Founding statement for the union of Free Syrian Students

Founding statement for the union of Free Syrian Students

Since the beginning of the peaceful popular revolution in Syria in 15 March, students were one of the firsts to participate in demonstrations demanding freedom and dignity in the face of oppression, dictatorship, corruption and a single-party governance system that controls all aspects of the government. All of which have been enforced and practiced by the Syrian regime for decades now.
This revolution was confronted by the Syrian regime from the first day, using their army and intelligence forces as well as gangs of thugs. This spread the demonstration to larger areas, making the revolutionists more determined to march forward with this revolution until the regime’s downfall, for it lost its legitimacy since the first bullet was fired at peaceful unarmed demonstrators.
Since the illegitimate regime continues killing, displacing and detaining people, affecting tens of thousands of victims; and since we were never distant from the nationalist movements throughout modern history, proving to the world that students are the heart of revolutions and its everlasting fuel, we believe that it is time revolution reaches the fences of all our universities.

In conjunction with the launch of the new academic year, we find it important to have an organization body that groups all revolutionary students. Consequently, we are launching the Union of Free Syrian Students to be the democratic, political and syndicalistic station in the life of the free Syrian students’ movement.

The main goals of the Union of Free Syrian Students are:
• Combine the energy of the free Syrian students in all the Syrian universities
• Work closely to organize demonstrations and general strikes inside universities and schools, and outside them in civilized and humanitarian ways while being committed to the peacefulness of these activities.
• Work together with the rest of the revolution’s groups, unions and committees in order to topple the regime that has already lost its legitimacy, while maintaining national unity in the process.
• Work on building a civil state that has a democratic and pluralistic system to ensure freedom, justice and equality for all citizens

Victory to our revaluation
Shame and disgrace to the killers
Freedom for our detainees

The Spokesperson is: Mr. Jawad Al Khatib

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