Syria Today 30-4-2013

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

By the end of Tuesday, the coordination committees were able to document 173 martyrs, among them 6 women, 9 children, and 14 martyrs under torture: 53 martyrs were reported in Hama; 49 in Damascus and its suburbs including 13 in Marjeh explosion; 19 in Aleppo; 17 martyrs in Idlib; 13 martyrs in Homs including 9 in Arbaeen neighborhood in Hama; 11 in Daraa; 8 in Deir Ezzor; 2 in Raqqa; and 1 in Lattakia

The committees have documented 347 points of shelling in different Syrian cities and towns, warplane shelling was recorded through 32 points across Syria, and explosive barrels reported in 11 points: Kurds’ Mountain, Masyaf Salma, Tabqa, and Rabea, also a SCUD missile was fired toward Qubtan Jabal, as well as surface-to-surface missile in Wadi Sayeh, cluster bombs were used in Bab Hawa and Boukamal. Artillery shelling was recorded in 139 points followed by rocket shelling which was reported in 78 points, while mortar shelling was recorded in 83 points across Syria

The FSA clashed with regime forces in 103 points where the FSA in Hama has targeted Hama military airport by mortar shells and a Grad missile, targeted several security checkpoints, killed more than 39 member of regime forces during clashes in the Eastern suburbs and targeted all the checkpoints at the southern suburbs. In Aleppo, FSA has targeted the Defense Factories by homemade missiles and that led to huge fires near by the weapon warehouses. In addition, FSA destroyed two tanks full of soldiers and ammunition while it was on its way to the Defense Factories in Sufaira. In Idlib, FSA targeted the Avant-garde camp in Mastouma and Qarmeed factory by mortar shells and tanks. In Daraa, FSA was able to liberate the battalion of Tal Akhdar for Aerial Defense near by Othman and that after a besiege and clashes last for several days. As well, FSA has targeted the Air Force Intelligence branch in Naseeb by mortar shells. In Damascus and its suburbs, FSA has repelled regime forces attempts to storm in Bait Jen and has boomed the tanks that tried to storm in. FSA has also targeted Tishreen Palace by mortar shells and targeted regime forces gatherings in Jesreen. In addition, FSA has repelled regime’s warplanes in Qaboun. In Deir Ezzor, FSA targeted the pro-regime thugs gathering centers by homemade bombs in Sina’a neighborhood and has destroyed several vehicles for regime forces across Syrian cities and towns

Raqqa: Ein Isa: Renewed the clashes in surrounding the 93 brigade between FSA and regime forces

Idlib: Sermin: Fierce shelling with artillery shells was reported in the town

Damascus Suburb: Darya: Heavy clashes between 4and regime forces , North the city

Deir Ezzor: Shelling with missiles on Hamadia & old airport neighborhoods

Damascus suburbs: Daraya: Regime forces shells the city with 2 surfaces to surfaces missiles

Lattakia: Salma: Fierce artillery shells targets the villages around Masyaf from Anbata observatory

Deir Ezzor: Mohasen: Fierce rocket launchers and artillery shelling were reported from Deir Ezzor Military Airport

Deir Ezzor: Khareeta: Heavy artillery shelling and shelling with rocket launchers on the village

Damascus: A bomb has exploded at Bab Jabieh in ancient Damascus in conjunction with intense security spread and cutting the roads leading to the area

Homs: Ghanto: Heavy mortar shelling and heavy machine gun fire by
regime forces in the Kamb area

Aleppo: Safira: The FSA bombs 2 vehicles carrying soldiers and
ammunition on Defense Factories road

Homs: Dar Kabira: Fierce shelling with heavy weapons of tanks and
Gvozdika artillery from the Military College targeted the town

Damascus: Kafrsouseh: 2 mortar shells have reportedly landed in the neighborhood

Aleppo: Mansoura: Several shells have reportedly landed in the
industrial area in the town

Idlib: Sahl Al-Rouj: Fierce shelling with Gvozdika shells was reported
in Bani Ezz Church and Haloul villages from Maasara checkpoint in

Hama: Fierce artillery shelling by regime forces target Tareeq Halab

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: A number of wounded were reported due to
shelling with rocket launchers in the city

Homs: Houla: Fierce shelling with Gvozdika artillery by regime forces
was reported in the city

Homs: Qusair: Fierce artillery shelling targets Jousieh village from
the checkpoint present in the village

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Wounded of the same family were reported
due to fierce artillery shelling with mortars and artillery 57 in west
of the highway area

Hama: The FSA targets the security checkpoints and Hama Military
Airport with mortar artillery

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce artillery shelling was reported
along with clashes between the FSA and regime forces, and more than 50
shells were recorded landing in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamieh: Fiece artillery shelling from the Fourth
division headquarter on the residential buildings and neighborhoods in
the city

Damascus Suburbs: Bowaida: Fierce artillery shelling was reported from Brigade
58 in conjunction with electricity cut for the 25th day in row and cut
of bread and fules

Damascus: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers was reported in the
southern neighborhoods and concentrates in Sbieneh and Madnieh

Homs: Rastan: Renewed shelling from the Engineering Battalion was
reported in the city

Damascus: The FSA targets Teshrin Palace with mortar shells

Aleppo: Continued clashes were reported in Sheikh Saeed neighborhood
between the FSA and regime forces

Damascus Suburbs: Qaisa: Dozens of wounded were reported due to
indiscriminate shelling with tank and mortar shells in the city

Hama: 15 soldiers were martyred while they were trying to defect from
regime forces in Hama’s eastern countryside

Idlib: 8 martyrs and dozens of wounded among them children and women
were reported due to air strikes launched by warplanes in Bab Hawa
Crossing that is filled with refugee camps

Damascus Auburbs: Beit Sahm: Fierce clashes are taking place at the
town’s entrance amid continued shelling in it

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Clashes and fierce shelling from tanks and
anti-aircrafts was reported in the city

Hama: 9 martyrs of the same family were reported as a result of
landing of a shell on their houses nearby Jabb roundabout, note that
family is Shaqhabli who are displaced from Homs

Damascus: Abbasiyeen Square: Sounds of intense gunfire can be heard in the area

Damascus: Rukneddin: Regime forces launch a raid campaign in the new alley

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Fierce shelling with mortars and rocket
launchers target the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Beit Sahm: A number of wounded were reported due to
fierce shelling with artillery and mortar shells in the town

Aleppo: Reports of 14 martyrs and dozens of wounded due to landing of
a shell on a house in Jabb Roundabout area

Hama: The number of martyrs due to the fierce shelling in Tareeq Halab
neighborhood has risen to 16

Hama: A number of martyrs, most of them children, were reported along
with several wounded due to landing of a shell on a house in Jabb

Aleppo: Safira: The FSA targets Defense Factories with locally-made
missile which led to huge fires erupting nearby the weapons’ storages

Deir Ezzor: Continued artillery shelling was reported in most
neighborhoods of the city by the mountain’s artillery

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Fierce mortar shelling targets the city

Hama: The FSA targets the military airport with Grad missiles

Homs: A surface-to-surface missile has landed in Wadi Sayeh
neighborhood and complete demolition of a building was reported and
columns of smoke rise as a result

Homs: Ghanto: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers and mortar shells
target the town from Kamb

Damascus: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers target Jobar
neighborhood and the industrial area in Qaboun neighborhood along with
low-flight reconnaissance flight over the neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Abada: 4 martyrs of the FSA were reported in clashes
with regime forces in the town

Lattakia: Kurds’ Mountain: Helicopters drop 4 explosive barrels in
Ghneimieh village

Aleppo: 2 shells have landed in the outskirts of the Fourth
neighborhood of Hamdanieh neighborhood from Al-Basel Mosque side

Daraa: Nseib: The FSA targets with mortar shells the Air Force
Intelligence Center on Nseib Border Crossing
Idlib: Qmeinas: Renewed fierce artillery shelling was reported with
mortar shells and tanks in the village

Damascus Suburbs: Fierce shelling with mortars target the towns
surrounding Damascus International Airport road along with low-flying
reconnaissance flight over Eastern Ghouta

Idlib: The FSA targets Talae Camp in Mastouma and the Brick Factory
with mortar shells and tanks

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Fierce artillery shelling from Brigade 18
targets the outskirts of the city

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: The FSA damages a regime forces’ tank during
clashes in attempt to storm the city

Damascus: Baramkeh: Several mortar shells have landed nearby Jamarek

Damascus Suburbs: Qaisa: Dozens of wounded were reported due to the
fierce shelling targeting the town with tanks and mortar shells from
Tal Hammar Battalion and targeting of the Grand Mosque Minaret was
reported as well

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: 5 martyrs were reported field executed by
regime forces and burned their bodies as well

Damascus Suburbs: Beit Jenn: The FSA bombs 2 regime forces’ tanks
while repelling a raid attempt of the town

Homs: Palmyra: Warplanes launch an air strike in Taiba village and
target it with several rockets

Deir Ezzor: 6 bodies of unidentified martyrs were found having been
tortured and field executed in the eastern countryside of the city

التصدي لطيران النظام في جبل الأكراد باللاذقية
Repelling Warplanes in Kurds’ Mountain, Lattakia

ثلاث غارات جوية على معمل السكر في الرقة
3 Air Strikes on the Sugar Factory, Raqqa

مكان سقوط صاروخ سكود في قبتان الجبل بحلب
Location of Landing of a SCUD Missile in Qebtan Jabal, Aleppo

لحظة سقوط قذيفة خلف مسجد مصطفى جابر في حيّ طريق حلب بحماه
The Moment a Shell Landed behind Mostafa Jaber Mosque in Tareeq Halab
Neighborhood, Hama

آثار القصف على الجيزة بدرعا
Aftermath of Shelling in Jizeh, Daraa

القصف بالطيران على البوكمال بدير الزور
Warplane Shelling in Boukamal, Deir Ezzor

الشهيد أحمد عبد المحسن في ديرالزور
Martyr Ahmad Abdul-Mohsen in Deir Ezzor

اثار الدمار في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Destruction in Tareeq Halab Neighborhood, Hama

الشهيد أحمد منفوخ في حي طريق حلب بحماه
Martyr Ahmad Manfoukh in Tareeq Halab Neighborhood, Hama

تصاعد أعمدة الدخان جراء القصف على المتاعية بدرعا
Columns of Smoke rise due to Shelling in Mataaieh, Daraa

انشقاق العقيد جمال الأحمد من المخابرات السرية في ديرالزور
Defection of Colonel Jamal Al-Ahmad from the Secret Intelligence in Deir

القصف بالطيران على الطبقة بالرقة
Warplane Shelling in Tabqa, Raqqa

الشهيد خالد خليف فريج في الرستن بحمص
Martyr Khaled Khaleif Fareej in Rastan, Homs

القاء براميل متفجرة بالقرب من سد الفرات في الطبققة بالرقة
Explosive Barrels dropped nearby Furat Dam in Tabqa, Raqqa

تأمين انشقاق عدد من جنود النظام في الزبداني بريف دمشق
Securing Defection of a Number of Regime Soldiers in Zabadany, Damascus

القصف بالقنابل العنقودية على البوكمال بدير الزور
Shelling with Cluster Bombs in Boukamal, Deir Ezzor

القصف بالصواريخ على حي جوبر بدمشق
Rocket Shelling in Jobar Neighborhood, Damascus

القصف الصاروخي على جوبر بدمشق
Rocket Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

احتراق المنازل في النتاعية بدرعا
Houses on Fire in Nataaieh, Daraa

القصف على معبر باب الهوى الحدودي مع تركيا بقنابل عنقودية
Shelling in Bab Hawa Crossing with Turkey by Cluster Bombs

أكثر من تسعة عشر صاروخ على جوبر بدمشق
More than 19 Rockets in Jobar, Damascus

القصف على الرستن بحمص
Shelling in Rastan, Homs

القصف على خربة غزالة في درعا
Shelling in Khirbet Ghazaleh, Daraa

انتشار قوات الامن والمدرعات في صوران بحماه
Security Forces and Armored Vehicles’ Deployment in Souran, Hama

اطلاق صواريخ محلية الصنع على تجمعات النظام في كفرية باللاذقية
Locally-made Missiles fired on Regime Gatherings in Kafrye. Lattakia

قصف لمئذنة الجامع في بلدة المتاعية بدرعا
Shelling of the Mosque’s Minaret in Mataaieh Town, Daraa

لحظة قصف المدفعية من جبل قاسيون على حي جوبر بدمشق
The Moment of Artillery Shelling from Qasioun Mount on Jobar
Neighborhood, Damascus

شهداء وجرحى نتيجة القصف على معبر باب الهوى بادلب
Martyrs and Wounded due to Shelling in Bab Hawa Crossing, Idlib

حالة من الخوف في معبر باب الهوى بادلب
A State of Fear in Bab Hawa Crossing, Idlib

نشوب حريق جراء القصف على مخيم باب الهوى بادلب
Fire Erupts due to Shelling in Bab Hawa Camp, Idlib

قصف عنيف لحي وادي السايح بحمص
Fierce Shelling of Wadi Sayeh Neighborhood, Homs

لحظة سقوط القذائف على الخالدية بحمص
The Moment of Landing of Shells in Khaldieh Neighborhood, Homs

الشهيد خليل شيحا في حرستا بريف دمشق
Martyr Khalil Sheyha in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

قصف بمدفع 106 على قوات النظام من العتيبة بريف دمشق
Shelling with Canon 106 on Regime Forces from Ateibeh, Damascus Suburbs

جرحى القصف على بيت سحم بريف دمشق
Wounded of the Shelling in Bet Sahm, Damascus Suburbs

استهداف مطار حماه العسكري بصواريخ غراد
Targeting Hama Military Airport with Grad Missiles

الشهيد مصطفى محمد ابراهيم في الرقة
Martyr Mostafa Mohammad Ibrahim in Raqqa

سقوط قذيفتين على الورضة والمالكي بدمشق
2 Shells Landed in Rawda and Malki, Damascus

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