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2029 freedom-sacrifice victims of brutal torture in regime prisons cellars

Hardly a day passes, during which the regime doesn’t commit several crimes towards detainees, in a revenge practice, which first goal is to intimidate Syrians and take revenge of their freedom fighters. In this systematic brutal context, cases of torture and killing of detainees were discovered lately. In the systematic brutal context, cases of torture […]

Al-Sanamein Massacre “Insider Story“

Testimonies Made by Survivors & Eyewitnesses on the horrific Massacre Violation Documentation Center in Syria April – 2013

LCC Relief Report‎ -November 2012

Brief Relief Report- November

Daeel is a Disaster-Stricken City

Daeel is a Disaster-Stricken City The Daeel Coordination Committee, a part of the LCC, announces that Daeel is a disaster-stricken city after the destruction there reached unprecedented levels since the beginning of the Revolution. On June 24, 2012, the city was subjected to fierce shelling that has not stopped since. The regime is using tanks, […]

New Massacre in Darayya 25-8-2012

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Daraya, a city of dignity, has paid a heavy price for demanding freedom. Thus far, 633 of Daraya’s sons were martyred and well over 1,755 were detained by regime forces. Regime forces carried out one of their most barbaric attacks against a city that was made famous for its commitment to nonviolence. […]