Dignity strike.. We make our revolution by our own hands

Dignity strike

The Syrian revolution is a dignity one, a revolution of every human seeks his own decent life and free choice.

It’s a renaissance against slavery; a scream at the face of humiliation started from the first day as demonstrators cried “Syrians are not to be humiliated”.

The echo of this scream will not vanish till it reaches all ears; “Syrians are not to be humiliated” and they won’t step back and they won’t continue supporting the Assad militias which killed, robed and tortured the innocent people.

The rebellious Syrian youth results in the Dignity Strike Invitation; an invitation that is considered a start of their actual salvation from injustice and humiliation.in addition to being the first step in an overall civil disobedience which will corner the regime in the cell of truth sticking an expired label on its forehead and throwing it away.

Let’s put our efforts together to widely publish this invitation, let’s mobilize all our forces to promote it, let’s support it with all we have to prove to every Syrian and to every human being in the whole world that Syrians are one unity and they share the same destiny. Let’s gain the initiative back, let’s prepare for the Dignity Strike.

We’ll start with Sunday’s sunrise 11\12\2011 announcing a series of strikes which will lead to the sudden death of this tyrant regime body.

On the Friday of the “Strike for Dignity,” our banners will declare to the whole world that the snowball started to roll, and will grow with each day of the revolution to reach every home and anyone who wants to live delighted and dignified in his/her country.

We will work together step by step. The beginning of the strike will be on Sunday, 11/12/2011 with a general strike from 8 AM until 2 PM preventing students from attending schools, followed by the successive stages of the strike:

Stage One: closing sub-lanes, sit-down strike (showing up to work & refuse to perform any tasks), turn off cell phones between 2-6 PM

Stage Two: closing all stores and shops

Stage Three: Universities’ strike

Stage Four: Transportation strike and the closer of all major road and highways between cities

Stage Five: Government’s employees strike

Stage Six: Closing all international roads and highways

Strike is Our Way to Liberate Our Will!

Long Live Syria and People Free and Proud

        The Local coordination committee in Syria                                  8-11-2011

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