Syria Today 23-2-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of the day Saturday, the Local Coordination Committees in Syria was able to verify 148 martyrs, among them 9 women and 35 children and 1 killed during torture: 74 in Aleppo, 40 in Damascus and suburbs, 8in Idlib, 7 in Hama, 6 in Raqqa, 4 in Homs, 3 in Deir Ezzor, and 1 in Hasakeh.

The LCC could document /361/ shelling points ,19 points were shelled using warplane ,2 by Scud missiles, 2Surface –to-surface missile,3 points were targeted by detonating barrels while 2 points by cluster bombs. Artillery shelling was recorded in /157/ points ,83 points by mortar and missile shelling targeted 92 points in different areas in Syria.

The FSA calshed with the regime forces in 147 locaitons wher targetd Nisreen street in Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus with mortars, and targeted the brigade 93 with local made missiles in Ein Issa and siged it in Raqqa; also FSA targeted the area of Dabaghat nearby the barrak of Masharqa in Damascus, and hit the checkpoint of Mujabbel and targeted brigade 175 with mortars in Izraa in daraa, and destroyed several machineries and vehicles for the regime in several cities in Syria

Qunitra:Fierce shelling by the regime Brigade/90/ is reportedly targeting the villages of Ber Ajam and Breqa

Hama:Tal KarAM: Fierce artillery shelling was reoprted in the town that targeted Kharsan Checkpoint in Hamra ,11 shells are reprted so far

Lataia: Rabeaa: Fierce artillery shelling resumes in the town form Ras-el-baseet barrak

Damascus suburbs: Ghezlaniyeh: Raids and random detntions by regime forces in the town nearby the Aerial intelligence in Damascus International Airport

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamya: Several wounded were reported in the city due to missile and artillery shelling targeting residential neighborhoods

Hama: Shateeb: shelling targeted the village of Hamra checkpoint with rocket Fozdika, five shells landed in the city thus far

Damascus: Tadamoun: Fierce mortar shelling is reported in the neighborhood targeting Souk Altholatha in particular

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Fierce artillery shelling is reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Adra: 75 soldiers defected of 39th brigade in the city

Idlib: Tamanaa: Fierce artillery shelling targeting the area

Damascus: Ain Tarma: Continued missile, mortar and artillery shelling on the town since morning till the moment and target the compound of Shimi Land and Mahavr, and Bdayr jadya area

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Renewed fierce artillery was reported and targeting residental buildings

Daraa: Eastern Karak: Artillery shelling in the city has begun

Idlib: Al-Bara: Fierce rocket shelling targets the village

Homs: Rastan: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers from engineering college targeting the city

Daraa: Busra Al-Sham: Fierce shelling with mortar shells targeting the eastern neighborhhod

Hama: Fierce missile and artillery shelling continues in the village of Jabal Shashabo and the villages in Sahl Al-Ghab. Residents are fleeing the areas

Damascus: Mezzeh: Regime forces raided catering building of eastern villas near the Communications on Mezzeh highway and arrested a guy near the mosque of Shafei after being beaten

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zainab: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s Popular Committees are taking place in Al-Mashtal neighborhood

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army are taking place near the municipal building along Falasteen Street

Aleppo: Arom Al-Kubra: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town

Damascus Suburbs: Sbeineh: Fierce rocket and mortar shelling targets the area amid regime attempts to raid it from the junction; the Free Syrian Army has repelledall attempts

Idlib: Binnish: Fierce artillery shelling targeted the town

Idlib: Maasaran: Fierce rocket shelling from a rocket launcher stationed in Hamdieh was reported and has targeted the village

Daraa: Inkhel: Heavy gunfire shooting of the regime gas station checkpoint targets the civilian residences

Damascus: Qaboon: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime forces nearby the Bus station (Karajat Pullman)

Hama: Helfaya: Fierce Clashes between the FSA and regime forces on Jisr elZor that connect Helfaya with Tibet-Imam

Damascus suburbs: Buwaida: The fall of several wounded in the shelling in the town

Daraa: Tseel: Beginning of heavy artillery shelling on the town and 3 shells have landed in a matter of minutes

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: A martyr and a number of wounded due to the shelling with missiles and mortar shells in the area

Raqqa: Tabqa: FSA targeted Tabqa airport with mortar shells

Daraa: Fierce shelling with artillery on the areas of Wadi Yarmouk and Qusair was reported

Damascus Suburbs: Hajar Aswad: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers on the neighborhood was reported

Raqqa: 5 prisoners were martyred inside the civil prison in Raqqa and more than 170 wounded were reported as a result of shelling with cluster bombs

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Fierce clashes are taking place at the outskirts of Mutahaleq Janubi between the FSA and regime’s forces to take back the checkpoints of Mutahaleq Janubi

Deir Ezzor: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers is targeting Al-Hamidieh neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: A number of wounded were reported as a result of shelling with rocket launchers on the town

Idlib: Kafromeh: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers on the town is reported from Hamdieh Complex

Damascus Suburbs: Jesrin: Fierce shelling using mortars and artillery targets the town

Aleppo: Fierce shelling with artillery shells targets each of Safira, Tal Hasel and Tal Aran

Daraa: Sahm: Fierce shelling with artillery shells on the town and neighboring villages

Idlib: Maart Misreen: Fierce shelling with artillery shells was reported in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Kafr Batna: Fierce shelling with rockets launchers in the city neighborhoods

Raqqa: Ain Issa: FSA besieges 93rd Brigade of the regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Bwaida: Targeting civilian houses with Shilka and the 23 artillery of 58th Brigade located in the mountains of Sahya

Idlib: Has: Shelling with rockets launchers targeting the town

Daraa: Tseel: Renewed fierce artillery shelling in the town was reported

Idlib: Has: Shelling with rockets launchers targeting the town

Daraa: Tseel: Renewed fierce artillery shelling in the town was reported

Daraa: Sahem Al-Jolan: Renewal of random shelling on the town

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Several mortar shells have landed on the city

Damascus Suburbs: Nashabieh: Shelling using rocket launchers and mortar shells targets the town

Daraa: Dael: Fierce artillery shelling is ongoing on the city

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: Fierce shelling is targeting Ehsem town by regime forces

Idlib: Kafromeh: Fierce shelling on the town from Al-Hamdiye gathering using rocket launchers and tanks

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Mortar shelling on the neighborhood from Sufyan Al-Thawri Barrack

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiye: Two young men were martyred due to the clashes taking place along the city’s outskirts

Damascus Suburbs: Qutaifa: Massive raids taking place in the area after bringing large military reinforcements by regime forces to strengthen the existing barriers especially barrier Qutaifa _ Mouadamiyeh Qalamoun and a large spread of ambulances and regime forces members in the area

Deir Ezzor: Kharita: A SCUD missile landed in the town

Daraa: Al-Majeidel: Continuous shelling in the town has led to the destruction of three homes thus far. In addition, there are reports of heavy gunfire

Daraa: Dael: Fierce tank shelling targets the city’s neighborhoods along with heavy gunfire

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime’s army are taking place in Sabe’ Bahrat Neighborhood

Aleppo: Multiple neighborhoods in Old Aleppo are being subjected to fierce artillery shelling

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Fierce rocket and mortar shelling were reported in the wake of massive destruction and fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army along the city’s oustskirts at the southern highway

Daraa: Sahem Al-Jolan: Artillery shelling continues and a home was directly hit

Hama: Mawrak: There are reports that five people were martyred and many were wounded; there are also reports of looting while the city is being stormed along with heavy gunfire, which led to several homes catching fire

Aleppo: One woman was martyred and at least two other people were wounded when a shell landed in the area

Daraa: Tseel: Heavy shelling in the city has begun

Hama: Latmein: Regime forces stationed at the Abou Shafic checkpoint stormed the area using tanks; residents are fleeing the area

Damascus Suburbs: Mleiha: Fierce shelling at the orchards surrounding the area was reported, and fierce clashes are taking place around the Tamiko company for medical supplies

Damascus: Jobar: Continuous shelling was reported and also clashes between the FSA and regime forces were reported on the perimeters of the area

Daraa: Ain Dhikr: Campaign of arrests and raids were reported in the town and the town of Soudi on the west of Ain Dhikr

Daraa: Harak: Three mortar shells have landed from Regiment 52 in the city

Damascus: Jobar: Fierce tank and mortar shellign were reported in the area

Daraa: Sahem Al-Jolan: Two shells landed in the northern part of town, and were accompanied by gunfire from the checkpoint east of Tseel junction

Damascus Suburbs: Shaaba: Fierce mortar shelling and clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime forces were reported

Daraa: Tayba: Shelling using heavy artillery was reported, along with sounds of clashes between the FSA and regime forces from the side of the highway on Sayda Road

Hama: Kafarnabouda: Clashes around the town between the FSA and regime forces were reported

Hama: Morek: Regime forces blockade the city from all of its entrances to allow the passing of a military convoy of 30 military machineries, including 11 tanks

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Fierce shelling using rocket launchers targets the city from the villages of Ras Al-Naba’a, Hadideh, and Masideh

Damascus Suburbs: Hosh Arab: Fierce artillery shelling targets the village

Hama: Regime forces conduct an indiscriminate arrest campaign in the Sharia district; this is accopmanied by gunfire at passersby and regime forces are forcing shops to close

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Fierce shelling using rocket launchers and mortar shells targets the city amid clashes in Souther Mithalaq

Hama: Kafarnabouda: Fierce shelling using rocket launchers targets the town. About 40 rockets have been launched until this moment

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Child Hamza Mohannad Al-Namli was martyred after a mortar shell landed nearby

Damascus Suburbs: Marj Al-Sultan: Severe shelling targets the town from the Damascus International Airport

Daraa: Katiba: Shelling using tanks stationed on the international highway towards the town, along with gunfire from heavy machine guns

Deir Ezzor: Fierce shelling using artillery and mortar shells targets the neighborhoods of Sheikh Yaseen, Ardi, and Huwaiqa

Homs: Shelling using Gvozdika artillery from the Military Faculty was reported towards the sieged neighborhoods in the city of Homs

Daraa: Um Al-Mayazin: Artillery shelling targets the town

Idlib: Helicopters drop TNT Barrels on the village of Kafarsajneh

Banyas: Regime forces raids several homes in the city and detain a young man

Damascus Suburbs: Babila: Severe shelling using mortar shells targets the neighborhoods of the town

Damascus: Regime forces carry out a raid in the neighborhoods of Rukin Al-Din and Salhiyeh and detain about five individuals

Idlib: Kafarsajneh: Two martyrs and dozens injured after helicopters drop TNT barrles in the village. The two martyrs are: Mustafa Hamoud Ghara’a and the child, Manhil Mustafa Hamoud Ghara’a

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazal: Shelling using tanks targets the town

Homs: Talbiseh: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city from Malouk Checkpoint

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: The FSA destroys a BMB military truck amid severe clashes in the perimeters of Freedom Square

Damascus: Shaghour: Regime forces carry out raids amid a heavy security spread in the Vegetable Market

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Dozems of injured were reported due to shelling with rocket launchers that are targeting the residential buildings of the city

Daraa: Taseel: Artillery shelling has begun in the town

Hama: Security forces and armed thugs break the doors of homes, raid, and sabatoge the neighborhood. They are accompanied by a number of armored vehicles in the Tawheed Street in Tareeq Halab Neighborhood

Quneitra: Heavy shelling targets Jabata el-Khasab and Breiqa, accompanied by clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s forces in Nabaa al-Sakhr

آثار القصف في عدرا بريف دمشق
Evidence of shelling in Adra, Damascus Suburbs.

استهداف الفوج 93 بقذائف الهاون في منطقة عين عيسى بحلب
Brigade 93 Targeting Ein Eissa, Aleppo with Mortar Strikes

القصف على حيّ الحويقة بدير الزور
Shelling on Al-Hawayqa Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

ضرب حاجز المجبل في درعا
Hitting of Al-Majbal Barrier in Daraa

استهداف اللواء 175 في إزرع بدرعا بقذائف الهاون
Brigade 175 Targeting Ezraa, Daraa with Mortar Strikes

القصف على حيّ الشيخ ياسين بدير الزور
Shelling on Sheikj Yaseen Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

احتراق المنازل جراء قصف داريا بريف دمشق
Burning of Homes During the Shelling in Darayya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف الصاروخي على قرية الجنان بحماه
Missile Shelling on Al-Jenan Village, Hama

الشهيد تامر محمد خليل العبود في النعيمة بدرعا
The Martyr, Tamer Muhammad Khalil Al-Abood in Naema, Daraa

قصف واشتباكات في درعا البلد
Shelling and Clashes in Daraa

حصار خانق على أريحا بإدلب
A Suffocating Siege in Ariha, Idlib

آثار القصف الليلي على المزيريب بدرعا
Aftermath of Nightly Shelling in Mazireeb, Daraa

اثار الدمار في حي باب تدمر بحمص
Renmants of Destruction in Bab Tadmor Neighborhood, Homs

سقوط صاروخ سكود على بلدة الخريطة في دير الزور
A Scud Missile Landed in the Village of Kharayta, Deir Ezzor

آثار الدمار في حيّ العباسية بدرعا البلد
Remnants of Destruction in Abbasiyeh Neighborhood, Dara’a Al-Balad

القصف بالهاون على حيّ القابون بدمشق
Mortar Shelling in Qaboun, Damascus

اشتباكات في حيّ العسالي بدمشق
Clashes in Asali Neighborhood, Damascus

آثار القصف في جديدة عرطوز بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Shelling in Jdeidet Artouz, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد سليمان أحمد ضاهر في جوبر بدمشق
Suleiman Ahmad Dahir in Jobar, Damascus

آثار الدمار على حي العسالي بدمشق
Remnants of Destruction in Asali Neighborhood, Damascus

تساقط القذائف على تلبيسة بحمص
Shells Land in Talbiseh, Homs

قصف على قلعة الحصن بحمص
Shelling in Krak des Chevaliers, Homs

معاناة الأطفال في تلبيسة بحمص
Children Suffering in Talbiseh, Homs

آثار قصف طيران الميغ في القابون بدمشق
Effects of MIG Shelling in Qaboun in Damascus

شهيد مجهول الهوية على اوتستراد دمشق حمص
Unidentified Martyr on Damascus/ Homs highway

الحرائق التي سببتها القذائف في بساتين تدمر بحمص
Fires Caused by the Shells in the Orchards of Tadmur in Homs

الشهيدة اسراء نحلاوي في حي قاضي عسكر بحلب
Martyr Esraa Nehlawi in Qadi Askar Neighborhood, Aleppo

تشييع الشهيد ناصر جمول في السويداء
Funeral of the Martyr Naser Jammol in Swaida

قصف بطائرات الميغ على محيط لواء الصواريخ في ديرالزور
Shelling with MiG Jets in the Perimeter of Rockets Brigade in Deir Ezzor

اثار القصف على المحال التجارية في كفرنبودة بحماه
Aftermath of Shelling on a Market in Kafarnabouda, Hama

الشهيد محمد محمد الهمشري في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Muhammad Muhammad Al-Hamshiri in Jobar, Damascus

اشتباكات في السبع بحرات بحلب
Clashes in Saba’a Bahrat, Aleppo

جرحى القصف على الزبداني بريف دمشق
Wounded due to Shelling in Zabadani, Damascus Suburbs

وداع والدة الشهيد طارق حسين العموري في كفرزيتا بحماه
A Father Bids his Martyred Son, Tareq Hussein Amouri, in Kafarzita, Hama

اثار القصف الصاروخي على العسالي بدمشق
Aftermath of Rocket Shellingin Asali, Damascus

تشييع الشهيد ناصر جمول في السويداء
The Funeral of Martyr Naser Jammoul In Sweida

القصف على عقربا بريف دمشق
Shelling in Aqrba in Damascus Suburbs

اصوات القصف والاشتباكات في زملكا بريف دمشق
Sounds of Shelling and Clashes in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد حسني كمال احمد كمال الذرعاوي في كحيل بدرعا
The Marty Husni Kamal Ahmad Kamad al-Therawi in Kaheel, Daraa

الشهيد ماهر الحبالتي في الزبداني بريف دمشق
Maher al-Habalti in Zabadani, Damascus Suburbs

مجزرة حمورية بريف دمشق قبل ايام +18
Hammouriyeh Massacre in Damascus Suburbs Few Days Back +18

الشهيد أحمد راتب ابراهيم تركماني في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Ahmad Rateb Ibrahim Turkmani in Jobar, Damascus

الشهيد مأمون عبدالله حصوة في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Maamoun Abdullah Al-Haswe in Jobar, Damascus

الشهيد سامر عبدالله الفلماني في تسيل بدرعا
Martyr Samer Abdullah Al-Falmani in Tseel, Daraa

قصف براجمات الصواريخ على حاس بادلب
Shelling with Rocket Launchers in Has, Idlib

آثار الدمارفي داريا بريف دمشق
Destruction in Darayya, Damascus Suburbs

اشتباكات عنيفة في داعل بدرعا
Fierce Clashes in Dael, Daraa

تدميرعربة بي ام بي في جوبر بدمشق
Destroying of a BMB Vehicle in Jobar, Damascus

القصف المدفعي على داعل بدرعا
Artillery Shelling in Dael, Daraa

تصاعد الدخان جراء القصف على الحراك بدرعا
Columns of Smoke due to Shelling over Hirak, Daraa

آثار الدمار في جوبر بدمشق
Effects of Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

مظاهرة في الخريطة بدير الزور
Demonstration in Kharita, Deir Ezzor

اشتباكات في حي حلب القديمة بحلب
Clashes in Old Aleppo Neighborhood, Aleppo

حملة دهم واعتقال في ركن الدين بدمشق
Invasion and Detention Campaign in Rukneddin, Damascus

القصف على جوبر بدمشق
Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

اشتباكات في داريا بريف دمشق
Clashes in Darayya, Damascus Suburbs

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