More Martyrs 5-8-2012

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria:
The LCC managed to document 125 martyrs for today, including 6 women and 9 children. 59 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, including 20 martyrs in the Irbeen massacre;25 in Aleppo; 14 martyrs were reported in Idlib;11 in Daraa; 5 in Homs;5 in Deir Ezzor and 5 in Hama

Aleppo: Maisaa Ahmad Jlelaty, and Mohammad Ahmad Qazmoz; both from one family, were martyred, and many people were injured; some with serious injuries, after two missiles fell at a residential building near the Palace of Justice in Qalaa area in Old Aleppo

Hama: Hor Benafseh: Child Abdo Al-Mohammad, and his sister child Fatma Al-Mohammad were martyred. More than 50 wounded fell after the village was stormed by security forces and shabiha amid random and intense gunfire. Residents sent a distress call to the neighboring areas to send medical equipments urgently

Damascus: Massive explosions were heard in most neighborhoods of the capital

Aleppo: Batbo: Missile and artillery shelling on the village

Banyas: Three explosions were heard in Kharab area

Damascus Suburbs: Sayyeda Zainab: Shelling by helicopters and artillery at the town’s neighborhoods resumed

Daraa: Atman: Dozens of people were injured and houses and cars were destroyed due to fierce shelling on the town The town was targeted with almost 100’s mortar shells, which resulted great damages in the infrastructure of water networks, sanitation, and electrical wiring

Aleppo: Khan Asal: Fierce artillery shelling at the town and a shell falls every three minutes

Damascus Suburbs: Bebila: Helicopter shelling at a farm burned it

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Fierce artillery shelling at Basatein area along with intense gunfire

Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: Child Mohammad Adnan Mosleh Al-Motlaq was martyred, and several wounded fell due to the continues fierce shelling at the city

Hama: Latamna: Fierce artillery shelling by security forces stationed in the town at the residential buildings

Hama: Fierce clashes between defected soldiers and regime’s army in Hader area, Jab, Aleppo road, Youth Residents

Daraa: Hirak: Intense artillery shelling from the 52 Brigade , in the city

Daraa: Eastern Karak: Fierce shelling at the town and more than 10 shells fell so far

Damascus: Camp: Fierce shelling of the camp and five shells landed in the area until the moment

Aleppo: Andan: Fierce artillery shelling in the town

Lattakia: Arrest campaign was launched by regime forces in Zanzaf village of Rabeaa alley. Regime forces beat and insulted detainees then released them

Deir Ezzor: Boukamal: Continued shelling of Alndena and a shell fell near automated oven and two in the neighborhood of Tobia amid heavy gunfire from the security political contingent and Haggana barrack

Idlib: Jabal Zawyah: More than 20 mortar shells fell from the checkpoint in the north of Rami village

Damascus Suburbs: Jdeidet Artouz: Fierce artillery shelling towards Artouz. Six shells fell in the town’s farms

Aleppo: Fierce artillery shelling at Anjara, Bashqatein, Qubatan Al-Jabal, Hour, Bashantra, and Basartoun from regiment 46 and the artillery positioned at Sheikh Solaiman shrine and Zahraa Association

Daraa: Kafar Shams: Dozens of people were injured and fall of martyrs was reported due to the continue of fierce shelling at the town. More than 100 shells fell so far

Shelling at Deir Asafier, Damascus Suburbs

Cleaning the Mosque after Shelling in Taftanaz, Idlib

Effects of Destruction in Taftanaz City, Idlib

Sounds of Shelling at Yalda Farms in Damascus Suburbs

Farewell of Martyr Zaher Al-Shaher in Deir Ezzor

Evening Demonstration in Harasta, Damascus Suburbs

An Ambulance Burned Due to Shelling at Salah Eddin Neighborhood, Aleppo

Shilka and Mortar Shelling at Tal Kalakh, Homs

Evening Demonstration in Khaldieh, Aleppo

Evening Demonstration in Salamieh

Effects of Shelling in Jobar Neighborhood

Four Women were Martyred in Sheikh Daher, Aleppo

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