Joint statement about martyrdom of activist Ghiath Matar

Only three days between the arrest of non-violent activist Ghiath Matar and the delivery of his cleansed body to his family after he was killed by the regime’s jailers and torturers.
Ghiath is from Daraya, Damascus suburbs, 26 years old, a member in the coordination of Daraya. He was waiting for two births: the birth of his daughter who won’t have the chance to lay on his arms, and the birth of the new free, just and democratic Syria, which he won’t see but will hold his memory and pure soul forever.
Ghiath and his friends in Daraya were advocates of non-violent struggle, he was the one who came up with the initiative of facing security fire and violence by bottles of water and flowers bouquets. He believed that a free and civilized Syria can’t be realized but by Syrian men and women by their peaceful struggle against the violence of the regime, with all the love they have facing the speech of hatred, by refusing to be like the butcher or use his tools.
As we here mourn Ghiath Matar and all martyrs of freedom, we reaffirm that we won’t let him down and will carry on what he started, their violence and brutality won’t stop us until we and souls of our martyrs celebrate a homeland where people are not avenged when they demand freedom, not killed if when live freedom. We also remember the friends of Ghiath, who were arrested with him on the same day: a non-violent activist by the name of Yahya Shurbaji, and his brother Ma’an. We warn against any harm they may suffer.
We urge the youth of our Revolution, in the upcoming protests, to remember our “free” prisoners who were led by Yahya and his colleagues, to demand their immediate release, and to hold the brutal authorities responsible for any harm that may come to them, in order to maintain the principles of a peaceful revolution even in the darkest moments. Our revolution is peaceful until victory: this is our promise to you, Ghiath Matar, Yahya Shurbaji, and all our martyrs and our prisoners and young men and women of our Revolution.
The Free People of the Revolution of Dignity
The Coalition of the Civilian Youth of Syria- Nabd
April 17th Movement for Democratic Change in Syria
The Local Coordination Committees in Syria

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