Syria Today 28-3-2013

Local Coordination Committees of Syria
By the end of Monday the LCC managed to document 141 martyrs thus far,including 6 women, 4 children and 3 under torture: 51 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, 12 of them were reported in the Faculty of Architecture in Damascus University; 42 in Daraa; 12 in Aleppo; 15 in Homs; 5 in Deir Ezzor; 5 in Idlib; 5 in Hasakeh: 3 in Qunaitra; and 3 in Hama
The Committees have documented 278 points of bombing in various Syrian cities and towns. Aviation bombardments by warplanes counted in 18 points in various regions. Shelling using Surface-to-Surface missiles recorded in Daeel,Daraa, Explosive barrels were used in 5 points . Shelling using cluster bombs was recorded in Qarah and Yabroud in Damascus Suburbs, while the vacuum bombs were recorded in Qoser,Homs. Mortar shelling counted in 103 points; artillery shelling counted in 91 points; while rocket shelling counted for 60 points on various parts of Syria.

FSA clashed with regime forces in 126 points during which he was able to completely liberated Daeel from regime forces and take control of all checkpoints. In Khirbit Ghazalleh, FSA targeted barracks located east of the city with mortar. Same happened with the artillery battalion in Daraa located next to Panorama Stadium. In Damascus, FSA targeted an Iranian plane loaded with weapons while it was landing in Damascus international airport and targeted Mazza military airport with several missiles. In Skeilbya – Hama, FSA bombed a Shabeeha base killing several of them. In Qamhana, FSA ambushed regime forces killing 8 and targeted Tel Ataman and Mgheir checkpoints in Hama using rocket launchers. FSA also targeted Hama’s airport with long-range missiles resulting in a direct hit near airport control tower and inflicting heavy losses to regime army. In Krak des Chevaliers in Homs, FSA attacked all checkpoints around the city and hit several Shabeeha gathering locations. In Qusair, checkpoint of Nabi Mando was liberated, more than 80 Shabeeha were killed and all weapons and ammunition were seized.

Damascus: Barzeh: The mortar and artillery shelling resumes in the neighborhood

Damascus: Jobar: Fierce sehlling with mortars in the neighborhood

Aleppo: Warplanes shelling in the vicinity of both Nairab and Aleppo international airports

Damascus Suburbs: Fierce in Hujeira Balad and Sida Zeinab

Damascus Suburbs: Beit Sahem: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town and the fall of more than 10 shells thus far

Daraa: Tseel: Artillery shelling in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: Wave of random arrest by the regime forces in in Masjed Sawdawi neighborhood near Tarah and Beit Senjab halls

Aleppo: Maree: Sounds of heavy explosion that shok the entire city

Daraa: Daeel: FSA liberate the eintre city and announce it as a liberated city from the regime forces

Lattakia: Akrad Mountain : Fierce rocket shelling targeting Tarteyah village

Lattakia: Akrad Mountain: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime forces in Dorouen village

Lattakia: Akrad Mountain: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime forces in Dorouen village

Damscus Suburbs: Thayabieh: Renewed the artillery and mortar shelling in the town

Daraa: Fierce shelling from the checkpoints in Tseel targets Wadi Yaroumk villages

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: The Free Syrian Army has attacked the checkpoints surrounding the city and has hit shabiha checkpoints in the loyalist villages amidst violent clashes with the regime forces. Artillery shelling is targeting the city as well

Damascus: Barzeh:3 martyrs and wounded in critical condition due to the shelling from the neighborhood, as well as heavy fire from regime forces and snipers towards residential areas

Damascus Suburbs: Haijaneh: 4 Persons of the same family, were executed by the public committees of the regime thugs

Damascus: Qaboon: Fierce shelling with mortar and artillery targets the neighborhood

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Two martyrs, and a number of wounded, reported as a result of shelling on the town

Hama: Kokab: Fierce artillery Shelling targets the town among great migration move for residents

Damascus Suburbs: Ashrafiyeh: Heavy clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in the village

Damascus Suburbs: Ashrafiyeh: Heavy clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in the village

Homs: Qusseir: the FSA liberated the checkpoint of Tal and kills 80 of the thags and gained control over 2 tanks and agood quantity of guns and munitions, post fierce clashes with regimeforces

Homs: Qusair: Heavy rocket shelling targeting the town

Idlib: Sarmeen: Renewed shelling on the town for the sixth time today

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: The regime foces shells in the city with 2 surface-to-surface missiles

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Artillery shelling targets the camp, in addition to the clashes between the FSA and the regime forces at the beginning of the camp

Damascus: Tadamon: Heavy artillery and mortar shelling targeting the neighborhood

Daraa: Busra Sham: Fierce sehlling targets the east neighborhood of the city, accompanied with heavy gunfire shooting

Idlib: Hass: Heavy rocket shelling targets the town

Daraa: Busra Sham: Fierce sehlling targets the east neighborhood of the city, accompanied with heavy gunfire shooting

Daraa: Kharbet Ghazaleh: The Free Syrian Army targeted the military barracks with mortars and started a fire there, in addition to rockets targeting the western neighborhood on the Aalma town

Damascus: Qusoor: Two mortar shells fell on the neighborhood, one of the near the Safed center and the other in the street leading to the Qusoor Square

Damascus: Mazzeh: A large explosion was heard in the first building of the military housing buildings overlooking the southern pass near the Shafei Mosque

Damascus Suburbs: Sidi Mukdad: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime army are taking place in the neighborhood

Homs: Qusseir: Fierce artilllery shelling targets the city
Homs: Palmyra: Artillery and rocket sehlling resumes in the area of cloves

Homs: Abel: shelling with mortars and tanks targets the village from the checkpoint of Fathet-Sultan and Shenshar rocket battalion

Lattakia: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets Salma villages from Anbatah Observatory

Daraa: Dael: The media activist Mohamad Ibrahim al-Asami known as Mohammad Nora, was martyred while covering clashes and martyrs in the battle

Damascus Suburbs: Three ground-to-ground rockets have fallen on the towns of Rihan and Shifouniyeh

Damascus Subrbs: Maadamiyeh: Fierce sehlling resumes in the city from division 4, targeting the residential neighborhoods

Daraa: Dael: the total number of the martyrs in the city rises due to shelling and clahses to 15 martyrs: Mohammad Sami Mukbel, Abdullah Saleh Hashish, Mohammad Aref al-Assimi. Rida Barghouth, Alaa Ibrahim Abu Zaid, Murad Rasmi Oweir, Abu Bilal, Mohammad Awad Jomaa al-Shihadat, Qusseim Bandar Nawasra, Ayman Atallah Oweir, Mohammad Ibrahim al-Assimi, Mohammad Nabil Al-Masri, Amer Ibahim Faleh al-Jamous

Daraa: Inkhel: Shelling with mortars from brigade 15 targets the city
Daraa: Busra Sham: Fierce artillery shelling targets the western neighborhood and the fall of 5 shells thus far

Daraa: Hrak: Shelling targets the town and the fall of two shells thus far

Hama: FSA targets Tal Ataman, and Al-Mughair checkpoitns with rocket launchers and targets a regime forces gatherings with tanks

Daraa: Aalma: fierce shelling with tanks targets the town

Aleppo: Dweirneh: Fierce artillery shelling targets the village

Aleppo: Dweirneh: Fierce artillery shelling targets the village

Damascus: Barzeh: shelling with mortars targets the neighborhood

Deir Ezzor: Boukamal: Warplane launches an air strike in Nahyet Jalaa

Hasakeh: Hool: A number of injured were reported due to warplane shelling in the city

Damascus suburbs: Abadeh: Several wounded were reported in the intensified aerial shelling and artillery and rocket launchers in the town that caused the destruction of many houses

Aleppo: Tal Rifaat: Dozens of wounded were reported in the aerial shelling in the city

Daraa: Dael: Several martyrs and wounded were reported in the shelling with all kind of weapons in the city

Daraa: Yarmouk Valley: find sixteen bodies of martyrs were field executed by the regime forces and threw their bodies in Yarmouk valley. Identified of them: Ismail Al Awir, Mowafaq Amoghtari, and a young man named Firas from Sbeineh in the Suburbs of Damascus

لحظة اقتحام حاجز الدوار الجنوبي والسيطرة عليه في داعل بدرعا
The Moment of Storming the South Roundabout and Gained Control in Dael, Daraa

حملة تنظيف مبنى كلية الهندسة المدنية في الرقة
Campaign of Clening Building of Civil Engineering Faculty in Raqqa

حملة تنظيف مبنى كلية العلوم في الرقة
Campaign of Cleaning the Building of Science faculty in Raqqa

الشهيد الطفل عزيز الحسو في البوكمال بدير الزور
Martyr Child Aziz Al-Hisso in Bukamal in Deir Ezzor

زغاريد تحرير حاجز الدوار الجديد في داعل
Celebration of Liberating The Checkpoint of New Roundabout in Da’ael ,Daraa

الشهيد محمد شخطية في اريحا بادلب
The Martyre Mohammad Shakhteh in Ariha, Idlib

القصف على حي السكري بحلب
Shelling in Sokari Neighborhood, Aleppo

جرحى القصف على حيي الكنامات والعرضي بدير الزور
Wounded During the Shelling in Kanamat and Oradi Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

مظاهرة مسائية في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Night Demonstratoin in Tareq Halab “Aleppo Way” Neighborhood, Hama

الجيش الحر يستهدف حاجز الدوار الجديد في مدينه داعل بدرعا
FSA Targets New Dawar Checkpoint in Daeel,Daraa

الشهيد سليمان عقيل المليحي من طفس استشهد في داعل بدرعا
Martyr Sulaiman Aqel Al-Malehy from Tafes Who Was Martyred in Daeel,Daraa

القصف على المسجد الكبير في العبادة بريف دمشق
Shelling on the Big Mosque in Abideh, Damascus Suburbs

مظاهرة طلابية في مدرسة كمال عبيد في السويداء
Students Demonstration in Kamal Obeid School in Sweida

اثار القصف على كفرسجنة بادلب
Aftermath of Shelling in Kafr Sajneh, Idlib

الجيش الحر يقصف مطار حماه العسكري بصواريخ محلية الصنع
The Free Syrian Amry Shells Hama Military Airport With Homemade Rockets

اثار القصف على الدار الكبيرة بحمص
Aftermath of Shelling in Dar Kabira, Homs

قصف على معرزاف بحماه
Shelling in Marzaf, Hama

تشييع الشهيد مختار عبد الحكيم الشمطان في الحواش بحماه
Funeral for the Martyr Mukhtar Abdalhakeem al-Shamtan in al-Huwash, Hama

توحيد الكتائب في معرة النعمان بادلب
Unifying the Battalions in Maaret Noaaman, Idlib

دفن الشهيد محمد الحجي في حلب
Funeral of Martyr Mohammad Al-Hajji, Aleppo

دفن الشهيد باسل الازرق في حلب
Burrying Martyr Basel Al-Azrak in Aleppo

جوله ميدانية في مؤؤسة الاسكان العسكريه بعد تحريرها في خان الشيخ بريف دمشق
A Field Tour in The Millitary Residents Establishement after its Liberation in Khan Sheik in Damascus Suburb

القصف على كفرزيتا بحماه
Shelling in Kafarzeitna, Hama

اثار القصف بالطيران على شبعا بريف دمشق
Aftermath of Aerial Shelling in Shabaa, Damascus Subrbs

القصف الصاروخي على كفرزيتا بحماه
Rocket Shelling in KaferZeta, Hama

الشهيد كاسم حجازي في جوبر بدمشق
Martyr Kassem Hijazi in Jobar, Damascus

استهداف مأذنة مسجد الخليل في حيّ العسالي بدمشق
Taregeting the Minaret of Al-Khalil Mosque in Assali,Damascus

القصف على حي البيدر في حرستا بريف دمشق
Shelling in Baidar Neighborhood in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

الغارات الجويه على اطراف القصير بحمص
Aerial raids at The Edges of Qusseir, Homs

تصاعد اعمده الدخان جراء القصف على بنش بادلب
Columns of Smoke Rising of the Shelling in Bennesh, Idlib

احتراق احد المنازل جراء القصف على القابون بدمشق
Fure Burning A House in The Shelling in Qaboon, Damascus

القصف بالطيران الحربي على البوكمال بدير الزور
Aerial Shelling at Bukamal in Deir Ezzor

القصف بالطيران على البوكمال بدير الزور
Aerial Shelling n Bukamal in Deir Ezzor

القصف على كفرنبودة بحماه
Shelling in KafrNabouda, Hama

تصاعد اعمدة الدخان جراء القصف الصاروخي على القدم بدمشق
Smoke Riding in The Shelling in Qadam, Damascus

القصف على بنش بادلب
Shelling On Binnich, Idlib

اشتباكات في حيّ العسالي بدمشق
Clashes In Assali Neighborhood, Damascus

تشيع الشهيد صالح الحشيش في داعل بدرعا
Funeral of The Martyr Saleh Al-Hashesh in Daeel,Daraa

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