Syria Today 23-4-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Tuesday the LCC documented 136 martyrs, including 7 woman; 9 children and 12 under torture: 53 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs; 28 in Aleppo; 18 in Homs; 13 in Idlib; 13 in Daraa; 4 in Hama; 3 in Raqqa; 3 in Deir Ezzor; and 1 in Banyas

The Committees have documented 371 points of bombing in various Syrian cities and towns. Aviation bombardments by warplanes counted in 52 points in various regions. . Explosive barrels were dropped in 11 points. Scud rockets were reported in 3 points ” Raqqa and Qutaifa in Damascus Suburbs”. Shelling using Surface-to-Surface missiles reported in 3 points ” Aleppo, and Atebah in Damascus Suburbs”; Cluster shelling was reported in 3 points ” Binnish in Idlib; and Kafarzeta in Hama”, Vuccum shelling was reported in 5 points “Daraya; Arbeen; Zamalka; and Moadamiya in Damascus suburbs and Mayer in Aleppo”. Artillery shelling counted in 131 points, rocket shelling counted in 82 points; while mortar shelling counted for 62 points on various parts of Syria.

Free Syrian Army clashed with regime forces in 105 points, during which he targeted Barakat checkpoint in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din which led to the withdrawal of regime forces. FSA also targeted Nayrab Military Airport with homemade missiles. In Deir Ezzor, FSA targeted Deir Ezzor military airport with mortars and homemade rockets and attacked a military convoy that was leaving the airport and clashed with regime forces in Maeireya and stopped an attempt to storm in the town killed thirteen of the regime soldiers. In Damascus suburbs, FSA addressed the regime attempt to storm into Beit Sahm causing regime forges heavy losses and targeted Sedy Meqdad checkpoints. FSA also addressed regime forces trying to storm into Daraya city, causing many casualties and injuried in their ranks. FSA also Air Force Intelligence branch the governorate building and the criminal security branch in Harasta and clashed with regime forces around 39th Brigade in Adra, targeting them with mortars and addressing an attempt to storm Abbadeh. In Hama, FSA targetted Abu Shafeq checkpoint on Morek road and Joreen Camp in Sahl Ghab and Maghir Checkpoint with mortars. In Idlib, in Jiser Shoghour FSA was able to secure the defection of 18 of regime forces with their full materials and targeted a gathering of regime forces in the National Hospital. In Maarat Al-Nouman, FSA clashed with regime forces near Wadi Aldaif camp targeting it with mortar. In Homs, FSA managed to destroy four of regime tanks in the clashes in Qusair suburbs and addressed Hezbollah forces trying to storm into border villages, causing many dead and wounded soldiers from Hezbollah forces.

Damascus: Mazzeh: A carbomb exploded in the vicinity of the Palace of Justice, and a heavy security presence has spread in the area

Daraa: Sahem Joulan: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town from the artillary battalion in Bakar

Lattakia: Fierce shelling targets Ein Hour and Burnas villages

Hama: FSA kills several of Hizbullah soldiers duering clashes nearby the national hospital

Homs : Houleh: Fierce shelling using tanks and artilleries from the checkpoint of Establishment of Water” targets the city”

Lattackia:Fierce shelling using missiles and artilleries targets the liberated villages of the Suburbs

Damascus: Abaseen: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regimr forces at the entrance of Abaseen Sequire fro the side of Maysaloun Checkpoint along side with heavy security deployment in the sequire and Adawy Checkpoint near the Ministry of Oil

Daraa: Busr Harir: 4 missiles reportedly landed, thought to be surface-to-surface

Raqqa: Fierce clashes between the FSA and reigme forces in the vicinity of division 17

Hama: Fierce artillery shelling from Feed (A’alaf) Checkpoint targets Krah village in the Eastern Suburbs ;9 shells are reported so far

Daraa: Enkhel: Fierce shelling targets thvillages and towns of Horan by the barracks surrounding the town

Aleppo: Hayan: Fierce artillery shelilng targets the town and state of panic among the residents

Raqqa:Tabqqa: Fierce artillery shelling from Tabqqa Military Airport targets the city

Daraa: Tseel: Fierce artillery shelling in the town

Aleppo:Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army anf regime forces at the outskirts of Khaldyah Neighbourhood

Idlib: Jesr Alshaghour: Fierce artillery shelling by Sherdeh checkpoint targets Ghasanya village

Idlib: Jeser Shaghour : Fierce artillery shelling is reported in a new village

Damascus Suburbs: Warplane shells Zamalka and Erbeen with thermobaric bombs

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Helicopters shell the town with explosive barrels

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: A martyr and dozens of wounded were
reported due to shelling with rocket launchers in the town

Idlib: Jesr Shoghour: 18 soldiers have defected from regime forces and
were secured by members of the FSA

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Warplane launches an air strike in the city

Daraa: Namer: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces in the village

Daraa: Namer: Regime’s warplane launches 7 air strikes in the town
and concentrates its shelling in the northern neighborhood, and
demolition of the water tank as a result

Idlib: Nahiyet Abu Thohour: Wounded were reported due to an air strike
by MiG warplane that targeted the eastern alley

Damascus Suburbs: Aqrba: Fierce clashes are taking place between the
FSA and regime forces in the outskirts of the town

Deir Ezzor: The FSA continues targeting Deir Ezzor Military Airport
with mortar shells

Daraa: Eastern Kark: Beginning of shelling was reported in the town,
and several shells were recorded landing

Deir Ezzor: Fierce shelling targets the villages neighboring Deir
Ezzor Military Airport, Mohasan, Mreyieh and Bouomar

Damascus Suburbs: Jeyroud: 2 martyrs were field executed after regime
forces stormed the city today morning, in addition to a wide raid and
arrest campaign

Damascus Suburbs: Abada: Fierce shelling was reported in the town
since the morning with heavy artillery and rocket launcher and mortars
which led to demolition of dozens of houses

Damascus Suburbs: Qasmieh: A number of wounded were reported due to
shelling with explosive barrels from warplanes in it

Damascus Suburba: Daraya: Fierce clashes were reported in the city
since the morning in the southern and western fronts as a result of
new attempt by regime forces to storm the city

Lattakia: Nahiyet Rabea: Vertical aircraft drops 2 explosive barrels
in Rawda village

Idlib: Jarjanaz: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers targets the
town from Hamdieh Camp

Idlib: Talmens: A martyr and a number of wounded were reported and
buildings were set on fire due to shelling with rocket launchers in
the town, and the martyr is Mazen Saeed Al-Hariri, 35

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: The number of martyrs due to rocket shelling
in the city has risen to 6 among them a child, in addition to several

Aleppo: Mayer: Martyrs and wounded were reported due to warplane
shelling in the town

Aleppo: Aerial shelling by regime forces was reported in Menegh and
Ain Daqneh villages located in the perimeter of Menegh Military

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Martyrs and wounded were reported due to
fierce shelling in the city with heavy artillery and rocket launchers

Idlib: Jesr Shoghour: Continued fierce artillery shelling in Bashirieh
village and more than 15 shells were recorded landing thus far

Damascus Suburbs: Nashabieh: Dozens of wounded were reported due to
helicopter shelling of the town and targeting it with explosive

Damascus Suburbs: Ain Tarma: 6 martyrs and dozens of wounded were
reported due to fierce shelling in the town since the early morning

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: 4 martyrs and a number of wounded, among
them severe cases, were reported due to shelling with mortars and
rocket launchers in the town

ريف دمشق: بيت سحم: قوات النظام تستمر في قصفها العنيف للبلدة وتستهدف
مسجد الشيخ محمد مما اسفر عن تهدم مأذنته

Damascus Suburbs: Bet Sahm: Regime forces continue its fierce shelling
in the town and targets Sheikh Mohammad Mosque whig led to demolition
of its Minaret

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: 3 martyrs and a number of wounded were
reported due to shelling with rocket launchers in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamieh: Regime forces target Ali Bin Abi Taleb,
Zaytouneh, and Omary Mosques with fierce shelling which led to large
demolition in them and complete collapsing of one of them

Damascus: Warplane launches an air strike in Madnieh area south of the capital

Daraa: Shelling with rocket launchers target Daraa Balad neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Continued fierce artillery and rocket
shelling was reported in the city from the neighboring military
barracks and the tanks stationed at the fronts and at Sehnaya-Jdaide

Aleppo: Fierce shelling with surface-to-surface missiles in the areas
under the control of the FSA

Idlib: Hafsarjeh: Warplane launches air strikes in the town

Hama: Helfaya: Fierce shelling targeted Zour Heisa and the eastern
farmlands of the city since the morning and till now

Damascus: Barzeh: Fierce shelling continues in the neighborhood along
with gunfire from regime thugs’ machine guns in Ash Worour and the
Scientific Researches

Idlib: Bennish: Warplane shells the city with cluster bombs

Homs: Fierce shelling with tanks and mortars and Gvozdika artillery
target Homs’ besieged neighborhoods an despecially Jouret Shayyah

جرحى في قصف الرستن بحمص
Wounded in Shelling of Rastan, Homs

تأمين انشقاق عساكر في مضايا بريف دمشق
Securing the Defection of Soldiers in Madaya, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيد مهند سعد الدين في الرستن بحمص
Martyr Mohannad Saad Al-Deen in Rastan, Homs

تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف حيّ العرضي بدير الزور
Smoke Rises due to Shelling of Ardi Neighborhood in Deir Ezzor

الشهيد فراس الكردي في البويضة الشرقية بحمص
Martyr Firas Al-Kurdi in Eastern Bweida, Homs

جرحى في قصف كفرتخاريم بإدلب
Wounded due to Shelling of Kafrtakharim, Idlib

آثار الدمار في زملكا بريف دمشق
Destruction in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

شهداء أطفال في قصف الرستن بحمص
Children Martyrs due to Shelling in Rastan, Homs

تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف جوبر بدمشق
Smoke Rises due to Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

القصف على حيّ الحميدية بدير الزور
Shelling in Hamidieh Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

القصف على قرية لطمين بحماه
Shelling in Latmin Village, Hama

اثار القصف على محيط مطار منغ العسكري في حلب
Aftermath of Shelling in the Perimeter of Menegh Military Airport, Aleppo

أشلاء الشهداء في دوما بريف دمشق
Remnants of Martyrs in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على منطقة البساتين في تدمر بحمص
Shelling in the Orchards Area in Palmyra, Homs

غارة جوية على منطقة المادنية في دمشق
Air Strike in Madnieh Area, Damascus

تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف ماير بحلب
Smoke Rises due to Shelling of Mayer, Aleppo

القصف على تلمنس بإدلب
Shelling in Talmens, Idlib

تهدم المنازل في العبادة بريف دمشق
Demolition of Houses in Abada, Damascus Suburbs

آثار الدمار في مخيم الحسينية بريف دمشق
Destruction in Huseinieh Camp, Damascus Suburbs

لحظة القصف على حيّ الشيخ ياسين بدير الزور
Moment of Shelling in Sheikh Yaseen Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

استهداف مطار دير الزور العسكري بقذائف هاون
Targeting Deir Ezzor Military Airport with Mortar Shells

القصف الصاروخي على كفرزيتا بحماه

Rocket Shelling in Kafrzeita, Hama

الجيش الحر يستهدف مطار دير الزور العسكري

FSA Targeting Deir Ezzor Military Airport

القصف على البشيريه بادلب

Shelling in Bashirieh, Idlib

تصاعد اعمدة الدخان في قصف كفرزيتا بحماه

Plumes of Smoke Rising in the Shellign of Kafrzaita, Hama

اثار القصف على البويضة بريف دمشق

Aftermath of Shelling in Baydah, Damascus Suburbs

Hama: Sahel al-Ghab: The Free Syrian Army targets the Jureen military camp with mortars

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