Syria Under Fire 4-2-2012

Relayed via al-Khaldieh resident: More than 200 martyrs have fallen and the toll is rising due to the constant bombardment of the town. The LCC are working on verifying these numbers.

Security forces and shabiha stormed al-Amal Hospital where more than 50 martyers and 100 wounded civilians lie. People are afraid that everyone will be killed or kidnapped.

The regime’s army continues to shell Khaldiyeh neighborhood by tanks and heavy machine-guns. Military reinforcements also arrived to the neighborhood

Reports on some buildings in Enshaat neighborhood burning from the mortars shelling by the regime’s army

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: Heavy artillery shelling and intense gunfire by security forces in Abdaita Village followed by sounds of gunfire in Ihsam Village.

Damascus Suburbs: Violent and random shelling by tanks and mortars from all directions at Zabadany and Madaya which resulted in setting fires in some buildings

Demonstration in most of the Syrian cities in solidarity with Homs and Zabadany

Heavy shelling by missles and heavy machine guns in Qusour by regime forces from the Air Force Intelligence branch.

Two explosions were heard in the Al-Malaab neighborhood. There are reports that the regime army is targeting the minaret of the Omar Bin Al-Khattab mosque where the smoke has been seen

Tal Shehab
The city is witnessing violent clashes, for the first time, between the FSA and the regime’s security force and shabiha, who are located at the local police station. Regime security operatives are responding by firing randomly at FSA forces and civilan homes

Gunfire in areas along the road to Aleppo, Qusour, and west Mashtal, to coincide with demonstrations in all areas in solidarity with the cities and areas under fire..

Damascus Suburbs
Heavy gunfire is reported, along with chants of Allahu Akbar in solidarity with the cities being shelled.

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