The killing continues in Syria

Local Coordination Committees of Syria
The number of martyrs has risen to 31 so far, with 30 martyrs in Homs, among them one child, and one martyr in Aleppo

Heavy shooting from heavy machine guns in Baba Amr neighborhood

Damascus Suburbs
Fall of a wounded from heavy shooting by security systems in Jarjaniyeh

Raids and random arrests campaign in Al-Aab area, identified of the detainees are Sobhi Sheikh Qaseer

Martyrdom of a student of the Agricultural Engineering Faculty as a results of the severe beatings he got from the Shabiha on campus

The Coalition of Free Students of the University of Damascus
Hamak Faculty
A silent sit-in on campus mourning and saluting the souls of the martyrs of the revolution, with a participation of more than 200 students.

Massive demo in Qameshlo

Student’s demo in Daraya

Demo in Aleppo University

Morning demo in Derbasia

Dier Ezzor: Students’ demo

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