Syrian Marytrs

11 martyrs killed today till now by security forces and the regime military’s gunfire among them are 2 children, 3 in Inkhil, 3 in Homs, 2 in Bokamal and one martyr in Daraa, Damascus,Barzeh and another in Hama,Halfaya

Damascus suburb
this morning started many demonstrations in the city after the withdrawal of armored vehicles in the morning,and security forces faced them with randomly shot to prevent their gathering in Alhekma square and re-spread the security forces there

Tanks and armored vehicles along with about 2000 soldiers are based now in the state security centre after raiding the city last night

Ma’arrat Naman
a large military reinforcements arrive to the city and stationed at the Cultural Center and the prison building barricades and hemmed in by security forces and the spread of the snipers and machine guns on the roof

the martyrdom of Abdullah Ibrahim , Awad al-Khatib, Hussam Abu Qasim Salua, and the child Abdullah Eid, by the security forces randomly shot in the fourth day of Eid

Deir Ezzor
Abu Kamal
two martyrs one of them knew Jacob Abraham Alsakar, and few wounded, shot by security forces this morning were heavy armored vehicles stormed the city and heavy equipment and is now based in the center

A girl and a young man were injured due to security and military gunfire from BTR on a checkpoint on the south side of the city

Khan Sheikhoun
Heavy gunfire from the checkpoints on the east side of the city to terrorise people and prevent them from demonstrating

Erbeen demo in solidarity with Homs

Demo in Qadam, Damascus

Massive demo in Qameshli now

Daraa: demo in AlSanameen today

Idlib: demo in Kafaroma

Daraa: Inkhel: security and army deployment in the town

Idlib: demo in Sarja in spite of the siege

Damascus Suburb: Alkiswa: massive demo after the armored vehicles withdrawal

Idlib: Kafaroma: morning demo

Military forces open random fire in the city of Hama

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