Syria Today 25-4-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Tuesday the LCC documented 124 martyrs, including 7 women, 11 children and 11 under torture: 51 martyrs in Damascus and its Suburbs; 21 in Homs; 12 in Idlib; 12 in Aleppo; 10 in Hama; 7 in Daraa; 6 in Raqqa; 2 in Deir Ezzor; 1 in Hassakah; 1 in Banyas; and 1 in Lattakia

The Committees have documented 311 points of bombing in various Syrian cities and towns. Aviation bombardments by warplanes counted in 44 points in various regions. . Explosive barrels were dropped in 8 points “Homs, Damascus Suburbs; Idlib and Lattakia”. Scud rockets were reported in 8 points “Damascus Suburbs; Raqqa; and Aleppo”. Shelling using Surface-to-Surface missiles reported in 15 points ” Daraya; Barzeh in Damascus and its suburbs; maret Noman in Idlib; Raqqa; Jabab in Daraa; and Wadi Sayah in Homs”. Cluster shelling was reported in 1 point “Qosair in Homs”. Vuccum shelling was reported in 3 points, “Moadamiya, Daraya in Damascus Suburbs and Maret Noman in Idlib”. Artillery shelling counted in 120 points, mortar shelling was reported in 64 points while rocket shelling count 50 points on various parts of Syria.

Free Syrian Army c lashed with regime forces in 109 points, during which he targeted Naseh Alwani School, which is considered to be a Shabeeha center, which led to the outbreak of a huge fire inside the school. FSA also targeted Hama Military Airport destroying one regime tank and targeted civil defense checkpoint in Alellpo road Tareeq Halab neighborhood. In Jannat al-Sawarneh in the city’s suburbs, FSA addressed a military convoy blowing up two cars loaded with ammunition. FSA also targeted Armored Brigade in Khersan village with Grad rockets killing a number of soldiers and Shabeeha inside the building. In Aleppon FSA shot down a helicopter during takeoff from Air Force Intelligence branch and targeted Mangh military airport with mortar, caliber 13 mm artillery and Malotka missiles, in addition to targeting ammunition depots in defense factories and destroying one caliber 57 mm Artillery stationed near them. In Deir Ezzor, FSA liberated an entire sector of Jabeelah neighborhood and targeted the largest headquarters of Shabeeha in the neighborhood, achieving directly hit. In Damascus suburbs, FSA targeted Air Force Intelligence building in Harasta with mortar, killing and wounding many of the regime soldiers and putting the whole building on fire. FSA also shelled regime positions in Otaiba city and several of its positions in Abbadeh. In Damascus, FSA targeted regime forces stationed in Jobar neighborhood with homemade grenades. In Idlib, FSA secured the defection of 40 soldiers from Abou-Zuhoor Military Airport and targeted Zaalana checkpoint in Wadi Dayf with mortar shells, destroying several vehicles. FSA also targeted Hamdieh compound with rocket launchers and destroyed a Shilka with its ammunition, and targeted the Brick Factory with Grad missiles as well. In Daraa, FSA targeted Baka’a checkpoint, west of the town, which led to killing and injuring many of the regime soldiers. In Naeema – Daraa, FSA repelled regime warplanes.

Deir Ezzor: Bolail: Surface-to-Surface shelling in the city

Idlib: Nairab: A large number of wounded were reported due to warplane shelling in Villas area nearby Rabye Khadraa Park

Qamishli: Artillery shelling from Tartab artillery was reported toward the city’s suburbs and 4 shells have landed thus far

Deir Ezzor: A huge explosion was heard shaking the city completely

Damascus Suburbs: Quteifeh: A SCUD missile was fired from Brigade 155 toward the Syrian north

Damascus Suburbs: Bweida: Fierce shelling targets the town from
Brigade 58 and a large number of houses were damaged

Lattakia: Rabea: Fierce shelling targets Rawda village from Marsad Burj 45

Damascus: Barzeh: Dozens of wounded were reported due to landing of 2
surface-to-surface missiles in the neighborhood, along with
displacement of citizens

Homs: Qusair: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers target the city

Daraa: Yadouda: Wounded were reported due to targeting the southern
bakery of the town by regime forces with tanks

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime’s
army were reported from Ajami and Municipality side

Damascus Suburbs: Abada: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime’s
amry were reported from Tal Hamar side and Abada front along with
Saeqa Camp, Forousieh, and Dumair Road

Damascus Suburbs: Qalamoun: A SCUD missile was fired from Brigade 155
in Quteifeh toward the Syrian north

Homs: Palmyra: Beginning of artillery and rocket shelling in the orchards area

Idlib: Maarat Nouman: Renewed artillery shelling from Hamdieh Camp was
reported in the northern neighborhood of the city

Aleppo: The FSA downs a helicopter while it was taking off from the
Air Force Intelligence branch

Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime’s army were
reported in Jbeileh neighborhood

Raqqa: Ein Eisa: Artillery shelling from Brigade 93 targets the town

Hama: The FSA targets Mojanzarat Brigade located in Kharsan village
with Grad missiles and kills a number of soldiers and thugs inside the

Funeral of the Martyr Ibrahim Aboud Al-Akshout in Bazaa, Aleppo

Raqqa: Ein Eisa: A martyr and a number of wounded were reported due to
artillery shelling

Idlib: Skeik: Fierce shelling with artillery shells and rocket
launchers was reported in the village

Deir Ezzor: FSA liberates a full section of Jubaileh neighborhood in the

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime
forces with heavy and light weapons in the outskirts of Mutahaleq
Homs: Dar Kabira: Fierce shelling using mortar and gvozdika artillery
targets the village

Idlib: Saraqeb: FSA secures defection of 40 soldier from regime forces
from Abu Dohour Military Airport

Idlib: Fierce Shelling using gvozdika and tanks were reported in
Nahliya and Kafrnajd towns

Daraa: Jeydour: Fierce artillery shelling targets the area located
betwen Jassem and Nemr and 14 shells have reportedly landed

Homs: Palmyra: 6 martyrs and 40 wounded people were reported due to
the fierce shelling that targeted Koum and Tayba districts

Hazakeh: Warplane drops explosive barrels in Tal Azan village to the
north of Tal Barak

Daraa: Othman: Shelling by MiG planes was reported in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Air Force Intelligence building was set on
fire and many of its members were killed as a result of being targeted
by the FSA with mortar shells

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: MiG planes launched 3 air strikes in the district

Damascus Suburbs: Qalamun: Helicopters launched air strikes over Bkhah Valley

Damascus Suburbs: Thyabia: 3 martyrs and many wounded people were
reported in the town due to the fierce shelling using mortar and
artillery from brigade 58

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce shelling with mortars was reported
in west of the highway area

Hama: Taibet Esm: Fierce shelling with warplane was reported in the
village and the number of air strikes has reached to 5 since the

Raqqa: Warplane launches two air strikes in the perimeter of 17th Division

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Several wounded were reported due to the
shelling of the town

Aleppo: Batbo: A female child was martyred and several people were
wounded due to warplanes targeting civilian homes by an air strike.
This resulted in the destruction of some homes

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Heavy shelling from tanks and the
artillery stationed at the 4th division targets residential
neighborhoods, in conjunction with targeting of civilians by the
snipers located at the Officer’s Housing

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Targeting of the city with heavy artillery
led to a mass destruction of residential buildings

Daraa: Kafr Shams: Regime forces stormed the town’s southern
neighborhood, near the gas station’s checkpoint, and arrests 2 youth

Homs: Heavy shelling with mortars and Gvozdika artillery targets the
besieged neighborhoods of Homs and powerful explosions are heard as a

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Mortar shelling targets different
neighborhoods in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Mortar shelling by regime forces targets
the area west of the highway

Raqqa: A surface-to-surface missile landed north of Nour Mosque

Hama: FSA targets the School of NAseh Al-Halawani which is a centre
for the pro-regime thugs with RBG which caused a huge fire inside the

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce clashes are ongoing at the beginning of
the camp between the FSA and regime forces

تصاعد أعمدة الدخان في بنش بإدلب
Columns of Smoke in Binnish, Idlib

القصف على حي الموظفين بدير الزور
Shelling in Mwazafeen Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

ثلاثة شهداء في الذيابية بريف دمشق
3 Martyrs in Thiabieh, Damascus Suburbs

الشهيدان أحمد دهبية و راكان دهبية من حماه
Two Martyrs Ahmad Dahabieh and Rakan Dahabieh form Hama

لحظة سقوط القذيفة في حرستابريف دمشق
The Moment a Shell Landed in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

جرحى الغارات الجوية في القصير بحمص
Wounded People due to Air Strikes is Qusair, Homs

الجيش الحر يستهدف مطار حماه العسكري بصواريخ غراد
FSA Targets Hama Military Airport by Grad Missiles

قصف الطيران الحربي في زملكا بريف دمشق
Warplane Shelling in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

الجيش الحر يستهدف مستودعات الأسلحة في معمل الدفاع الجوي في السفيرة بحلب
FSA Targets the Weapons’ Storages in the Air Force Factory in Safira, Aleppo

الشهيد باسم رغدان في حرستا
Martyr Basem Raghadan in Harasta

الشهيد فادي الصيدناوي في حرستا
Martyr Fadi Saydnawi in Harasta

الجيش الحر يستهدف قواعد جيش النظام على اتستراد درعا الدولي
FSA Targets Regime Army’s Bases at Daraa’s International Highway

الجيش الحر يستهدف تجمعات قوات النظام في جوبر بدمشق
FSA Targets Regime Forces’ Gatherings in Jobar, Damascus

استهداف فرع المخابرات الجوية بحرستا بريف دمشق
Targeting The Air Force Intelligence Baranch in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

القصف على الطبقة بالرقة
Shelling in Tabaqa, Raqqa

اثار القصف على الطبقة بالرقة
Aftermath of Shelling in Tabaqa, Raqqa

استهداف حاجز الدفاع المدني في حيّ طريق حلب بحماه
Targeting Civil Defence Checkpoint in Aleppo Road Neighborhood in Hama

تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف التضامن بدمشق
Columns of Smoke due to Shelling in Tadamon, Damascus

التصدي لرتل كان متوجهاً لمؤازرة الشبيحة في ريف حماه الشرقي
Repelling the Convey That was Heading to Support the Pro-Regime Thugs
(Shabiha) in Eastern Suburb of Hama

تصاعد الدخان جراء قصف بنّش بإدلب
Columns of Smoke due to Shelling in Binnish, Idlib

القصف المدفعي على السفيرة بحلب
Artillery Shelling in Safira, Aleppo

آثار القصف على النعيمة بدرعا
Aftermath of Shelling in Naeema, Daraa

تصاعد أعمدة الدخان في سبينة بريف دمشق
Columns of Smoke in Sbaineh, Damascus Suburbs

الدخان الناتج عن قصف معرزيتا في ادلب

Smokes due to Shelling in Maarzeita, Idlib

اسعاف الشهيد جمال السيد علي في بنش بادلب

Rescuing the Martyr Jamal Al-Sayed Ali in Binnish, Idlib

الجيش الحر يستهدف فرع المخابرات الجوية في جوبر بدمشق

FSA Targets Air Force Intelligence branch in Jobar, Damascus

قصف المدارس في حي برزة بدمشق

Shelling Schools in Barzeh Neighborhood, Damascus

القصف بمضادات الطيران على حي برزة بدمشق

Shelling with Anti-aircrafts in Barzeh Neighborhood, Damascus

اثار القصف على اليعربية بالحسكة

Aftermath of Shelling in Yaaroubieh, Hassakeh

استهداف دبابة على حاجز دوار البحرة بحماه

Targeting a Tank at Bahra Roundabout Checkpoint in Hama

القصف على الرستن بحمص

Shelling in Rastan, Homs

استهداف مطار ديرالزور العسكري

Targeting Deir Ezzor Military Airport

اثار الدمار في الحجر الأسود بدمشق

Destruction in Hajar Aswad, Damascus

حالات اختناق بالغازات السامة بداريا بريف دمشق

Strangulation Cases due to Toxic Gases in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

موت الدواجن بتأثير الغازات السامة بداريا بريف دمشق

Death of Poultry due to the Impact of Toxic Gases in Daraya, Damascus

لحظة سقوط قذيفة على الحراك بدرعا

The Moment a Shell Landed in Hrak, Daraa

القصف على الذيابية بريف دمشق

Shelling in Thiabieh, Damascus Suburbs

القصف بالبراميل المتفجرة الدار الكبيرة بحمص
Shelling with Explosive Barrels in Dar Kabira, Homs

القصف الجوي على المعضمية بريف دمشق
Aerial Shelling in Mouadamieh, Damascus Suburbs

القصف بطائرات الميغ على الضبعة بحمص
Shelling with MiG Aircrafts in Dabaa, Homs

الجيش الحر يقصف مواقع قوات النظام بالهاون بالعتيبة بريف دمشق
FSA Shells Regime Forces’ Sites with Mortars in Ateibeh, Damascus Suburbs

مداهمة المنازل في الرمل الجنوبي باللاذقية
Raiding Homes in Ramel Janoubi, Lattakia

تشيع الشهيد ابراهيم عبود الاكشوت في بزاعة بحلب
Funeral of the Martyr Ibrahim Aboud Al-Akshout in Bazaa, Aleppo

اشتباكات في حي الصناعه بدير الزور
Clashes in Sinaa Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

القصف على الطبقة بالرقة
Shelling in Tabaqa, Raqqa

اثار القصف على الطبقة بالرقة
Aftermath of Shelling in Tabaqa, Raqqa

مظاهر في عفرين بحلب
Demonstration in Efrin, Aleppo

الغارة الجويه الثاله على سلمى في اللاذقية
Second Air Strike in Salama,Lattakia

القصف بالرشاشات على منطقة الوادي في قلعه الحصن بحمص
Shelling with Heavy Machine Guns in Wadi Area in Krak des Chevaliers, Homs

اثار القصف على منازل الصورة بدرعا
Aftermath of Shelling on the Houses of Soura, Daraa

اشتباكات في الريف الشرقي من حماه
Clashes in Hama’s Eastern Countryside

القصف واحتراق مبنى المخابرات الجوية في حرستا بريف دمشق من قبل الجيش الحر
Shelling and Burning of Air Force Intelligence Building in Harasta,
Damascus Suburbs by the FSA

تشييع الشهيد زكريا خلف الابراهيم في الموحسن بدير الزور
Funeral of the Martyr Zakariya Khalaf Al-Ibrahim in Mohasan, Deir Ezzor

القصف على احياء دير الزور

Shelling in Deir Ezzor Neighborhoods

القصف على سراقب بادلب

Shelling in Saraqeb, Idlib

القصف على مقبرة ناحية ربيعه في اللاذقية

Shelling in Nahiyet Rabea’s Graveyard, Lattakia

القصف على السفيرة بحلب

Shelling in Safira, Aleppo

الجيش الحر يقصف مراكز للشبيحة في تل النبي يونس في اللاذقية

FSA Shells Thugs’ Places in Tal Nabi Younis, Lattakia

القصف براجمات الصواريخ على معرة حرمه بادلب

Shelling with Rocket Launchers in Maarat Herme, Idlib

القصف على البويضة بريف دمشق

Shelling in Bweida, Damascus Suburbs

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