Syria Today 9-6-2013

Local Coordination committees in Syria
By the end of Sunday, the local committes documented 161 martyrs in Syria, including 22 under torture, 11 children and 9 women: 74 martyrs in Damascus and its suburbs; 26 in Homs; 15 in Raqqa; 12 in Hama; 7 in Aleppo; 6 in Deir Ezzor; 6 in Idlib; 4 in Hassakeh; and 1 Qunaitra

Local Coordination Committees documented 443 points of shelling: Warplane raids reported in 47 points; Artillery shelling documented in 142 points; Rocket Shelling in 139 points and with mortars in 115 pooints in different areas across Syria

: FSA clashed with the regime forces in 128 points where the fiercest were in Daraa, stormed in Jameyeh checkpoint and gained control over all munitions and weapons inside, gained control over the cultural center checkpoint as well, and liberated the city of Inkhel entirely from regime forces, also liberated 5 security checkpoints. In Kafr Shams FSA liberated gas station checkpoint, shelled in checkpoints of the regime, attacked Qatta’a checkpoint at the east of Jassem. In Raqqa, targeted the vicinity of regiment 17 and several other buildings inside, and killed dozens of regime soldiers. In Idlib, FSA attacked Ram checkpoint at the north entrance of Idlib city, destroyed 2 Chilka tanks, BMB and a Dushka. In Damascus and its suburbs, FSA killed many of regime forces, destroyed 2 tanks and a Dushka machine gun in Rhaibeh. In Homs, FSA liberated Hamra and Suqour checkpoints, gained control over then entirely, in Qusseir. Finally, FSA destroyed many machineries and armored vehicles of the regime forces in several cities and towns across Syria.

Damascus Suburbs: zabadani: Mortar shelling resumes in the city

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Sporadic clashes between FSA and regiem forces at the vicinity of the municipality in Falastine Street

Raqqa: 4 Martyrs and several others wounded during shelling with mortars in Baytara neighborhood

Daraa: Dael: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city

Damascus Suburbs: Adra: Huge fire nearby the central prison of Daraa

Aleppo: Fierce shelling with warplane machineguns targets te vicinity of Meng military airport

Daraa: Kafr Shams: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers targets the town, among military enforcement of regime forces composed of 6 tanks at the south side of the town

Damascus: Barzeh: Fierce Shelling with anti-crafts targets the neighborhood

Homs: Number of wounded people were reported due to shelling with mortars shells in Wadi Saeih neighborhood

Daraa: Kafrshams: FSA destroys 3 regime forces’ tanks

Damascus Suburbs: Wadi Barada: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces

Daraa: Inkhel: The FSA declared the complete liberation of Inkhel city is Daraa’s suburbs after they liberated all the regime forces’ checkpoints which were located there

Idlib: Taftenaz: Heavy artillery shelling of Taftenaz town is reported with several fires starting in the agricultural lands

Damascus Suburbs: Rehaiba: 8 martyrs and several wounded were reported due to the shelling of the city by regime forces

Aleppo: Shelling of Babees town is reported, it is from the regime forces’ artillery at Zahra Society neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Shelling with rockets launchers by regime forces was reported in the city

Raqqa: Tbqa: Fierce artillery shelling was reported in the city from Tabqa military airport

اثار الدمار جراء القصف على منغ في حلب

Destructoin due to Shelling in Ming, Aleppo

اشتباكات في حي التضامن في دمشق

Clashes in Tadamon Neighborhood, Damascus

نزوح الاهالي من مدينة القصير في حمص

الجيش الحر يستهدف قوات النظام في المليحة في ريف دمشق

FSA Targets Regime Forces in Mleha, Dmascus Suburbs

تحرير حاجز الفرن في انخل في درعا

Liberation of AL Forn Checkpoint in Inkhel, Daraa

اشتباكات في جاسم في درعا

Clashes in Jassem, Daraa

احراق للمحاصيل في كفرنبودة في حماة

Burning Crops in Kafr Nabouda, Hama

حرائق جراء القصف على تفتناز في ادلب

Fires Due to the Shelling of Taftenaz, Idlib

الشهيد أحمد فوزي غازية في انخل في درعا

Martyr Ahmed Fawzi Ghaziya in Inkhel, Daraa

اثار الدمار على حي الجبيلة في دير الزور

Destruction in Jbelah, Deir Ezzor

قصف على حي الرصافة في دير الزور
Shelling of Rasafa Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

استهداف مئذنة الجامع الكبير في داريا بريف دمشق
Targeting the Minaret of the Grand Mosque in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

قصف على حي الحميدية في دير الزور
Shelling of Hamidieh, Deir Ezzor

قوات النظام تحاول الاقتحام في القابون في دمشق
Regime Forces Attempt to Storm Qaboun, Damascus

الجيش الحر يستهدف قوات النظام في سيدي مقداد في ريف دمشق
FSA Target Regime Forces in Sidi Meqdad, Damascus Suburbs

اشتباكات داخل الفرقة 17 في الرقة
Clashes inside Division 17 in Raqqa

اثار القصف على الحميدية في دير الزور
Aftermath of Shelling in Hamidieh, Deir Ezzor

اثار القصف على اليادودة في درعا
Aftermath of Shelling in Yadouda, Daraa

آثار الدمار في دوما بريف دمشق

Destruction in Douma, Dmascus Suburbs

قصف الطيران الحربي على شارع سيف الدولة في الرقة

Warplan Shelling in Saif Al Daoulah Street, Raqqa

عربة بي أم بي تطلق النار في حرستا بريف دمشق

BMb vehicle Shoots in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

آثار الدمار في انخل بدرعا

Destruction in Inkhel, Daraa

حريق في سجن عدرا بريف دمشق

Fires in Adra prison in Damascus Suburbs

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