Dignity Strike 11-12-2011

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of Syria’s martyrs today has rised to 9 martyrs including a female child, two martyrs in both Homs and Idlib, Four martyrs in Hama, and a martyr in Daraa

Damascus Suburbs
A demonstration started from Al-Kabeer mosque, holding Dignity Strike slogans, chanted for Homs and toppling the regime

General strike in the city, icluding the shops and schools, while security forces launched a raids and arrests campain along with destruction of the closed shops to force their owners to open, and looting of some houses and shops

Security forces and regime’s thugs are storming Al Arabaeen neighbourhood with big numbers of armored vehicles, random gunfire to terrorise citizens and overflights by warplanes in Hama’s skies

Basr Harer
Siege on the city with tanks in conjunction with sporadic shooting and the people fear storming of the city

A full comitment to the strike in the city, and army forces are trying to force the people to break the strike and threat to burn the closed shops

Jisr Al-Shoughor
General strike and no movement within the city, and the security id trying to break the shops locks and force the people to open their shops

Maaret Al-Nouman
General strike in the city includes the students and official employees

Deir Ezzor
Security forces are breaking the locks of the shops in Hasan Al-Taha street

The army forces are destroying the shops which are committed to the strike and burning them after threatning their owners through speakers in the minaret of Al Kabir mosque

Damascus Suburbs
Security is shooting towards a demonstration that started from Al-Omawy mosque and security forces and Shabiha are storming Al-Jalaa street where they are detroying shops and trying to force their owners to break the strike, and a loud explosion was heard in Al-Hejariyeh

Injury of a 10 years old child from being shot, the child is in critical condition and he’s int he operation room now

Martyrdom of child Mohammad Kewan (16 years old) and four other injuries during the siege on the worshipers in Al-Omary mosque by security

Bosra Al-Harer
The cellular and land communications are completely cut off in the city

Maaret Al-Nouman
Heavy security deployment and tanks are spreading in the streets of Al-Maara at Al-Kabeer mosque and Hezb roundabout and along the Cornish street, and sporadic shooting in the area and military crowd in Al-Jabana Al-Shamaliya

Deir Ezzor
Heavy presence of the security and Shabiha forces in Takaya and Hasan Taha streets to break the commitment to the strike

Aleppo University
Wide participation among the students in the Dignity Stirke specially in the departments of: Human Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering

The town young men are cutting the road between Daeel and Shiekh Miskeen. In addition there is a complete commitment to the strike in each of Daeel and Ibtaa

Damascus Suburbs
Intensive shooting accompanyed by random arrests and raids

Karameh Strike in Wady Babrada, Damascus Suburbs

Karameh Strike in Binnish,Idlib

Karameh Strike in Kafranbel,Idlib

Karameh Strike in Soran, Hama

Karameh Strike in Tal Rifaat, Aleppo

Karameh Strike in Hawleh

Karameh Strike in Kherbet Ghazaleh in Daraa

Karameh Strike in Hayan,Aleppo

Karameh Strike in Tal Shahab,Daraa

Karameh Strike in Zamalka,Damascus Suburbs

Karameh Strike in Medan,Damascus

Karameh Strike in Barzeh,Damascus

Karameh Strike in Zabadany,Damascus Suburbs

Karameh Strike in Bab,Aleppo

Karameh Strike in Qameshlo

Destruction due to the random shelling on Basr Harer in Daraa

Karameh Strike in Jezah,Daraa

Karameh Strike in Qaboun,Damascus

Karameh Strike’s demo in Wady Barada,Damascus Suburbs

Massive demo in Arbeen on Sunday of Dignity

Karameh Strike in Jableh

Karameh Strike in Homs

Freedom posters on the Karameh Strike day in Muhajren area in Damascus

Karameh Strike in Dabaghah ST in Hama

Karameh Strike in Karnaz,Hama

Karameh Strike in Qaboun,Damascus

Karameh Strike in Jezah,Daraa

Karameh Strike in Harrah,Daraa

Karameh Strike in Hader,Hama

Destruction due to the random shelling on Basr Harer in Daraa

Karameh Strike in Daraa

Karameh Strike’s demo in Zamalka,Damascus Suburbs

Karameh Strike in Nemer town in Daraa

Karameh Strike in Arbeen, Damascus Suburbs

Karameh Strike in Dablan ST in Homs

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