Syria Today 1-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees
The number of martyrs today has risen to 56 so far including 14 martyrs from the Free Syrian Army, a lady and 2 children. 29 martyrs in Wady Barada (Damascus suburbs), 14 in Homs, 6 in Eastern Gharba (Daraa suburbs), 3 in Damascus suburbs (Arbeen and Moadamiya), 3 in idlib and one in Qamishly

A huge number of security forces and thugs (Shabeha) near the Military Security party in the city

Damascus Suburbs
Security forces raided al-Raja Hospital and detained dozens of wounded and confiscated mobile devices while destroying security cameras.

Wady Barda
The number of martyrs of the Free Syrian Army has risen to 14 in Ain Fijeh

Security forces raided the city for the second time amid random gunfire aimed at the houses. There is a mass exodus in the town , around 150 families have been displaced and many others wounded.

Homs: Rastan: Regime forces are shelling the city with heavy artillery

Homs: Rastan: Young Salah Mahmoud Abbas was martyred
Homs: Rastan: A woman and her five children were injured from shelling at their house

Damascus Suburbs: Moadhamieh: Martyrdom of the young man Naser Sagheer during a raid to his home. Gunfire using live ammo directly at him under his mother’s eyes. His father has been detained for seven months

Damascus Suburbs: Moadhamieh: Martyrdom of the defected recruit Mahmoud Saeed Rajab who was killed by the security forces

Idleb: Two unidentified bodies without IDs have been found, hands cuffed behind the backs, one of them blindfolded, both showing signs of torture and shot in the head. They were found near the Joubas exit on the Aleppo-Damascus highway

Homs: Sounds of several explosions and intermittent heavy gunfire in the neighborhood of Bayyada. Massive security reinforcements arrive and armored vehicles spread in the main streets

Daraa: Military reinforcements are heading to the Gharba town amid sporadic gunfire in the roads they are taking to their destination. New anti-aircraft weaponrywere erected on the checkpoint between Jeza and Musayfira towns

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: Martyrdom of a girl from the Tayyar family. She was killed in her home, across the street from the clinic, when a shell fell on her

Homs: Rastan: Martyrdom of the child Ahmad Abdo Shamali, 12 years, killed by the cannon of a tank

Damascus Suburbs
Wadi Barada
News about poisoning the water of Ein Al Fejiah” spring as a retaliation from the regime

Deir Ezzor
Tens of military tanks and hundreds of soldiers are storming the town from all its entrances under intensive and random gunfire, 27 person were arrested among them are Naif Al Mohammed Shahada, Abod Al Abedrazeq Al Malali, Eisa Al Mohammad Al Odeh, Obida Ali Al Salama. Several houses were raided, destroyed and seven houses were looted

Martyrdom of Khaled and Mohammed Al Salih, their corpses were found thrown handcuffed in Al Shamas neighbourhood

Gharba Al Sharqiah
Martyrdom of four people at least among them Basel Ghounim, Adel Otaeli, Otlah Al Qazizi and Mahed (his surname is unknown yet), all ofthem are from Al Karak village. This is happened after an attack conducted by the regime’s military and thugs on the area and shooting with anti-aviation

Sounds of gunfire in Wady Barada in Damascus Suburbs

Both martyrs Khaled and Mohamad Saleh from Shamas neighborhood in Homs

Morning demo in Bredej in Hama

Morning student’s demo in Medan,Damascus

Hasakah: Demo in Raas Ein

Idlib: Kafaroma: massive morning demo

Idlib: Mourning the martyrs in the city today

Daraa: Kafar Shams: A massive day-time demonstration

Aleppo: Sakhor: A students’ demonstration and security forces are attcking the protesters

Daraa: Busr Harir: mourning demo

Homs: Shelling a house by tanks in Karm Zaitoon neighborhood

Damascus Suburb: the destruction effects that was caused by the regime’s army in Wadi Barada

Daraa: Students’ demo in Alama town

Damascus Suburbs: Deployment and heavy machineries in Soqba

Idlib: Demo in Mhambel

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