Message from the Local Coordination Committees in Syria to the World

On Friday, the revolutionaries chose the name “Syria is Stronger Than Those Who Would Divide It” stresses the the determination of unity and that the Syrian people are one.

The revolutionaries protested in most parts of Syria, condemning the criminal regime massacring of civilians and condemned the silence of the international community. They stressed that whatever happens, Syrians insist on a complete revolution until dignity, liberty, and the building of a state for all Syrians is achieved.

The revolutionaries also sent out a message that stated Syrians will remain united against plans to divide them, and will all remain a part of the Syrian mosaic. All these revolutionaries protested the failure of the international community to carry out its moral and ethical humanitarian duties in light of what is happening in Syria.

Local Coordination Committees in various areas, such as Tafas and Yadoudeh in Daraa, Houmourieh, Douma, and Jedadet Artouz in Damascus, all of Biza’a and Tadaf in Aleppo, Masyaf in Hama, Waer, Qusair, Deir Foul, Izz al-Din, and Abu Hamamah in Homs, Kafernoumeh in Idlib, Qasmishli and Raqqa all participated in sending this message to the world that the sacrifice of the martyrs will not go in vain, and that the revolutionaries will maintain their ethical revolution and its objectives to build a Syria to accommodate all Syrians.



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