Syria Today 26-2-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria:
At the end of Tuesday, the Local Coordination Committees were able to document 111 martyrs, including 13 children, 4 women, and 5 martyrs under torture: 51 martyrs in Damascus and its Suburbs, 50 in Aleppo, 11 in Idlib, 10 in Hama, 7 in Homs , 6 in Deir Ezzor; 4 in Daraa, 1 in Raqqa and 1 in Swaida

The Local Coordination Committees also documented 374 points that were targeted by shells across Syria, including 20 points that were shelled by regime warplanes, 3 points using Scud missiles, 4 points with barrel bombs, 6 points with cluster bombs, 2 point with thermobaric bombs, 150 points using heavy caliber artillery, 98 points using rockets and rocket shelling in 91 points across Syria.

The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime forces in 154 locations, the fiercest clashes were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs when the FSA successfully liberated the Operation Commandment Building in the Police Academy in Khan Aasal. In Aleppo the FSA shelled the Police Commandment School that was caught in fire as a result of the mortar shelling. In Hama, the FSA targeted the 47th brigade of regime forces using mortar shells. In Daraa, the FSA liberated the police station located on the Jordan-Syria borders. In Midan, the FSA targeted a tank and was able to successfully destroy several personnel carriers and military vehicle of the regime’s army across different cities in Syria.

Idlib: Jesr Alshaghour: Fierce artillery shelling was reported at the villages of northern Suburbs in the city

Idlib: Jisr Al-Shoghour: 25 soldiers defected from Masara barrier accompanied with fierce shelling of the same barrier in all directions

Damascus Suburbs: Qalamoun : Scud Missile was reportedly launched by the Regime Brigade /155/ in Qutaifa targeting the Syrian North

Damascus Suburbs: Aqroba: Intense shelling using rocket launchers and mortars target the town

Aleppo: Intense explosion shock the Eastern Suburbs and most of the nearby villages

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Intense shelling using rocket shelling in the town

Raqqa: Regime’s forces releases some prisoners who are sentenced with different Felonies from Raqqa Central Prison and recruits them in its ranks

Daraa: Gharbeh Sharqeeh: Intense artillery shelling targets the town and its surrounding area, ten bombs were reported thus far

Daraa: Almaa: The beginning of the intense artillery shelling in the town

Aleppo: Bayanoun: Renewal of the artillery and rocket shelling in the town several bombs were reported

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Intermittent clashes between the FSA and regime’s army near the Municipality

Qounitiereh: Clashes between the FSA and the regime’s forces which are heard in each Baath, Khan Arnbeh and Jabata cities

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Intense shelling using mortars targets the neighborhood

Deir Ezzor: Intense shelling targets the old Matar neighborhood and Ghassan Abboud Square using rocket launcher

Hama: Heavy artillery shelling from al-Rahajan checkpoint targets Qasr Ibn Wardan village

Daraa: Daeel: Intense artillery and rocket shelling targets the city

Daraa: Daeel: Renewal of the intense rocket shelling in the city was reported

Aleppo: Heavy artillery shelling targets Masaken Hanano neighborhood near to the Cultural Center

Damascus Suburbs: Jaramana: An intense bombing near Njown restaurant was heard near the President Square

Idlib: Talmans: Heavy shelling by regime forces stationed in Wadi Dayf using Shilka targeted the town

Raqqa: Ain Isa: Regime forces planted a large number of mines near the grains supply center and in the vicinity of the silos

Damascus: Regime forces renewed their shelling in the neighborhoods of Bustan, Dour, Tabbaleh and the nearby neighborhoods. It is als reported that sounds of fierce clashes can be heard coming from the direction of the circular highway

Hama: Heavy shelling using Gvozdika by 47th brigade of regime forces targeted the villages in the southern suburbs like Jarniya, Sheikh Abdullah, Zibada and Jinan where more than 20 shells landed so far

Aleppo: Baynon: 2 martyrs and number of wounded were reported due to the rocket shelling in the town

Daraa: Naseeb: Artillery shelling is reported in the town

Aleppo: Khan Assal: FSA shells using mortar bombs the Command Building in the Police School

Hama: Khaldieh: Regime’s forces ride into the village along with intense gunfire

Hama: Regime’s force raids a detention and arrests campaign near Kazo checkpoint in Karameh neighborhood buildings and arrests number of young men

Deir Ezzor: Renewed artillery shelling in Hwaiqa in Deir Ezzor

Aleppo: Hayyan: Shelling with rocket launchers targeted the town

Raqqa: regime forces open fire on a demonstration in Mansoor street, cheering for freedom and the stricken country side

Damascus Sububrbs: Khan Sheeh: Fierce artillery shelling targeting Qusoor cloves was reported

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: Fierce artillery shelling of 67th regiment in Tala Kukap toward Khan Eshieh and Drousha and 8 shells landed in the area thus far

Damascus: Qaboun: Sounds of intensive shooting were heard from Pullman garage Pullman and Southern highway known as Motahaleq Janoobi

Damascus Suburbs: Al-Qutayfa: Scud missile has been launched from the brigade 155 targeting the north of Syria

Hama: Free Syrian Aramy is targeting the Brigade number 47 with mortar shells.

: Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers and tanks on the city from Raas Al-Nabe village and the city’s surrounding checkpoints directed towards Hesn neighborhoods and Turkman alley

Raqqa: Clashes between Free Syrian Aramy and the Regime army at the booking garage behind the eastern police station

Hama: Kokab: Fierce artillery shelling of kokab checkpoint targeting the sides of the village in the cloves area that lead to massive destruction

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce shelling in the area continues as reported

: Damascus suburbs: Tal: Fierce shelling in the city continues and 12 shells were reported; noting that the city contains a large number of displaced families

Damascus: Jobar: Shelling by tanks targeted the neighborhood

Hama: A number of wounded were reported during clashes between the FSA and regime forces on Naserya Bridge which connects between Halfaya and Taibat Imam

Idlib: Salqeen: News of falling a number of martyrs and wounded due to shelling of the town by MiG

Hama: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers in the villages of Jenan and Zour-el-Sriheen

Damascus Suburbs: Muaddameyat Sham: A martyr and number of wounded were reported due to the renewed artillery and rocket shelling in the town

Idlib: Kafrouma: Number of Wounded were reported due to shelling by mortar and rocket launchers from Hamideya Camp

Damascus: Midan: FSA targets a tank for the regime in the barrak of Sufian al-Thawri

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: The fall of several wounded in the shelling that targeted the civilians’ residendes was reported

Raqqa: Hazima: Warplane targets the town with two missiles which led to demolition of a citizen’s house and no reports of injuries

مظاهرة مسائية في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Night Demonstration in Tareeq Aleppo, Hama

الشهيد انور حسن حمودة في القصف على جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Anwar Hassan Hamoudeh Jobar’s Shelling, Damascus

الشهيد عبده سالم عبد الواحد في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Abdeh Salem Abdulwahed in Jobar, Damascus

اثار القصف على يلدا بريف دمشق
Shelling Effects in Yalda, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد احمد غازي طوقان من حماه
Martyr Ahmad Ghazi Toqan, Hama

نشوب حريق في معمل نستله في خان الشيح بريف دمشق
A Fire Breaks Out in Nestle Factory in Khan Al-Sheeh, Damascus Suburbs

احتراق احد المحال التجارية في القصف على حمورية بريف دمشق
Shops Burning in the Shelling of Hamouria, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على تلبيسة والرستن بحمص
Shelling in Talbiseh and Rastan, Homs

اثار القصف بصاروخ سكود على معدان بالرقة
Aftermath of Scud shelling in Maadan, Raqaa

محاولات الاهالي بانتشال الجثث في معدان بالرقة
Residents Attempts to Retrieve Bodies in Maadan, Raqqa

تحليق للطيران في سماء عقربا بريف دمشق
Warplanes Flying in Aqroba, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على سرمين بادلب
Shelling in Sarmeen, Idlib

اثار القصف بالهاون على الذيابية بريف دمشق
Effects of Shelling in Ziabya in Damascus Suburbs

القصف على الزبداني بريف دمشق
Shelling in Zabadani in Damascus Suburbs

الشهيدة الطفلة اية السبيني في القابون بدمشق
The Child Martyr Aya Al-Subaini in Qaboun, Damascus

سحب أحد المصابين برصاص قناص في القابون بدمشق
Removal of An Injured With Snipper Bullet in Qaboon, Damascus

سقوط احد القذائف على شارع حيقا بمخيم اليرموك بدمشق
The Fall of A Shell in Haifa Street in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

شهداء وجرحى في التل بريف دمشق
Martyrs and Wounded in Tal, Damascus suburbs

الأطفال الشهداء راما جحا وعمر جحا وإسراء جحا في جوبر بدمشق
The Children Martyrs: Rama, Omar and Israa Jeha in Jobar, Damascus

البراميل المتفجرة التي القاها الطيران الحربي على معربة بدرعا
Explosive Barrels Thrown Of Warplanes in Maaraba, Daraa

الشهيد عدنان عنبري في التل بريف دمشق
Martyr Adnan Anbary in Tal in Damascus Suburbs

القصف على عقرب بحماه
Shelling on Aqrab in Hama

الشهيد حسين زياد علي ديب من سراقب بادلب
The Martyr Hussain Ziyad Ali Deeb From Saraqeb, Idlib

القصف بالقنابل العنقوديه على دير العصافير بريف دمشق
Shelling with Cluster Bombs in Deir Asafeer in Damascus Suburbs

شهداء وجرحى القصف على سلقين بادلب
Wounded and Martyrs in The Shelling in Silqeen, Idlib

غارة جويه على حي الحويقه بدير الزور
Airstrike targeting Hwaiqa Neighborhood in Deir Ezzor

احد جرحى القصف بالطيران على دير الزور
A Wounded in The Air Force shelling on Deir Ezzor

القصف على الكستن بادلب
Shelling in Kastan in Idlib

اعتصام في السويداء
Sit-in in Swaida

الشهيدة الطفلة اية السبيني في القابون بدمشق
The Child Martyr Aya Al-Subaini in Qaboun, Damascus

القصف على الزبداني بريف دمشق
Shelling in Zabadani in Damascus Suburbs

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