51 Martyrs 10-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
As of this moment, the number of people martyred has reached 51 martyrs including four women and five children. 16 martyrs in Homs, 15 in Damascus Suburbs (Al-Zabadani, Maddaya, Douma and Al Domer), 13 in Aleppo, 5 in Daraa, two in Deir Ezzour and one in Hama

The Regime’s Army Leads the City of Zabadany to Destruction
The brutal shelling of Zabadany continues into its sixth consecutive day, with over 150 mortar and artillery shells dropped on various parts of the city, resulting in the complete demolition of seven homes and partial destruction of 40 homes, the complete demolition of Maree mosque and the city’s church, and damging two other mosques.
Since the beginning of the shelling, 35 homes have been completely destroyed and 400 homes have been damaged.
Today seven people were martyred and forty people were injured, known among the martyrs are: two young men from the Zaleikha family, a young man from the Dalati family, a young man from the Nasab family, a child from the Shamali family and Akarm Olbeh. This is in addition to over two hundred missing people, whose whereabouts are unknown, especially considering that ruins cannot be cleared due to the intensity of the fire.
The brutal shelling targeted the entire infrastructure of the city, the electricity network, as well as the garage of the civil defense and the fire trucks, Al Jarjaniah hospital, the electricity generators including the spare ones, in addition the sidewalk was destroyed and the lighting column on it were entirely destroyed.
On the humanitarian side, the city is suffering from a shortage of water because there is no electricity to pump the water to the houses. The reserves have been used up in the city which is now in its 10th consecutive day of siege. All kinds of food, fuel or anything similar have not been allowed into the city ever since.
On the healthcare side, all the medical supplies, including medical gauze, have been used up, while tens of injured are still in the city as there are no safe ways to transfer them to another place.
The military forces, including more than 30’000 soldiers, and 300 tanks and armored vehicles , are now located on the southern entrance, about 300 Meter from the city’s entrance. It is expected that the city will be stormed any moment.

Jabal Zawyeh
Intense gunfire by the regime’s army using BMP machine guns while a campaign of arrests is being carried out. 15 persons have been arrested, houses were demolished by a tank’s cannon. Bullet holes can be seen in other houses. It must be noted that this resulted in displacement of most locals

Security forces open fire on Mostafa neighborhood in Mazzeh as a result of a demonstration beginning in the neighborhood

Shooting continues and the residents reply with Takbeer amid electricity blackout. A demonstration is expected to set out despite the deployment of tanks in the streets

Heavy shooting by security forces in Al-Sejen neighborhood now

Basr Hareer
Omar Houssein Al-Zakwani was martyred and many wounded after random shelling on homes. This raises the martyr count to 2, including a child, in one hour only

Security forces and Shabeeha (armed thugs), supported by the regime’s army, storm the besieged Bustan neighborhood that has been suffering from a humanitarian crisis for several weeks as a result of an imposed curfew and its complete isolation

Mohammad Kheir Kajak, 65 years old, was martyred as a result of wounds he sustained when security forces and Shabeeha opened fire on a demonstration that began at Masri mosque in the Gharb Mishtal neighborhood

The shooting continues intensely at the protesters in Marjeh neighborhood and reports on more martyrs and injuries falling

Security forces are shooting live ammunition on the demonstrators near Ghareeb mosque and in Ain Tamra neighborhood. At least two wounded fell in Slaibeh

Damascus Suburbs
The intense shooting continues in the city and more martyrs and injuries were reported some injured are in critical conditions

Busr Al Harir
Military reinforcement arrived to the village to disperse the demonstration and prevent the funeral of the martyr

Security forces are kidnapping the corpses of four martyrs of whom we know: Mahmoud Ahmad Darzoei and Abdullah Da’abol

Homs: Karem AlZeitoon:Martyr Marwa Adel Bahar

Damascus: demo in Mashroa Doumar

Latakia: demo in Alzozo mosque

Daraa: demo in Shajara

Damascus: Security forces surrounding a mosque in Medan

Damascus: fire shooting on the protesters of Mezzeh

Damascus: Mazzeh: One of the injuries resulting from direct gunfire on a demonstration in Mazzeh Bostan

Damascus Suburbs: martyr Ahmad Alsheikh from Douma

Idlib: Demo in Darkouch

Idlib: demo in Jerjenaz

Hama: demo in Helfaya

Damascus : security forces invade Alsayideh Zeinab

Massive demo in Idlib

Damascus:demo in the mosque of Zain Abdeen in Medan

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