To the Freedom Squares

A call by the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCCSy)

To the public squares for peaceful demonstrations, free people of Syria.

Despite the regime’s announcement of accepting the initiative of the arab league, 26 martyrs have fallen today; mostly in Homs, which have witnessed violent shelling and random destructions for the homes of innocent civilians. This shows the regime’s true intentions of maintaining its ways of confronting peaceful protestors with killing and violence.
Therefore, the Local Coordination Committees in Syria welcomes the efforts by the Arab ministerial committee which aims at saving the lives of the Syrian people and protecting them from the bullets of security forces and regime’s thugs.

The LCCSy, while doubting the integrity of the Syrian regime’s acceptance of the points suggested by the Arab League’s initiative, calls upon the Syrian people to validate whether armed forces (which might include Security forces, Thugs and army) have been withdrawn from the cities and towns, and whether violence have been stopped, detainees have been released, arab and international media correspondences have been allowed in the country, and if a dialogue has been made possible. This validation should come through maintaining all forms of peaceful protest.

The Syrian regime’s acceptance of the Arab League initiative allows for a wider range of the Syrian people to freely express their political stands through joining the peaceful demonstrators who are marching the streets of Syrian cities. the LCCSy also calls upon all revolutionary forces in Syria to coordinate the efforts for organizing mass demonstrations and sit-ins.

May tomorrow, Friday, be the day where all streets and squares become platforms for demonstrations and for the peaceful struggle towards achieving the downfall of the regime.

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