Syria Today 13-4-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Saturday the Local Committees documented 115 martyrs, including 6 women, 8 children and 5 under torture; 32 martyrs were reported in Idlib, mostly in Saraqeb; 26 in Aleppo; 25 in Damascus and its suburbs; 15 in Homs; 12 in Daraa; and 3 in Hama

The Committees have documented 257 points of bombing in various Syrian cities and towns. Aviation bombardments by warplanes counted in 26 points in various regions. Explosive barrels were dropped in Saraqeb in Idlib, Tal Hames in Qamishli and Daraya and Moadamiya in Damascus Suburbs; Shelling using Surface-to-Surface missiles counted in Deir Ezzor, Hasakeh and Daraa; Scud bombing counted in 5 points; while phosphurus bombs were recored in Khirbit Ghazaleh in Daraa. Artillery shelling counted in 89 points, mortar shelling counted in 77 points; while rocket shelling counted for 49 points on various parts of Syria.

The FSA clashed with the regime forces in 107 where FSA targeted Zamalka checkpoint which is located near by the electrical institute at Mutahaleq Janubi using mortar shells. In Deir Ezzor, FSA exploded the missiles located in the Military Airport using mortar shells, as well FSA targeted the State Security Branch and caused a large number injuries among regime forces members. In Hama, FSA targeted Kawther checkpoint in Merabet neighborhood. FSA also targeted Daif Valley Camp in Idlib using missiles and artillery. In Damascsus, the FSA has destroyed a number of armors related to regime forces at Mutahaleq Janubi.

Aleppo: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets Sheikh Saied neighborhood

Damascus: Tadamoun: Renewal of shelling using mortar and rocket launchers in the neighborhood

Hama: Fierce artillery shelling in the northern villages of Hamas suburbs from brigade 68 and Kharasan military camp along with the fall of

several shells in Iben Wardan Palace

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Rocket shelling targets the city

Deir Ezzor: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets Husan, Hamedieh and Husaineh villages

Damascus Suburbs: Zakieh: Huge explosion shook the city, acompanied with heavy gunfire fromthe military residences checkpoint

Daraa: Ibtaa: 4 members of one family were martyred in Ibtaa plains near the highway

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: A second aerial warplanes was carries out by MiG warplanes in the town

Deir Ezzor: Artillery shelling targets Howeiqa neighborhood in conjunction with clashes between the FSA and regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Eastern Ghota: Shelling using heavy field artillery targets the cities and towns of the western Ghota in conjunction with flight of warplanes over it

Daraa: Ibtaa: 4 members of one family were martyred in Ibtaa plains near the highway

Deir Ezzor: Artillery shelling targets Howeiqa neighborhood in conjunction with clashes between the FSA and regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: A second aerial warplanes was carries out by MiG warplanes in the town

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Regime forces ate tring to storm the town amid fierce clashes and aerial raids by MiG warplanes on the town right now

Idlib: Saraqeb: Martyrs and wounded were reported due to warplane shelling in the city

Daraa: Alama: Fierce shelling was reported in the town since the morning. Shelling concentrates on the southern neighborhood and more than 50 shells landed since the morning

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Warplanes raided the town

Damascus Suburbs: Moudamiyeh: MiG warplanes are flying over the city along with continuous shelling using Shilka. Clouds of smoke covered the city’s sky

Damascus: Rukn Eddin: Shelling from Qasioun mountain towards Damascus and its southern neighborhoods. About 20 shells were launched so far

Idlib: Sarjeh: Aerial raid by warplanes was reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Obada: People were injured due to shelling using rocket launchers in the town

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawyeh: Intense flight of warplanes was reported over the villages of Jabal Zawyeh from the northern direction (Kafarlata- Bazabor- Sarja). Several attempts to carry out an aerial raid were reported

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Artillery shelling in Khirbet Ghazaleh continues from several axes

Daraa: Heit: People were injured due to shelling using rocket launchers by regime forces in the village

Aleppo: Shelling from the artillery of the Military Security in New Aleppo towards the liberated neighborhood at a rate of a shell per two minutes

Aleppo: Qarplanes threw 3 explosive barrels near Aziza village

Raqqa: The Free Syrian Army encountered the regime forces and was able to make them withdraw to the 93rd brigade in Ain Easa, after regime forces exited with a large convoy to break the siege on the 17th brigade in Raqqa. The FSA caused great losses among the regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Fierce shelling using mortar shells and rocket launchers at the city’s neighborhoods and the neighboring towns at a rate of a shell per minute

Lattakia: Nahiet Rabea: Fierce shelling targets Al-Khadra and Beit Awan villages using tanks and artillery by regime forces stationed in the 45th tower and Ras Al-Baseet barrack

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiet Sham: Continued fierce shelling from the Fourth Division Headquarters in the city

Daraa: Western Ghariyeh: A surface-to-surface missile has landed in Western Gharieyh

Daraa: Sheikh Miskeen: Continued shelling by regime forces in the town and 11 shells from the Armored Vehicles’ Artillery were recorded thus far

Homs: Abel: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces along with shelling with artillery and rocket launchers in the town

Aleppo: Warplane shelling in Sheikh Saeed neighborhood

Daraa: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers in Kark neighborhood and direct targeting of Omari Mosque Minaret

Damascus Suburbs: Ateibeh: The FSA resists regime forces who are trying to storm the town and causes it large losses

Qamishli: Ongoing fierce artillery shelling from the airport toward the suburbs area

Damascus: Qadam: Clashes between the FSA and the regime army while the reg

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Clashes between the FSA and the regime army in the area

Daraa: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime forces who are trying to control Damascus-Amman International Road

استمرار الجيش الحر باغلاق الاتستراد الدولي بالقرب من المدينة لليوم السابع و الثلاثين على التوالي

FSA Block the International Highway Near The City for The 37 Day

استهداف حاجز زملكا بريف دمشق بقذائف الهاون

FSA Targets Zamalka Checkpoint By Mortar Shells

انشقاق عناصر من سجن صيدنايا بمساعدة الجيش الحر في ريف دمشق

FSA Helping in Defection of Soldiers from Sednaya Prison, Damascus Suburbs

دمشق: برزة: استشهاد الشاب محمد محمود مبروكة عسلية برصاص قناصة النظام قبل يومين

Damascus: Barzeh: Young Mohammad Mahmoud Mabroukeh Assileh, Martyred By A Regime Sniper Gunfire, Two Days Ago

احد الصواريخ الذي استهدف الميادين بدير الزور

A Rocket that Targeted Mayadeen in Deir Ezzor

القصف على مصيف سلمى في اللاذقية

Shelling in Masyaf Salma, Lattakia

الجيش الحر يفجر صواريخ في مطار دير الزور العسكري بقذائف الهاون

FSA Shelling the Rockets at Deir Ezzor Military Airport with Mortars

اثار القصف الصاروخي على طفس بدرعا

Aftermath of Rocket Shelling in Tafas in Daraa

الجيش الحر يستهدف مطار دير الزور الحربي بقذائف الهاون

FSA targets Deir Ezzor Military Airport with Mortars

نشوب حرائق جراء القصف على السبينه بريف دمشق

Fire Due To Shelling Sbenah in Damascus Suburbs

تصاعد أعمدة الدخان جراء القصف على حي التضامن بدمشق

Plumes of Smoke Due to The Shelling in Tadamon, Damascus

تصاعد أعمدة الدخان فوق المناطق الجنوبية من دمشق

Plumes of Smoke over the South Areas of Damascus

استهداف معسكر الشبيبة بادلب

Targeting the Youth Camp in Idlib

غارة جوية على اريا بريف دمشق

Aerial Raid in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على حي الحويقة بديرالزور

Shelling in Hweiqa, Deir Ezzor

تحليق الطيران المروحي في سماء ديرالزور

Helicopter Flight over Deir Ezzor

قصف صاروخي على مدينة الشدادي بالحسكة

Rocket Shelling in Shadadi City in Hassakeh

تصاعد أعمدة الدخان من حي الحويقة بديرالزور

Plumes of Smoke from Hweiqa, Deir Ezzor

القصف بالطيران الحربي على حيش بادلب

Warplane shelling in Heesh, Idlib

دبابة مدمرة لقوات النظام على طريق المتحلق الجنوبي بدمشق

A Regime Force Destroyed Tank at The South Highway, Damascus

الشهيد حازم زياد حدوقة في كفرزيتا بحماه

Martyr Hazem Ziad Haddouqa in Kafr Zaita, Hama

جثمان شهيد مجهول الهوية في حي كرم الجبل بحلب

The Body of Unidentified Martyr in Karm Jabal, Aleppo

سقوط صاروخ من الطيران الحربي على السبينة بريف دمشق

Warplane Flight Launches a Rocket in Sbaineh, Damascus Suburbs

تصاعد اعمده الدخان في قصف معربة بدرعا

Plumes of Smoke Rose Over Marbah in Daraa Due To The Shelling

القصف بالطيرن الحربي على جيش بادلب

Warplane Shelling in Hesh, Idlib

تصدي الجيش الحر لمحاولات قوات النظام بالتسلل لخربة غزالة بدرعا

FSA Prevent The Regime Forces From Invading Khirbit Ghazaleh in Daraa

اثار القصف على دوما بريف دمشق

Aftermath in Douma,Damascus Suburbs

القصف على جوبر بدمشق

Shelling in Jobar,Damascus

اسعاف احد جرحى الجيش الحر في خربة غزالة بدرعا

Reliefing a Wounded FSA Memeber in Khirbit Ghazalleh, Daraa

مظاهرة مسائية في حي طريق حلب بحماه

Night Demonstration in Tareq Halab “Aleppo Way” in Hama

اشتباكات في عربين بريف دمشق

Clashes in Irbeen, Damascus Suburbs

تصاعد دخان جراء القصف على بنش في ادلب

Smoke Columns Rising Due to Shelling in Binnish, Idlib

الشهيد يوسف أبو قياس في القابون بدمشق

Martyr Yousif Abu Qeyas in Qaboun, Damascus

اثار الدمار جراء القصف في دير الزور

Destruction Due to Shelling in Deir Ezzor

اثار الدمار جراء القصف على تلبيسة في حمص

Destruction Due to Shelling in Talbiseh, Homs

تدمير مئذنة المسجد العمري في درعا

Destroying the Minaret of Al-Omary Mosque in Daraa

استهداف المسجد العمري في درعا

Targeting Omari Mosque in Daraa

جرحى جراء القصف على درعا البلد

Wounded due to Shelling in Daraa al-Balad

اشتباكات في داريا بريف دمشق

Clashes in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

تصاعد الدخان في حي الحويقة بدير الزور

Smoke Rises in Hwieqa Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

اثار القصف على سرمين في ادلب

Aftermath of Shelling Sermeen, Idlib

اثار القصف على مصيف سلمى في اللاذقية

Aftermath of Shelling in Salma Summer Resort in Lattakia

اثار القصف على جباتا الخشب في القنيطرة

Aftermath of Shelling in Jobata Al-Khashab in Quneitra

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