New Massacre in Darayya 25-8-2012

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Daraya, a city of dignity, has paid a heavy price for demanding freedom. Thus far, 633 of Daraya’s sons were martyred and well over 1,755 were detained by regime forces. Regime forces carried out one of their most barbaric attacks against a city that was made famous for its commitment to nonviolence. The death toll has doubled in the past few days due to field executions and revenge killings, and includes those martyred in yesterday’s massacre in which well over 300 people were killed, including dozens of women and children. The regime’s military campaign, ongoing for the past 4 days, has resulted in hundreds massacred, dozens detained, and utter destruction throughout the city

Damascus suburbs: Darayya: 122 new corpses were found in the city, they were executed by the regime forces, so the number of martyrs in Darayya alone got over 200 and there are still many bodies couldn’t be reached yet

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