Joint Statement on Conditions for Talks

Conditions for Talks (15.05.2011) – joint Statement

a pdf of this statement is available here: statement_lccs150511

As peaceful demonstrations and protests enter their third month in Syria, the Syrian society with all its diversity and different classes proved commitment to their justified demands. Those demands of a country that is based on freedom, dignity and citizenship; Demands that are achieved through peaceful democratic transformation, regardless of the price to be paid, or repression and intimidation by arresting, torturing and killing people, or sieging cities and towns with tanks and armoured vehicles.

Today, it became clear to anyone that security and military approach, which the Syrian regime has used since day one of our revolution, has failed and had serious consequences on Syria as a country, and on the regime itself too. Thus, the Minister of Media and Information has announced a comprehensive national dialogue in all the provinces. . . .

We at the local coordinating committees, while emphasizing the importance of ending the military and intelligence solution and immediately transitioning to the political process, we declare the following:

  1. Peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience in all provinces shall continue until all our demands in our initial statements have been fulfilled
  2. It is ethically and politically unacceptable to start any national dialogue to end the national crisis (which was created by the Syrian regime) before the following steps are followed:
    • All killing and acts and violence against peaceful demonstrators are brought to a complete halt
    • The siege on all Syrian provinces is over, and all military divisions shall be returned to their barracks
    • All peaceful demonstrators and political prisoners in Syria are released
    • Putting a stop to all arrests and Harassment of demonstrators, political and legal activists; and never face peaceful demonstrations with any forms of oppression or prevention. the Syrian government shall stand up to its responsibility to ensure the safety of demonstrators.
    • Putting a stop to all campaigns that denounce the patriotism of demonstrators, and the systematic media disinformation campaigns that have been practiced by official and semi-official media outlets
    • Allow the Arabic and International news agencies to cover what is really happening in Syria.
  3. Any national dialogue shall be based on clear principals in order to produce real solution to the national crisis that is happening in Syria. some of those principals are:
    • Dialogue shall not be divided to separate provincial meetings and dialogues
    • All social levels and sectors shall be represented by freely and equally elected individuals
    • A clear and strict timetable for the dialogue shall be predefined
    • A specific deadline for the dialogue shall be predefined
    • Dialogue shall be public and transparent by defining the involved parties, and the individuals representing those parties. Also the schedule and timetable of this dialogue shall be published, and different media outlets shall be allowed to cover the proceedings.
  4. Insisting on persecuting all individuals who bear responsibility for shedding the blood of Syrian citizens, including all military, police and secret service agents. those individuals shall be put against public and fair trials, and their trials shall be covered by media outlets
  5. All media campaigns aiming to start secular tension and break apart the social and national Syrian unity are aimed at weakening the civil peaceful movement and disrupting it, as well as scaring Syria citizens from the peaceful democratic change. Those efforts shall be doomed to failure. Our civil democratic action will never be towards anything but the freedom and dignity of any Syrian citizen.
  6. Compassion to our martyrs and victory of our revolution for a free, democratic Syria.

    the local coordination committees in Syria


  • Committee Dara’
  • Committee Homs
  • Committee Banias
  • Committee Saraqeb
  • Committee Idleb
  • Committee Hasaka
  • Committee Qamishli
  • Committee Der Ezzor
  • Committee Syrian Coast
  • Committee Hama
  • Committee Raqqa
  • Committee Swayda’
  • Committee Damascus suburbs
  • Committee Damascus
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