More Martyrs 30-12-2011

The Local Coordination Committees In Syria
35 were killed today till now by security forces and regime’s army fire, 9 in Hama, 6 in Daraa Al-Balad, 4 in Talkalakh, 5 in Homs 6 in Idlib and 1 in each of Daraya and Moaddamieh in Damascus suburbs and 1 each in Bokamal and Hajar Aswad in Damascus

Martyrdom of Micheale Ghassan Abood as a result of his previous injuries by snipers on top of AlDyonan check point and he couldn’t be transferred from the National Hospital to his home due to security barriers.

Doctor Fadi Al Masalmeh was arrested by the security forces today in Al Sabeel Neighborhood, he was charged for being a witness on some cars’ damaging and breaking done by the regime in the neighborhood

Hajar Aswad
Ahmad Qaddour, 14, was martyred, and more than 10 people were reported injured, as a result of security forces’ live, random gunfire at demonstrators this afternoon.

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