب

Shelling in al-Haidariya, Aleppo

الشهيد موسى رمضان الحسون في دركوش في ادلب

Martyr Mussa Ramadan al-Hasson in Darkosh, Idlib

الشهيدة أسيا التمر في الحولة في حمص

Martyr Assya al-Tamr in Houla, Homs

قصف بالطيران على الغوطة الشرقية بريف دمشق

Shelling with Warplanes in Ghota Sharqya, Damascus Suburbs

استهداف رتل عسكري في بصر الحرير في درعا

Targeting a Military Convoy in Basr al-Harir, Daraa

انهيار للأبنية جراء القصف على معضمية الشام في ريف دمشق

Buildings Collapse by the Shelling on Mouadamiyeh in Damascus Suburbs

تدمير المنازل في الخالدية في حمص

Destroying Houses in Khaldieh, Homs

اثار القصف في البشيرية في ادلب

Effects of Shelling in al-Basherya, Idlib

اثار الدمار في حي جورة الشياح في حمص

Effects of Shelling in Joorat Al-Shayah, Homs

أصوات القصف على المنطقة الصناعية بالقابون بدمشق

Sounds Of Shelling in The Industrial Area in Qaboon

غارة جوية على دوما في ريف دمشق

Airstrike in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

شهداء القصف على مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Martyrs Due to the Shelling in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

+ 18شهداء الغارة الجويه على حمورية بريف دمشق
+18 People Martyred Due to the Air Strike in Hamouriya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف بصاروخ ارض ارض على مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Shelling Using Surface-to-Surface Missiles in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

القصف على مخيم اليرموك بدمشق
Shelling in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

مظاهرة في اللطامنة بحماه
Demonstration in Latamne, Hama

اثار القصف المدفعي على داعل في درعا
Aftermath of Artillery Shelling in Dael, Daraa

جرحى جراء القصفف على جاسم في درعا
Wounded due to Shelling in Jassim, Daraa

جرحى القصف على الزبداني بريف دمشق
Wounded due to Shelling in Zabadani, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد عبد القادر المليح في دوما بريف دمشق
The Martyr Abdulqader Al-Malih in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

آثار الدمار في العسالي بدمشق

Destruction in Aasali, Damascus

أحد المصابين في البويضة الشرقية بريف دمشق

One of the Wounded People in Eastern Bweda, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيدين محمد أديب طعمة وبرهان طعمة في حمورية بريف دمشق

Zaher Abdullah Al-Dalati, 25, was martyred when regime forces field-executed him on 9/2012. Zaher was from Hama

شهداء القصف على برزة بدمشق

People Martyred Due to the Shelling in Barzeh, Damascus

محاولة سحب أحد الشهداء في برزة بدمشق

Attempts to Recover the Body of a martyr in Barzeh, Damascus

الشهيد علاء الراضي في حمص

Martyr Alaa Al-Radi in Homs

اثار القصف على برزة بدمشق

Aftermath of the Shelling in Barzeh, Damascus

آثار القصف على مخيم اليرموك بدمشق

Aftermath of shelling in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

محاولة سحب أحد الجرحى في برزة بدمشق

Attempt to Remove a Wounded in Barzeh, Damascus

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