Within 8 months, Assad’s regime has stolen the lives of at least 280 children

On the International Children’s Day, while governments around the world prepare to celebrate this day based on the UN General Assembly’s call to all nations to work to promote children’s welfare, the Syrian regime continues its flagrant disregard for UNICEF and all United Nations covenants and protocols by treating children and minors similarly to the adults who demand their freedom, by arresting, torturing, killing, or displacing them.


The death toll of children killed by security forces’ bullets and the regime’s army’s heavy weapons has risen to 280. This number reflects only those victims whose names the Local Coordination Committees has been able to verify.

The total number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 4,394. This translates into one child killed every 21 hours, and one adult every 1.5 hours, since the revolution started on March 15.

Of the children killed, 229 were boys and 51 were girls. 10 of the children died under torture while detained at intelligence branches.

Three corpses of killed children from the Siyadi family, ranging in age from 14 to 17, were handed over to their families and showed signs of the abhorrent torture to which they were subjected on September 26, 2011.

Another three children, among them Hamza Al-Khateeb and Samer Sharii, were killed under torture in Daraa during the first days of the Revolution in March and April. The older of the two was 17 years old.

Two 16-year-old children, Naser Sabea and Abdullah Joha, were killed in Lattakia in the neighborhood of Raml Falastini, under torture. Their corpses were handed over in September.

In Homs, two other children’s human rights of protection against arrest and protection of life, as well as physical integrity, were violated.

The city that has suffered the most losses among their children is Homs, in which 79 children were killed, among them 18 girls.

Hama is the city with the second highest death toll among their children, with 55 deaths, 13 of whom were girls.

In Daraa, 44 children were killed, 8 of them girls.

In the Damascus suburbs, 31 children were killed, 2 of them girls. In Idlib, 26 children, among them a 6-year-old girl, were killed.

Deir Ezzor sacrificed the lives of 20 of their children, among them 3 girls, for freedom.

Lattakia has had to mourn the death of 12 of its children, 4 of whom were girls.

In the capital, Damascus, security forces killed 12 children, among them 1 girl.


Child Martyr Ghadir Al-Jalta (girl), 5 years old

Hama, Soran, July 31, 2011


Child Martyr Salem Ibrahim Shartah (boy), 12 years old

Idlib, Kafroumeh, November 15, 2011



Child Martyr Maymouneh Al-Sayed (girl), 11 years old

Homs, Hawleh, November 7, 2011



Child Martyr Mohamad Shahadeh (boy), 4 years old

Homs, Bayada, November 3, 2011


Child Martyr Mohamad Quwaider (boy), 12 years old

Damascus Suburbs, Erbeen, November 18, 2011


Child Martyr Catherine Khabor (girl), 2 years old

Homs, Bayada, October 26, 2011


Child Martyr Abdel Rahman Ali Darwish Kafartouni (boy), 10 years old

Saraqeb, Idlib, October 26, 2011


Child Martyr Oula Jablawai (girl), 2 years old

Lattakia, Skantori area, August 18, 2011


Child Martyr Nariman Al-Zoubi (girl), 17 years old

who was martyred along with her siblings Rouba Al-Zoubi (girl), 11 years old, and Nour Al-Zoubi (boy), 15 years old

Homs, Qosair, October 19, 2011


Child Martyr Qamar Hallak (girl) 10 years old

Homs, Bab Sebaa, September 1, 2011


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